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  1. As events unfold that contradict your worldview, you're going to need to adjust it.
  2. Are you still talking about May's deal? Nobody is proposing that any more, neither the UK, nor the EU. As events unfold that contradict your worldview, you're going to need to adjust it.
  3. Shocking. The people in the UK who have been arguing the EU's side throughout this negotiation really aren't going to enjoy the next six weeks.
  4. He mean's they're no true Communists so he's better off without them.
  5. Amidst the induced panic about the Pound, you manage to fit in a policy that would collapse it in a way leaving the EU could never come close to. Please keep posting like you're paid to do so. GDP is £2.1tn by the way, but why worry about an extra £100,000,000,000 in debt here and there.
  6. Hard border must be on the table in no-deal Brexit - Angela Merkel told Leo Varadkar Europe’s longest-serving leader questioned Leo Varadkar’s hard-line stance over backstop German Chancellor Angela Merkel told the Taoiseach a hard border has to be on the table in a no-deal Brexit scenario, it has emerged. Europe’s longest-serving leader questioned Leo Varadkar’s hard-line stance on the Border amid fears it was undercutting the EU’s negotiating position. The Irish Government has repeatedly insisted it is not preparing to erect any physical infrastructure at the Border, even if the UK crashes out without a deal on March 29. But during a 40-minute phone call in early January, Ms Merkel suggested this approach was giving ammunition to Brexiteers in London. ...Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin said: "There is no scenario where they [the EU27] will force Ireland to accept a deal." However, what happens if the UK leaves without a deal is less clear. The Border will become an EU frontier which Ireland will be expected to police in order to protect the single market. ...The Government has rejected suggestions from unnamed EU diplomats that an alternative to a hard border on the island would be for checks on goods leaving Ireland for the continent. Mr Coveney said he is "suspicious" of such ideas coming from anonymous sources who may have an agenda. However, they echo comments made in recent weeks by Belgium MEP Philippe Lamberts, a member of the Brexit steering group of the European Parliament. "If Ireland refuses to protect the Border with Northern Ireland after a hard Brexit, we would have to relocate the customs border to the continent," he told German news outlet 'Der Spiegel'. https://www.independent.ie/business/brexit/hard-border-must-be-on-the-table-in-nodeal-brexit-angela-merkel-told-leo-varadkar-37821964.html
  7. darkmarket

    Mortgage Fraud- Money Morning Article

    The snake has eaten a good chunk of its tail though, not much left now.
  8. darkmarket

    Ireland Redux

    Your uncle paid a crazy price, it's no wonder he can't find a greater fool, but since wages haven't gone up by ~40% in that time he's still getting off lightly. I don't understand the argument that it's not a bubble unless prices are at 2007 levels. There's still a huge amount of bad debt on the books from that time, plus billions added since.
  9. darkmarket

    Am I mad?

    If the pound is hit too hard by a 'shock', they'd need to raise rates. Carney warned about it a while ago, not mentioning he created the problem.
  10. The Commission is quickly yielding to reality, and Ireland is beginning to wake up: https://www.independent.ie/opinion/editorial/editorial-eu-cannot-allow-us-to-burn-as-may-fiddles-over-brexit-37818812.html
  11. darkmarket

    Ireland Redux

    From 10-15% increases a year ago, Ireland has now had two months of drops: https://www.cso.ie/en/releasesandpublications/ep/p-rppi/residentialpropertypriceindexdecember2018/residentialpropertypriceindexdecember2018/ The eurozone is crashing hard, and yet again Ireland is the biggest bubble.
  12. darkmarket

    RICS survey

    Could be, especially if the house was divided into bedsits. You'd need to update its registered use as well, time and money. Just another element adding to the downward pressure, thought I'd shoehorn it into the RICS thread.
  13. darkmarket

    RICS survey

    Fair point, two acronyms is a bit much: the MoneySavingExpert user was claiming it was for family use, but said Barclays now have a policy of not lending on houses registered for multiple occupancy.
  14. This is like how politicians speak, it's absolutely meaningless. You should consider the correlation between people living in areas that have seen high house price inflation in the last twenty years, and people who voted to remain within the EU. This suggests the 'wealth effect', or belief that everyone could sell at current market price, and a fear of its reversal along with consequent unemployment, accurately predicts a person's vote in the referendum. That correlation has barely been mentioned, though the implication is that some Britons are willing to risk fundamental principles of democracy to prop up their house prices. Because we haven't seen enough props. There were many reasons to vote to leave, as I mentioned above, but the evidence suggests one overwhelming reason people voted remain.

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