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  1. The agent at the end of our street in Wimbledon now acts a a parcel pickup point. Got a card left through door the other day that my parcel had been left with them. I smugly asked them how business was doing when I walked in to collect it.
  2. And all of this during a time of record low interest rates?!? What a mess.
  3. Anecdotal, but was at a christening today, have a couple of ‘friends of friends’ who live in Surbiton. Apparently several of their friends have tried to sell houses in the area and have had to withdraw them from the market as there has been zero interest. was very tempted to suggest they should consider the price
  4. They’re morons. £1.2m for a flat in Brixton? You could save £110k and get this 4 bed house in Wimbledon for that. And your kids would get into a decent free school and not have to worry about getting knifed after dark! More green spaces, less pollution etc etc You can be at either Waterloo or Victoria stations in about 30mins. Graham Road, Wimbledon https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-63316356.html
  5. Jesus! you can buy 2 bedroom flats in Wimbledon for that price!!! What lunatic is paying those prices for Ewell Road? Granted, flats below are just a quick example, smaller, but also much cheaper and in a much much better location (Central wimbledon, tube, train & tram on your doorstep, shops, bars, parks, etc etc). Surely only foreign/ non-local investors could have such a poor grasp on the market as to buy the Ewell Road flat when there are much better options available? Hartfield Road, Wimbledon https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-84509543.
  6. I would imagine an Army pension for someone of the rank Colonel, would provide a pretty comfortable life in itself. This man is just greedy. As evidenced by the various tax avoidance schemes he has now entered. Good luck to him, but I wouldn’t want to have £420k ties up in an Enterprise Investment Scheme! Especially with the economy looking as it does right now.
  7. Yes. That is EXACTLY what people “should” do. It’s called capitalism and customer power. If a restaurant is serving substandard food/ingredients and people choose to stop eating there, how long do you think they will be in business? Now, may require a tweak to legislate that companies put the country of origin of key ingredients on their menus. Not too-dissimilar to how many now put calories on.
  8. GBP is fooked. No one ever seems to talk about the LONG term trend. Britain is a nation in decline, there is less and less demand for its currency. The BofE should have rates at around 3% by now, but refuse to because they want to maintain the illusion of wealth for a deluded generation of baby boomers! https://www.macrotrends.net/2549/pound-dollar-exchange-rate-historical-chart
  9. I used to live in this road! It’s a pretty good location, right next to the station. the market in surbiton looks pretty tight, not much of anything for sale at the moment other than 1/2 bed flats.
  10. We were charged nothing at all. just put down a holding deposit of 1 weeks rent which was then offset against our full deposit (if 5 weeks rent). no referencing fees etc or any other fee.
  11. We just took out a new rental, tenancy to start 15th June. Agents have already ran credit check, referencing and sent us a contract to sign. They have charged no fees.
  12. Also shows exactly why we need a land value tax in the U.K. Greedy landlords banking on publicly funded infrastructure raising their land values (and hence profits)
  13. What an absolute numpty! You’ll all enjoy this little read.... Serious lack of brain cells in this PovertyL8r https://www.property118.com/back-successful-bid-auction-property/
  14. Agents we have spoken to are not taking fees for contracts, regardless of when the contract / credit checks were done, so long as it’s for a contract starting after 1st June. we won’t be looking to start a new contract until 15th June. many ea’s seem to be scrapping the fees anyway - to try and entice tenants that otherwise would be waiting another month or so before looking.
  15. We’re looking for a new rental Wimbledon at the moment. Been to view 3 so far. Not put any offers in yet but all 3 agents/landlords have since phoned us back saying they would be willing to accept a lower offer just to get the place rented out.
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