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  1. The UK's economy is the property market and all mortgage payments go to London Don't worry the Northern sh7thouse will be along soon to fix that, Gidiot said so!
  2. Lesson he has learned is be utterly useless and you will get given lots of money and high paying jobs at the end if it.
  3. This is the man who dropped interest rates in 2003 when house prices had risen by 25%, this article is about him just shifting the blame for his utter incompetence. He is wholly culpable, he was one of the ring leaders and he has cashed in for being so utterly useless. He also was in charge for 6 years after the run on the banks, yet none of it was to do with him.
  4. After wrecking a nations economy, ruining a football team has been a relative walk in the park.
  5. Now the DT has done away with the comments there isn't too much point in reading it.
  6. He is scum of the lowest order, a Blair/Brown stooge. The most incompetent Governor of the BoE in history. This traitorous piece of excrement has more than done his part in creating the housing bubble which I and millions of others now have to suffer. The nicest thing is wish this excuse for a human is an early death.
  7. But you are putting on houses that are vastly over priced, evn in the boom times they'd not sell at such prices. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/house-prices/BN17/Larkspur-Close.html 20 months ago you'd have got a 3 bed detached in the same street for less, no wonder it isn;t selling.
  8. London's economy also has mass tourism and the fact the government are there to tax the rest of the nation to fund the place be it through higher tax payer funded wages, housing benefit etc... or the endless amounts of high paying taxpayer funded jobs ... and fake charities that benefit to the tune of 10s of billions a year.
  9. Was a mere 690Million USD. http://www.wsj.com/articles/blackstone-group-ceo-took-home-690-million-in-2014-1425078294 He must be worth it.
  10. Not desperate enough to starting taxing the corporations or the 1%ers.
  11. If they BoE got rid of pound notes in cash next week people would use a foreign currency as a way of paying. I can't quite see any African, Asian nation (except Japan) with the ability to do thus in my lifetime making such plans utterly pointless.
  12. Inflation at highest level since 2012. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-02-26/memo-to-yellen-fed-getting-desired-inflation-ahead-of-forecast Another interest rate rise in March on the cards.
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