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  1. Not off peak, you can use it anytime after 9:30 and during peak evening. Outside of london the busses are too expensive for the people that need them and the ones with the most money don't pay.
  2. £80 a month on petrol and she doesn't work, interesting.. The changes were known about in the 90s, take some personal responsibility. Women are paid the same for the same work as the rules came in since the 1970, so no she doesn't deserve to get it early as she has been paid the same for her working life.
  3. Depends what you are doing, if its just youtube you need over a million views a month just to make min wage. If you are doing fashion or beauty or anything to get lots of brand deals many are earning over 50k a year even with small views to their videos and a dead website.
  4. The person being interviewed has their own channel - https://socialblade.com/youtube/c/eltoria She's making her living by just opening advent calendars on camera, or was before people found out she's selling on the products. I skeptical of HMRCs new system ever working or being more real than the tv detection vans.
  5. You'd think a 2:1 law grad from a Russel group uni would know basic laws She's deleted all her videos about her advent calendar and now claims the free promtional items were gifts - that she sold as part of a bundle ? The person I'm talking about is the one being interviewed, a beauty vlogger. 100k followers on Instagram and you can earn 2-3k for a single post.
  6. There's nothing interesting on the companies house page is there? All I saw was the address and zoopla says its gone down £950 since buying it and that doesn't even account for the depreciation of it not being a brand new build anymore. Her CV isn't looking great if she needs to look for a job soon.
  7. It's interesting to see the mindset of people, soon as house increases in value they want to remortgage to get BTLs. The influencer world does seem to be in a bubble. The biggest female influencer in the uk zoella released a book recently that only sold 20k copies despite almost a year of promotion to her 12 million followers. Brands are paying a lot to these people that often aren't that influential.
  8. She's been caught out selling on products she received for free (and opened and tested) in an £50 advent calendar. Her house is in Wiltshire / Swindon area, and was a brand new build. So highly unlikely its even gone up
  9. This made me chuckle and very HPI, should start from the right time stamp of 7:17. No one in real life I know sees how ridiculous this whole system is.
  10. I'd give the NT more credit if they featured someone in their 30s, who had to bike there and walking around a nice place helped relax him/her after the stress of long working hours and living in a cramped shared house. Instead of going on about poor boomers and their loneness, as that's so overdone. Although it's true there are far bigger issues in society and boomer loneliness is partly caused by the world they helped create that splits up families and means people are working far too much. There's a knock on affect if even an ex-council semi is now worth 400k+ in the home counties.Insert other media
  11. *LIKE* I've been a member here since 2006, but because I don't post regularly the odd time I did one of those posters mentioned there started calling me a troll and was banned. Went through all my posting history to find typos and some inconsistencies that I had made to remain anonymous (locations and dates) and so I was banned. No email or anything. Can still log on to my account from back then, but when I post my messages are never shown. Anyone that doesn't share the same views is seen as a troll and for what its worth I got banned in 2012 for saying I think the bubble will continue for a few more years. Exactly as I said it would do happened. I still read a couple of times a month, but gone are the days I lurk daily due to how badly its run.
  12. Installing ad blockers screws over good publishers that only use non intrusive adverts and spend a lot of time making good content. This is just a forum, its not content that should earn much. Site owners are just being greedy imo.
  13. Yes! That one floating around is awful. Didn't want to speak up as worried about getting a ban for complaining. The adverts are as bad as an illegal or free porn site. Whoever owns this just needs to face facts that forums don't make much money, you need to create quality content for that.
  14. I stocked up on chocolate after Easter in M&S when it was 10p. You'd have to be crazy to spend the full price amount they want per KG of chocolate before it's discounted by at least 60%.
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