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  1. When you read things like this does no one else worry that prices in the U.K. could still go even higher / more mental? Granted London and the SE England is already pretty mental but the North and Scotland are still at 2007 prices. I'm in Glasgow and prices haven't moved much in a decade. I believe Edinburgh is the same. Aberdeen went daft with oil prices but has dropped in the last 18 months or so. My fear is that with the weak pound, overseas investors will move away from London and start pushing up prices in other major UK cities. Is this likely? If you were an overseas investor why invest in overpriced London when the rest of the U.K. os cheap and thanks to the devaluation of sterling is now ~20% cheaper that's 6 months ago. Places like Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh etc must be ripe for it.
  2. It's actually a triple whammy for the xenophobes. Increased foreign buyers due to collapse in pound. Increased cost of foreign goods due to collapse in pound. Decrease in saving returns due to interest rate cut. I actually posted all this a day after the vote and got abused for it. Probably because I'm a filthy Scot. What am I like?!
  3. So Next yearly profits are forecast as £792 million rather than £825 million and as such they are somehow going bust according to some on here. This is place is mental at times. The share price has dropped as guidance for next year is 14% lower profit due to the weak pound and increases in prices.
  4. What a disgusting thread. People giving up their own time to help others and they are mocked. Not every pensioner is rich and in today's "me, me, me", "I'm alright Jack" society things like this should be applauded. How many on here can say they do anything like this for others? Be it the elderly, the young, the poor, refugees, disabled or otherwise. It seems being priced out of a home has turned many on here into horrible people. Either that or being horrible comes naturally. I first found this site because I was priced out and desperately wanted a house of my own at a reasonable price. However I didn't leave my principles at the door and I haven't blamed society's ills on others.
  5. So since Brexit we've had the currency devalue by 20% making uk housing more attractive to foreign investors. We've had base rates cut by 0.25 which makes affordability cheaper for wannabe buyers. Now we have reports of lower house building by developers. Brexit has been a bit of a disaster for HPC. I'm just waiting for May to announce HTB 50% or something mental.
  6. 0.1% or 0.05% is next. I wouldn't be surprised to see it by November. Maybe even some cash handout to all taxpayers in the run up to Christmas. Helicopter money but presented as a gift to UK taxpayers. Possibly a prepaid MasterCard with a 3 month expiry date with £150 on it.
  7. As I'm impatiently waiting for a hpc? Do we all need to have the same opinions? I didn't see Brexit as a good thing for a hpc and I still don't.
  8. It's been four weeks ffs. Brexit hasn't even occurred / been triggered yet. This place is full of absolute moon units.
  9. If we ever get helicopter money it will most likely be in the form of pre-paid MasterCard cards that have an expiry date of 6-12 months on them. That way the money can't be saved and the populace have a deadline for when to spend it. Easy.
  10. Wishful thinking is all anyone has left. The Tories pumped up the bubble and we are now at higher levels than before the GFC and yet they managed to win the GE with a majority. People on here talk about riots and the general populace getting angry. As if. The current populace will suck it up and vote for more of the same. Sure they might have a different colour tie but it's all the same in the end. Blue and red might well be replaced by the purple racist party but it won't make a jot of difference. HTB could be extended, Stamp Duty postponed, debt jubilee, helicopter money, negative interest rates, inter generational mortgages, 0% government loans that are only paid back when house sold at profit. They will have other schemes we haven't even considered yet. Plus it isn't just the UK. There are asset bubbles all over the globe. We could spend our whole life waiting for a HPC than will always be fudged away by the powers that be.
  11. I save 12.5% of my salary into a pension every year. I am 31 and have a decent pot already and the forecasts for low medium and high returns look more than sufficient. However I am sure there will be a citizens income by the time I retire and the world will be a very different place. Automation and citizens income will change the world. How this factors into pensions, debt and house prices I'm not sure. My pension may be redundant but I'd rather err on the side of caution and save as much as I can. I've always been a saver so no change of lifestyle required. However the anecdotes above by a few posters have me confused. The past is not a good indicator of the future. We live in different times. The couple with their memories of Mickey and the gang may be the smart ones enjoying their lives and living for the moment. Nuclear fusion, stem cell food, automation, debt jubilee, helicopter money. Who knows what the future holds.
  12. I raised this point on another thread and you called me Trolly McTroll. I would love hpc but I knew Brexit wouldn't be good news. I said Carney would reduce rates. I said property just got cheaper to foreign buyers due to weak pound. I said yields are now at record lows and as such mortgages will be cheaper. I said the Turkeys have voted for Christmas. Turkeys are thick as **** too. What's your thoughts now Countface?
  13. Well that's not true is it? The U.K. didn't bail out Greece via the EU but instead via an IMF loan. Furthermore The UK had already struck a deal with the EU that we wouldn't fund any EU bailouts. The only two we ever funded was Ireland and Portugal at a total of €9 billion.
  14. The FTSE250 is about to breach 52 week low and is a better gauge.
  15. QE and rate cut to 0% looks like it's priced in. We are in uncharted waters.
  16. When it comes to that ****, it is surely a case of opposites?
  17. From the BEEB: Negative interest rates in the UK? Posted at The market is pricing in a 15% chance of UK interest rates turning negative over the course of the next year, says Laith Khalaf from Hargreaves Lansdown. That means that we could be paying banks to hold our money for us. The market is now also giving a 50% chance of an interest rates cut in July, a 65% chance of a cut by August, and an 80% chance of a cut by the end of the year," his note adds.
  18. Being called a troll by you is a badge of honour. I want lower house prices. If Brexit brings it then I'll be delighted. I've been waiting (impatiently) for over 8 years to buy a house. My concern is TPTB ability to do everything it takes to maintain HPI. Why not answer my points rather than have pathetic digs?
  19. I originally thought Brexit might make housing cheaper but now I'm not so sure. I think it is going to get even more expensive. More QE (Thanks Mark) Lower Base Rates Cheaper Mortgages (fall in gilt yields) Weaker pound means more foreign investment Uncertainty means less house building from Persimmon, Taylor Wimpy etc. (Share price down by 20-30% on Friday doesn't bode well for lots of new supply) Have the turkeys just voted for Christmas?
  20. 40 will soon be the new 30. Life begins and all that....
  21. That people expect more for their precious homes. The gullible will pay it too. Onwards and upwards. To the moon......
  22. A lot of houses going over home report value in Glasgow area. It's went mad the last six months or so.
  23. A lot of houses going over home report value in Glasgow area. It's went mad the last six months or so.
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