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  1. Exactly, this deal will never pass and by the EU mask slipping again, the remain side's chances in another vote are destroyed.
  2. McVey also called for a cabinet vote. Theresa May lied about having cabinet support to push through a deal that is clearly undemocratic. Think about that. https://twitter.com/Steven_Swinford/status/1062836248606314497
  3. darkmarket

    From Economic Crisis to World War III

    I think the tensions now are more between the market economies and the planned economies that emerged after WW1. The inequality that's rising is normally measured within countries, but on a global scale there's been very fast development and a rise in living standards.
  4. darkmarket

    From Economic Crisis to World War III

    That is fortunate, just wise to be prepared for it trying to bite.
  5. darkmarket

    From Economic Crisis to World War III

    If it's a CCP mouthpiece saying China is willing to engage in a world war, I think that's noteworthy too. Maybe moreso than your view that she's whinging.
  6. darkmarket

    The House Price Crash has started ?

    Thank you for your service.
  7. darkmarket

    Examples of big & multiple drops

    Indeed, at least you'll probably get stabbed before the lease runs out.
  8. A Chinese economist points to the risk of world war caused by protectionism and inequality: https://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/economic-crisis-military-conflict-or-structural-reform-by-qian-liu-2018-11 Not the best article, but as the awkward armistice unfolds, as this credit cycle has peaked and both Russia and China have declared they are preparing for war, with the Swift blockade on Iran yesterday in response to which they've pledged to block shipping lanes, interested in whether it's still considered an outlandish possibility. Will the global asset bubble end in world war? Could anyone be bothered?
  9. darkmarket

    Examples of big & multiple drops

    Don't like being told what's realistic by an estate agent. Think there's a sell-off in Lake District holiday lets, not sure whether it extends to other tourist spots.
  10. darkmarket

    Trouble at T'Property Tribes

    And in a sad irony, the landlord association can't get its deposit back: So glad when we left @REgus_UK offices, but no surprise that, two months later, our deposit has not been returned and getting it back is like trying to get blood out of a stone. Useless company with no customer service. https://twitter.com/4_Walls/status/1060553729475272704
  11. Yep, I noticed that around Sale and parts of Cheshire too. I still think prices are absurd across the country, fairly relaxed on the sidelines these days.
  12. Manchester, for London I haven't seen lower than ~2011 if memory serves correctly.
  13. It's a bit like the Channel 4 announcement while things in Leeds are looking grim. Slightly related, I see flats around Media City, still full of state-owned enterprises, being discounted back to 2007/8 prices and not shifting.
  14. Think this is coming to an end now. The last remaining areas with big rises were Edinburgh, some parts of the North, NI and parts of Wales. On the local threads, you'll see monthly falls in Edinburgh and NI already, lots of 10%+ reductions across the North and I don't really think Welsh property is going to carry the nation's economy on its shoulders, despite what the locals may have been told about Newport being the new Bristol.

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