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  1. Most of them are scum All of them are greedy All of them are convinced they're business geniuses The decent ones are rare as rocking horse shit
  2. The guy who sold off all the council housing wants to help prop up builders' profits, what a surprise. If you look at his voting record, he's the exact opposite of a human being.
  3. I don't know why the constant celebration for people losing jobs on here. People being employed isn't pushing up house prices. I'm working and I can't afford a home. It's lax monetary policy that's caused all this, not people buying lego.
  4. As a 'savvy' foreign investor at what point to you get out of the London market? 5% drops? 10% drops? I thought the idea was to use the place to reap the capital gains? If I were looking at the figures, I wouldn't be buying and I'd certainly be considering selling up if I'd had a place for a while.
  5. Except there's already a precedent for this in Scotland. And rents didn't increase as a result.
  6. 21,000 posts...16,000 posts. And yet you still just want to sit around patting each other on the back. The minute anyone says anything you don't agree with you don't reply with anything other than 'you're a VI' How about accepting that some things aren't good news for housing. Brexit for one doesn't look like it's doing any normal people any favours, not if you want any return on your savings to buy somewhere - or if you're looking for a place that some greedy asian import doesn't want to buy and rent back to you.
  7. That seems to be about business. Still lots of the rude idiots rocking up to London to buy up flats with their ill gotten gains.
  8. No, just trying to throw some actual discussion into the echo chamber. Every time there's a political move that's heralded to bring about the HPC, it seems to only stoke prices further. eg. Brexit. Lots of cheering about how isolating us from Europe will bring down house prices. The reality - rampant inflation, a devalued pound and no restrictions on foreign ownership. By all means only listen to what you want to hear. Years of waiting for more affordable housing has made me more critical of the supposed good news I hear on here.
  9. I'm just wondering how this post-Brexit property utopia matches the devalued pound which makes it even easier for foreign currency holders to buy up property here....
  10. Shows how shortsighted government strategy is. They're only ever concerned with winning the next election and staying in power. The county is storing up massive problems in future. An entire generation handing over a huge proportion of their earnings just to get shelter. Little chance to save for the future or invest in a pension. And yet no government will tackle rent levels. Guess they're not bothered about having millions of people with no way to support themselves in old age. Still, as the old are those whose votes they care about, reckon it will be ok.
  11. Borrow more at lower rates. After all it's only 25 years of debt. Insanity.
  12. I'd really like to believe this. I just wish the government would bring in some curbs similar to Vancouver. But the reality is they'll be happy to take every dirty penny of foreign money at the moment. And people who voted Brexit thought it meant LESS foreigners in the UK.
  13. Yea, I'm a paid troll, posting occasionally on here and railing against the rise in house prices. Do yourself a favour and stop living in a bubble where you only believe stuff that positively reinforces your world view.
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