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  1. I guess you haven't heard of maternity leave then? Children can start nursery at 2. I know lots of teachers, none of them work NIGHTS. Evenings aren't nights. They don't work weekends either.
  2. The 18000 figure is bunkum. The article points out that it's unknown how many of those are actually qualified teachers. 13 weeks holiday a year, no childcare problems. No weekends or nights. Must be hell.
  3. I've been tracking this former Methodist chapel up here in North Yorkshire since it was listed, with a view to putting in a (very) low offer after it's been on a while. I checked on it today and it says it was reduced on 13/2/2016. Yet it's price is 50k, exactly the same as when it was listed. Am I missing something or is this estate agent shenanigans I'm unfamiliar with? http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-38529957.html
  4. The BBC actually had a discussion on the EU on radio 4 a few nights that featured three guests, all of whom were rabidly pro-EU. Astonishing even by the beebs standards.
  5. Ten years to train someone who hands out prescriptions like sweets and doesn't even cover nutrition. A pharmacist and an algorithm could do 80% of a doctors work. To listen to the special pleading on here you'd think we were discussing Jesus curing cripples with a word. Diagnostics have progressed no end, treatment not very much.
  6. I dont think that tallies with your "much more likely" statement. Plus it's meaningless without knowing the crimes they were convicted of. Biggest reason is the male estate is bursting at the seams so they're desperate to avoid custodial sentences.
  7. Given the consensus is that Deutsche Bank is toast and possibly "too big to save", does anyone have any thoughts on the wisdom of shorting DB shares?
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