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  1. They would more likely do the "Fixed Price" ... and reduce it a bit if it is not moving. There is also a tag called "Offers around" (like England) which gets used when it's more of a Buyers market
  2. Nothing is impossible, but the rules for o/o biding is that the value listed is a Baseline the owner will not go below. The o/o value will always be set a bit lower than the valuation, and sometimes *well* lower, if the Agent is trying to lure in viewers. It's not rare for properties to go 10%-15% over this o/o value when the market is hot.
  3. 😆 Fixed Price. In Scotland we have the sealed bids "Offers Over" system, where parties submit bids and the best is chosen. Sometime properties are made available at "Fixed Price", and then the first person to offer that price gets the property - an increase in FP properties is generally a sign of better ahead for buyers ....
  4. Also the number of new properties coming onto the market each week is pretty high for this time of year. I've noticed a slight increase in FP properties recently too. It's taking time but I expect it's on its way. The AirBNB sector has been heavily hit, and the rental market has been affected by fewer students coming to the city ... those factors are going to have an effect regardless of government props or talking up of the market.
  5. Saw this on twitter (green for cycling, orange public transport, grey walking) https://twitter.com/xvrmdf/status/1262859453797457920 Of the options mentioned by Stilgar, Musselburgh is fastest, the train journey to City Centre is only 10 mins.
  6. On the west side, Corstorphine, Slateford and bits of Shandon, would match that budget. Abbeyhill is great (I live near), as is Meadowbank nearby, but its prices rose a good bit in recent years, so may not be as stable. Have you though of the issue of the Airbnbs and student lets which will be empty in the year ahead? Lots of competition. I think I'd recommend holding off a bit - Edinburgh is a bit more exposed due to the high volume of students and tourists it has in normal times.
  7. I wouldn't panic too much about this measure. After the financial crisis of 2007/08, the Irish banks chose not to repossess (took many years before they started trying that). House prices plummeted regardless.
  8. I think the poor management of Coronavirus in the UK is going to deter many Chinese students, despite their appreciation of our Universities. Most of the Chinese students/academics I know are taking social distancing very very seriously, hardly going out. They've not been too impressed with the general trend in the UK, or with the UK government's (mis)management.
  9. That first one if definitely an ex-student let (even if they have stuck towels on a few of the beds). That market is in trouble too. Love the Spottiswoode Road one but it's a ridiculous price even for that area.
  10. Apart from buyer's earnings, there is the AirBnB factor. AirBnB density in central Edinburgh is incredibly high, even comparing worldwide - this was a big factor in the HPI we've seen in recent years, ordinary buyers needing to compete against investors. The AirBnB owners are looking at a year+ of voids and that's going to change things a lot. Also it's not clear which Universities will teach in-person next year, so landlords renting to students are likely to lose income too. No question that there will be higher supply and lower demand, and that is going to have an effect.
  11. Yep. Jumping off the shelves here in Edinburgh (admittedly sales have been pretty strong here over the past few years). Many properties are going for well over valuation price, especially in the lower price bracket (< 300000)
  12. If you trust the seller, you could ask them to arrange the investigation. I wouldn't. I would offer a bit below the Stamp Duty threshold and say it's subject to investigation (and drop your price if/when the investigation uncovers problems that will need financing). Really if it's been sitting there since October .... A stamp duty threshold is not really so significant in Scotland as it's only the money over that threshold that incurs the higher rate.
  13. Yes, I'd be cautious, especially of the second item I'd make your offer subject to investigation of the water ingress and if you're the top bidder, would hire someone to do proper investigation of that concern before you finalise the purchase.
  14. And espc up to 2173 now. But prices not dropping yet unfortunately!
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