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  1. This. After Fukushima, the people aren't exactly crying out for more nuclear power in the neighbourhood. Maybe govt think now they'll stop getting in the frackers' way.
  2. Santander held on by its fingernails in 2008 IIRC. How's it looking now?
  3. If we end up with Mandelson v Hunt in a GE, I'm emigrating to the cfuking moon.
  4. What is the point in Brexit lite? The leavers and remainers will both be f***ed off. Might as well choose a proper option and only risk half the flaming pitchforks / whinging newspaper columns.
  5. What is the point in Brexit lite? The leavers and remainers will both be f***ed off. Might as well choose a proper option and only risk half the flaming pitchforks / whinging newspaper columns.
  6. I support the Scots doing whatever they want. But the SNP's numbers didn't even add up last time, when oil was around $70 and Nicola Sturgeon insisted it was on its way up to $110. It's even less likely to work with oil sub-$50. To say an increase in cheap fuel-related productivity cancels this out is fantasy land. Look, I'd love there to be a way round it, but I just don't see how the SNP can make a serious case for breaking away in the current economic setting?
  7. On BBC news special last night: male presenters in black suits & black ties, Kuenssberg in black dress. Slumped posture, hangdog expressions. Like it was a day of national mourning. Then they showed a segment filmed in the Midlands. They picked the most inarticulate, unappealing, stereotypically thick anti-forriner vox pops they could. One actually appeared to have learning disabilitiea. Editorially it pointed to 'See the thickies who have destroyed your country'. Cut to: articulate, nice, attractive migrant workers in London, who feel sad about the result. Juxtaposition designed to maximise rage of the thwarted leave voters. It was rabble-rousing stuff. Considering complaining on the basis that they're going to start a civil/class war if they keep stoking tensions like this.
  8. So the hedge fund polls are never released? Now wishing I worked for one. Suspense is not my strong point. Was just getting downcast looking at the sea of In memes everywhere, but maybe I'll just watch the pound bob about instead. Anecdotal: steady stream of voters (home counties), all ages. One woman said on her way in that she still hadn't decided. She said she'd asked her kids last night what they want her to vote & they were undecided too. From her age, they must be 20s max. Amazed they didnt tell her to remain because only hateful scum vote leave etc. But apparently not.
  9. I can't be the only leaver who doesn't give a toss about immigration. It's the creeping anti-democracy and sinister corporate takeovers like TTIP that I'm voting against. It's like a one-household Gogglebox round ours this week. I've got a voice like a gravel pit after bellowing at all the propaganda, on both sides. The level of campaigning has been sh*te.
  10. "Bring banners" - wtaf? The day before a referendum? Can you imagine the outrage if the other side used a tragedy in this way? Man alive.
  11. Lol, I'm agreeing with what was said about the way the media is spinning this. Sock puppet? I've been following this site for over a decade mate. 100% for the hpc when it finally arrives, and 100% against the way this debate is being set up by the msm. It stinks. Read what I actually wrote.
  12. The debate is definitely being framed in the MSM as nice, philanthropic, outward-looking, caring, decent, educated people vs nasty, xenophobic, racist, heartless, Little Islander thickies. It's disappointing that this is the level of discourse about something so important. I dunno... This time last week, I did think Brexit would win. Even though the giant squid was backing Remain. Amazing. Now it seems unthinkable that the Establishment would have ever let that happen. And now the markets have spoken. It's all feeling depressingly predictable. What a difference a week makes.
  13. I take this as an assurance that HPC is imminent, and that the Tories see it on the horizon. Also that Brexit is likely. Could the tide have turned as far as the 'HPI is great' viewpoint goes, after all the media handwringing about priced out Gen Y lately? It'd be great if Osborne's scaremongering was met with a load of articles saying what a good idea a big fat HPC would be.
  14. So a third of mothers work full time. I'd like to see the % of mothers working part time, to get a real feel for the social dynamic. Anecdotal but I only know a handful of mothers at our kids' school do no paid work at all, and this is in a very leafy middle class market town in the London commuter belt. Two incomes is now the norm even for those in more affluent areas. Could be debt, could be aspirational lifestyles, could be mega-mortgages. Either way, the days of middle class mum at home every day are over.
  15. He probably made most of his money from royalties on the American Office. That ran for 8 seasons. His film career's dried up and his telly work has gone to the dogs (Derek?), but the cash just keeps a-coming. Lucky man.
  16. Hello all. I've been reading and lurking since 2006 and thought it might be polite ten years on to get a login of my own. It's been a tricky decade, as far as global financial sanity goes. Hoping that gravity will win out in the end and what goes up must finally come crashing down. I'm a mortgage holder and would love to see prices decimated so I can get a slightly bigger house for my family without having to sell a kidney. Thanks for keeping me sane over the years, HPC.
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