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  1. I’m also in central Scotland and that’s really not what I’ve seen. There’s been a mini boom here with a lot of houses for going to SSTC in a few weeks for over the home report. If I put into right move a local area and go to newly listed then most houses listed from about two weeks back are under offer.
  2. King hell. I don’t know what’s worse, that you’ve made us all read that nonsense or that you actually believe it to be true. This is the problem with the internet. You can spot a nutter in the pub or out and about very easily. “That’s plenty” and away you go. Not so easy on the internet, sadly. On here for example you can’t tell until you’ve had the misfortune to read the muck they’ve flung on the wall. They must be sitting there clapping their faeces smothered hands together with a delirious look on their face. Conspiracy theorists, anti-vaxxers, flat earthers, 5G....blah
  3. Glad you posted this, thanks. It means I can mark you down as a fool and ignore the rest of your drivel. To think I could have wasted my time reading any more of your nonsense on here. It would be good if more nutters could make it this evident from the onset. Thanks again.
  4. As I said earlier, where I am in central Scotland it has gone a bit mental. Houses are SSTC in a week or two at higher prices. I don’t think anyone is seeing an increase in pay to justify house prices increasing. However they’ve just experienced lockdown in a property they quite possibly find too small, lacking a garden etc and are willing to spend more to get something better. Plus they’ve factored in that’s there’s no holidays abroad for 2-3 years, no city breaks, no nights out, no extravagant shopping in the high street or trips to restaurants. Most folk have saved a fortune durin
  5. Anecdotal evidence only but here in central belt Scotland houses are going to closing within a week or two and going for a good bit over home report. It’s crazy. A neighbour’s house went to closing in a week and sold for well over home report. That’s not really that normal here. £5-10k over is more in keeping. One of the folks that missed out on the property wrote a letter and posted it through all the letterboxes of the surrounding homes asking if anyone wanted to sell. I’m honestly not 100% sure what’s causing it. I wonder if folks being stuck indoors due to lockdown and now a
  6. Imagine it was Norwegian Wealth Fund v Scottish North Sea Oil. We can only dream sadly.
  7. From the experience of September and October in my work, I can certainly agree with this post. We’ve just had the best month for Order Intake (October) that we’ve had in almost five years. We’ve noticed a substantial change in enquiries from O&G companies.
  8. SNP are the biggest party in Scotland and got 37% of the vote. They got a bloody nose for indyref2 but still have a lot of support. Interestingly a lot of people that support SNP don't support independence. They like their policies apart from independence and are happy to vote for them normally. Last nights result would have been very different if indyref2 hasn't been announced a few months back.
  9. Sorry but I've read a lot of nonsense (and plenty of good stuff) on here but this is right up there with the worst of it. Is that JC that wants to nationalise various industries, increase corporation tax and the higher tax bracket? Yet you have him down as being in with the "rich and powerful". Honestly take the tinfoil off. I've heard it all now when JC is being called a figurehead for the rich and powerful that are somehow pulling the strings for TM to **** up the election. They probably also ensured TM didn't appear in last nights debate, produced a horrendous Tory m
  10. People on here have their heads stuck somewhere. Putting in offers massively under the listing will just piss everyone off. 10% success rate is a nonsense as well. No way will 10 out of 100 low ball offers succeed. Just check your local sold prices and see how many went for 20,30 or 50% under listing price. I'm in Scotland where house prices have been pretty static since 2007. I've been looking at rightmove near enough everyday for my area and also check sold prices when it is updated. In all that time I don't think I've seen more than a 5% difference.
  11. Is it foreign money in Northern cities? Glasgow is still very cheap in comparison to South England. £90-100k houses that rent for £650-£700 per month.
  12. Eh Aberdeen council is a Tory and Labour coalition. It has nothing to do with SNP.
  13. I don't disagree with you. I'm just questioning the term home owner. If you have a 10% deposit and 90% mortgage are your really a home owner?
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