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  1. http://www.gov.scot/Publications/2003/10/18367/28118 a bit more detail there.
  2. I meant the introduction of the CAP reform. Basically you get subsidies on the amount of land you own rather than what you produce.
  3. 2005 - the introduction of the Common Agricultural Policy, we have lift off, what a disaster the EU has been for farming in this country.
  4. That is an interesting read. 30 per cent of farmers selling land sold for debt related reasons, at interest rates of 0.5 per cent! Land prices are going to nose dive.
  5. Pork sold in the UK is largely from pigs intensively reared on the continent these days. Pig farming has been in decline here for decades, our higher welfare standards put paid to the British pig industry and near ruined my father. I think dairy has been done in by low milk prices caused by supermarkets using milk as a loss leader. The wheel will turn though and livestock will return to the fields, the lower value of the pound is already helping.
  6. There is very little fallow land In Britain, the cattle will be inside in winter to give the land a chance to recover, don't worry they'll be back out in the spring.
  7. All that is solid melts into air.. Not that I'm a fekin Marxist! But all things do change eventually.
  8. Oh yeah for sure, I wasnt blaming (lauding) Brexit for land prices beginning to slowly fall, but every bubble needs a pin, Brexit has put the shits up farmers and investors and thats been enough to change sentiment and bring the greater issues surrounding the unsustainability of UK land prices to the fore.
  9. I'm not disagreeing with you. I'm saying if farmers didn't have the huge debt that many do they they could make a good living without subsidies. But they do and they cant. If ever an industry needed some creative destruction it is farming. Its coming and it'll be messy.
  10. Because many farmers are massively indebted. UK arable farmland prices were in a massive bull run for 15 year up until 2016, a 250 per cent rise in land values in ten years, outperforming gilts and central London housing. This has largely been driven by the same forces that have pushed up house prices to stupid levels, easy credit, foreign investors and greed. Farmers have piled in and are up to their necks in debt. Its screwing farming in this country, wages have to be low, investing in automation is not feasible, young would be farmers with new ideas cant get a start, huge areas of land
  11. Best pile on in then. I recommend lots and lots of debt. Thank me later.
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