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  1. The houses in Skipton are nasty houses in poor location, might be next to the canal but also next to a main road, and what is going to be a huge building site for the next 4 years. No one will buy those cos they are crap houses ! I have loads of examples of how the market is moving in Skipton. Agreed, it is not moving as fats as it was, but those houses are n a good example as they are crap houses in a crap location.
  2. Anyone near know if this actually did flood ? I am pretty sure it must have, river Aire reportedly bust its banks today but no pics of leeds on TV, concentrated on Sheffield.
  3. The above is a joke ! Surley even in today's market it is worth half that ! What did it last sell for ?
  4. Not meaning to be rude, but I know Skipton and surrounding area very well, grew up there. The houses you are talking about a stinking little holes built on top of each other with no gardens. I hardly think they reprisent the whole of the market in Skipton.
  5. I'd love to know where the 3/4 bed houses in the nice bits of Leeds are for £133k..... LS10 is not a comparable area really, it maybe the same postcode but this flat is city centre and LS10 is Hunslet and Middleton which are among the worst areas in Leeds. I think this must just be on the edge of LS10. Point taken about the smelly river, not thought of that. As for flooding, today would be a good day to see. It's been raining consantly for 3 days now in Leeds! As for the guy who warned me against 60K of negative equity...I have no intention of buying it and totally agree with you about flats in Leeds, most already sell as new builds for 200k plus but then come back onto the market for 160k. People are beginning to realise this and they are just not moving. I think this is a pre-emptive attempt to sell before the slump in prices for flats really kicks in. No one is buying them anymore and prices ARE falling. No need to wait anymore !
  6. Saw this on Righmove, recent addition: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-157...se&tr_t=buy I have no intention of buying a city centre flat, but thought this seems like a bargain, excellent city location and is a character property with plenty of space. True, it has no parking, but nor do the faceless new builds that are marketed at £160k upwards. There must be a catch..anyone know what it is ?
  7. Levy - Have you ever considered that our pay is so low in comparison to other professions BECAUSE we get 13 weeks holiday a year ? And no, work load agreement was not a pay rise, it was an acknowedgement of of the huge amount of poitnless paperwork teachers have to do and some time to do it in. Face it mate, you hate your own job and wish you too could have the 13 weeks holiday a year so you are doing a bi of teacher bashing to make yourself feel better. Grow up !
  8. Levy - Get your facts roght, teachers have had 2.5% for the last 4 years. We have not had 'MASSIVE' pay rises at all. You have defeated your own argument anyway, because as I have already said, the Teachers Pay and Review board whom the government set up to advise them have already said we should be getting 4%+ this year. And as for your holiday is holiday comment - rubbish, teachers who give a damn (most of us) spend time in school in the holidays setting up the classroom for the next half term. One thing you may not realise though, which I am sure will annoy you even more. Did you know that 3 years ago teachers entered a workload agreement which entitled each one to 10% non-contact time per week. Most schools put this time together and allow teachers to have a moring or an afternoon to plan and work from home. So not only do we get 13 weeks holiday per year, finish at 3.30pm but now we only work 4.5 days a week! Bloody teachers ! LOL
  9. Just want to address the perception that Private sector always offers more pay. This is far from the case, I am a Cambridge Grad too and many of the people I trained with have gone into the Private sector, at least half of them get less pay than a public sector teacher, there are other perks for them, slightly longer holidays and less children in the class being the two major ones. Only very large successful private schools (mostly secondary level) can actually afford to pay teachers above public sector rates. Schools have huge overheads and small classes mens less children to pay the fees.
  10. I think the point the NUT are trying to make is that inflation has been around the 4% mark and the 2.5 % pay deal teachers currently have in real terms is actually a pay cut. I do not think this is an unreasonable argument, you must remember that the NUT can only appeal to the government as it is them who set our salaries - no share holders in education! The Teachers Pay and Review Body have infact already admitted that the pay deal teachers have at the moment summounts to a real terms pay cut and are currenty reviewing ther recommendation to the government, so I think we will end up getting 4% this year without the NUT's help. The fact they are asking for 10% is daft, I agree, but maybe they are trying a 'meet you in the middle strategy' and will resolve on 5%, which would be slightly over inflation and redress the poor 'rises' we have had over the last three years. I think you are just a teacher basher and to be honest, should go back into your box. Now if you don't mind, I'm trying to enjoy my week long half term holiday.
  11. Guess my nose is brown and my hands greasy then Crazy88.
  12. I am a teacher and can see both sides, I have been a teacher for 4 years, have worked my ass off, got promoted, and now have a decent salary of £34,000pa. Those who work deserve it, however, I have worked in three primary schools and have come accross many rubbish teachers who are dissaffected and fed up of being asked to change the way they do things..the question is this..if they were given more money and made to feel more valued would they be more adaptable and thus better teachers ? As for standards rising, I am afraid to say that the bar is lowering in Primary, I cannot speak for secondary. Year on Year the mark needed to achieve a level 4 in maths, English and Science has fallen by about 1-2%, now 11 year olds need only get 47% to hit the government target and make the league tables look good. Personally I think that SOME teachers deserve a pay rise, those who have been teaching a long time who reached their earning 'cap' many years ago deserve to have the experience recognised and rewarded BUT only if they can be willing to adapt and set a fantastic example. Thise who do not in my opinion deserve a pay cut, not rise. As for the posters who have mentioned performance related pay, you are wrong. It is totally unfair for teachers to be paid more if the children in their classes attain at certain levels. Different children learn in different ways and at different speeds. It would be unfair to deny a teacher who works in a challenging schoool in an inner city area a pay rise based purely on the results the children he/she taught got. Some children have significant barriers to learning (abuse, domestic break-up, violence, drugs, sibling rivalry, poverty, housing, socio-economic background etc..) and it is not faor to ignore these when setting teachers pay levels.
  13. Has anyone seen the Huge 'New Forest Village' development in Middleton, South Leeds. Five big developers all asking £220k + for three story three bed towns. This huge development will have a link road to the acre road estate and the much troubled Heritage Village, hardly any of the properties have sold and builders offfering huge incentives on completed houses....surely no one is so stupid as to pay over 200K to live on Acre Road in Miggie ?
  14. Marina, I'm frustrated, not stupid ! Course I know how it works. The sols have done everything, just they decided they wanted an enviro search from some reason, after we had signed the contracts but before the sols had exchanged them !
  15. I put an offer in on a house a long time ago, we both agreed a mid august completion, which at the time was perfectly practiacl. I sold my old house and moved out of it, I needed to get shot asap so that was my choice. I moved out on august 18th, the date we had previously agreed to work for as a completion date. I am currently living with my parents, all my stuff in their double garage and commuting 80 mile round trip to work a day. My choice I know, but my vendors kept promising 'next week' etc.... Anyway, long story short, transpires their sol only applied for enviro survey 10 days ago, so not going to complete until at earliest this friday (yeah, whatever I hear you cry) or more likely, next Friday. Thing is, I am so pissed off that they have let it drag on this long, they took my offer, said yes, agreed to all my terms and then as soon as I had spent some money on it (search fees, survey) decided to go at their own pace. I want to reduce the price cos I am so annoyed (male pride and all that) I have already said I am not going to pay my original offer and offered them £1500 under what that was, they said they cannot afford to sell at that. I don't want to loose the house but feel totally trampled on by them. What can I do to reclaim some pride and some cash ? Thanks guys
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