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  1. Thanks for your opinion. However I'm not being greedy. The landlord has put me through over a month of prolonged repair work and I have suffered from no heating or hot water in peak winter as a result. I have also had to leave the flat and am practically homeless (staying with a friend until I find a new place) due to the stress and the fact that the plumber sent by the landlord kept entering the property without giving notice. I really just want some justice here.
  2. Wow isn't it a bit insensitive for you to make a judgement like that? The threads are almost identical because they're related to the same landlord and the same flat. The reason for all these questions are because the landlord has violated a few laws and they're separate issues. Of course I know I should just move on, but at the same time I feel that I'm entitled to be compensated for what the landlord has put me through. It's fine if you're unwilling to offer any help, but passing a judgement like someone has major issues and needs medical help seems unnecessary.
  3. Hello, I'm in the middle of a dispute with my landlord regarding disrepair. During the process I found out that the landlord did not protect my deposit, although he had 1) told me in writing before signing the contract that he 'always' put deposits in the government scheme and 2) supplied information on the deposit protection scheme he supposedly used on the tenancy agreement. It turns out that he did not, and did not intend to, protect my deposit - which I think is fraudulent misrepresentation but that's another issue. When I found out about the unprotected deposit I wrote to him demandi
  4. Hi everyone, I have started another thread here about issues with my landlord: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/208568-landlord-provided-fraudulent-information/ One of the issues is that the landlord has been harassing me and my flatmate, by sending plumber to the flat without giving us notice and starting repair work and leaving them unfinished. The plumber has gained access to our own since 5 January, and till now he still has keys to our home! We've told the landlord many times that we do not want this plumber to continue to have access to the flat as he has turned
  5. Is it possible that I might lose in this case? The landlord didn't protect my deposit and even provided fraudulent information tricking me into believing that my deposit would be protected...
  6. I haven't checked the land registry. However I just heard back from the council. They said they have contacted the landlord listed on the land registry, and they've attached the letter to the landlord in the email - apparently my landlord's address is at the property I live in!
  7. Thanks everyone for the advice! I will inform HMRC of the rent I've been paying to this landlord. Most likely he has not been declaring such income. I know he also owns another 2 properties, and most likely he is doing the same thing with those. Does anyone know whether a contract (the tenancy agreement) can be voided if the landlord provided fraudulent misrepresentation on the contract? I told the landlord that I could not stand his harassment any further and will be moving out, and will exercise my option as the misrepresentee to void the contract at the end of the month. He is taking his t
  8. Haha yes, I WILL report him. How do I go about finding who the mortgage provider is though? A friend mentioned Action Fraud, but they seem to be primarily dealing with internet fraud.
  9. No I never opened his post (unfortunately?) so I'm not sure if those mails were from the lender or if he has permission to rent. It never crossed my mind that he may not have the permission! Now I really want to find out...and maybe report him!
  10. I'm not sure who the senders were...never opened those letters. In fact, there is a clause in my contract that I am required to forward all the landlord's posts to him (within 7 days if I remember correctly). I didn't think too much about it but now it seems rather suspicious!
  11. The misrepresentation occurred when the tenancy was entered into. The false information was provided on the tenancy agreement, which I would not have signed if I had known it was false. It's true that I did not enter into the contract solely on the basis of this information. However it did form part of the contract.
  12. Thanks everyone! It looks like disclosing this to HMRC would be my best option. The landlord also keeps having his post sent to the property, thought he has been letting it out for at least 5-7 years. Could it be that there is some sort of mortgage fraud involved? I wouldn't be surprised given what I've seen so far... I've been told that providing fraudulent information on the tenancy agreement could be deem fraudulent misrepresentation. Would I be able to tell the landlord that I will leave the property without giving notice, given that it is at the misrepresentee's option to void the contr
  13. That was exactly the reason for my claim - that I did not live in the conditions I agreed to pay for, so I want compensation for the services unavailable and some for emtional distress. The landlord said he would not "entertain disproportionate claims for damage". How does he know how stressful the situation is? I basically lived in a building site for over 40 days because of this. His sister is a solicitor so my claim does not concern him one bit. He has got his sister to send me legal letters threaten to sue me for rent arrers (I did not pay this month's rent as it's lower than the sum I cla
  14. It's funny. Most people I spoke to about this told me they doubt that the landlord is declaring this rental income. Is it some sort of common practice? I'd seriously considering reporting him if he keeps refusing to compensate or even just apologise...
  15. Thanks everyone for your reply. I realised I wasn't clear at all about what happened. Apologies for that! So what happened is: 1. The landlord provided the name of deposit protection scheme and the account ID on my contract which was signed in 2014. I recently found out that the account ID given doesn't exist and my deposit was not protected. The problem is, the landlord set the deposit very low (£600) and I'm not sure if any solicitor would take this on on a no win no fee basis, and from my research it seems that I can't use money claim online for this? 2. There was issue with boiler in t
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