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  1. More or less agree with this, except maybe even the billionaires don't seem any more content than the rest of us.
  2. Seems like he has trouble keeping his word, from his wiki:
  3. Persimmon faces loss of Help to Buy homes contract Anger as Persimmon set to post £1bn profit Britain’s most profitable housebuilder faces being stripped of its right to sell Help to Buy homes after allegations of poor standards and punitive hidden charges. James Brokenshire, the housing secretary, is reviewing Persimmon’s participation in the government scheme, which accounted for half of the homes it built last year, The Times has learnt. Since Help to Buy was introduced, Persimmon’s profit per house has almost tripled, rising from £22,114 in 2012 to £60,219 in 2018. Half of the 16,000 homes the company built last year were sold under the scheme, which is designed to boost home ownership. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/persimmon-faces-loss-of-help-to-buy-house-contract-nlrq02q7h Designed to boost debt dependency and fake gdp, but not a bad effort.
  4. Yes, immigration at 300,000 / yr, and I suspect it might be much higher, would have a greater impact on the marginal buyer than the 20% or even 40% of credit coverage provided by HTB, especially as that could easily be replaced by another vehicle. It's another part of the infinitely available credit supply that's running out. It's worth keeping in mind how important new entrants are for a pyramid scheme, supply in numbers is more difficult than credit, especially when transaction levels are so low. Yes, that's insanity. But there's a difference between a sensible conversation and a topic that becomes taboo, and that's why immigration did become an elephant in the room. I'd say credit was the bigger one, but nothing should be off limits for conversation.
  5. Plus facebook all in one link. Post a summary, please.
  6. Slowly but surely, while you figure out what's going on, can you stop posting things that are completely irrelevant to house prices and the economy?
  7. I think the existing petition system requiring a 10% threshold to hold an election could be relevant here. It's been used a few times recently.
  8. If it wasn't obvious, half the country is infected with this disease and it touches all political parties.
  9. "It's just like making a rough estimate, giving a credit rating to a country is nothing but a board game." - Jerome Fons (Former Director of Moody's).
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