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  1. Because every muppet knows there is nothing safer than bricks'n'mortar, which tells you everything you need to know about the rest of the economy. In other words were fooked.
  2. More than ever I want to leave and it is European Politics and their treatment of the Greeks, Eastern Europe and the Spanish attitude to Catalonia that is to blame for my ever hardening opinion.
  3. I read somewhere in the media this morning that Londoners were shipping out en-masse to cheaper rental areas in the commuter belt. The other classic statistic was that something like 46% of all the houses in Slough are rented. Now that explains a lot. https://www.shortlist.com/news/where-people-move-to-when-they-leave-london/329939
  4. I have been on this planet long enoough to know that:- Tories are shysters Labour are patronising shysters LibDems are clueless shysters This leaves me voting for someone else on the list or strategically voting.
  5. Did you note the pictures that they use as well. The closeup of the aged couples clasped hands was particularly disingenuous. They are once again pushing how you should feel about a story. The BBC is basically emotionally and politically unhinged these days.
  6. How come a graduates NI is 2% on 55K, you lost me there?
  7. I've had my 0.00000001th of the say in the result and will be going to bed about 11as usual as I've lost interest in it.
  8. .erehwsle gniwolf eb lliw yenom eht dna dekaep ydaerla evah secirp evah taht etapicitna erofereht I.slanoitan ngierof fo sniag nettog-lli eht rof nevah efas a ro evil ot ecalp efas a regnol on si semaht no eloh tihs
  9. 20 years ago you probably didn't need a degree to do the same job for less money!
  10. This is probably why, coupled with a bit of political manipulation / heart string pulling. Fully qualified nurses start on salaries of £21,692 rising to £28,180 on Band 5 of the NHS Agenda for Change Pay Rates. Salaries in London attract a high-cost area supplement. With experience, in positions such as nurse team leader on Band 6, salaries progress to £26,041 to £34,876. Roughly 50% over minimum wage on 40hr week.
  11. Having to reluctantly relocate into manchester with Mrs Chewy and the two lambs and have noticed that there appears to be a lot of iffy areas. I read somewhere that you can check whether or not (or how many!) sex offenders live within a certain postcode or radius but don't know how to go about this, can you do it on the net? I have also realised that the government also know where suspected terrorists are living and that the Manchester one also lived on the same street as a known bomb maker! Is there another register similar to the child sex-offenders one that can be checked? After all whats worse Jimmy Saville or someone with kilogrammes of explosives tucked in their underpants!
  12. I have a spare double room ideal for one or two young female teachers, applicants must be single, not in a relationship and willing to ride stoker on my tandem at weekends.
  13. So in summary a PCH/PCP deal is a great way to drive a car you can't afford.
  14. Perhaps I went the wrong way into Morecambe as it definately looked quite a bit better than it did 10-15 years ago.
  15. Dont forget the initial rental payment (or whatever its called) on a Merc it is usually somewhere between 5 and 10K. Then there are potential charges at the end based on excess mileage and hown many dents and scratches it has. Pisses me off that they are allowed to advertise their wares and use the plug 'you can drive X for only Y per month'.
  16. Blackpool is exactly the same as I'm sure are other coastal towns. I must admit Morcambe is fairing better than it did, it appears places have to hit absolutely rock bottom beofre they show any signs of improvemenrt.
  17. There will be a turn to something akin to the arts and crafts movement as people move away from mass produced, cheap, throw-away furnishings and art etc. Look at the up-cycling movement, its like the arts and crafts movement for people with little real skill but a good eye. The folks with real money will not want things made by 3D printers, robots, cyborgs, etc they will be paying big money for things made by artisans. With regard to construction, have a look what the 'posh' folk are buying to park their cars and horses in, a clue, its not built from bricks, concrete panels or anything else you can get from a builders merchant. With regard to art, look what picasso did with the minimal number of strokes/lines, would you pay the same for something produced by a shitty graphics package, I think not.
  18. Quite, I watched the Chernobyl engineering puff piece on the box and they quoted the number of deaths from that one incident as well over 2000 and rising.
  19. I had an interesting conversation with the cashier at a shell petrol station in a rather nice area, I asked him about how many people came in and put exactly £10 in their cars as I had seen quite a few over the years with nice German and other prestige motors doing it. His answer was you wouldn't believe it, someting like nearly 40 percent put £10 or £20 in their motors, some customers do it every day. He then added that, you really know someone hasn't got any money when they just put £5 in and they are not driving leased tin. Yep, you must have hit the nail on the head there, Merc leases are terrible, as most folks find out when they try to get out of one early or hand the car back and then don't want another. Vast swathes of the European motor industry (especially the German one) are solely propped up by cheap finance, makes you wonder where all that cash is actually coming from and who is backing the loans up.
  20. Just had to endure a family member in their 50s telling me that they are currently remortgaging their own house to get enough cash together to use on a new-build BTL that should rent out for just under 1K/month. First thing I said was have you heard about Section 24 to which the answer was no and that her accountant says everything is OK. I explained S24 but it went in one ear and straight out the other. Doing some quick maths and assuming a minimum 25% deposit and the fact that all of this is leveraged with an increase to existing standard mortgage at 3.5% and the BTL at 5.5% I can only see a yield excluding letting fees, tax, voids and anything else of 3200pa which in my book is just not viable for 200Ks worth of debt. FFS the best scenario is not even a 1.6% return. I despair the lack of understanding supposedly intelligent people have about risk these days.
  21. So why have you not got one, I was convinced you were talking from experience, hope you don't drive one of those filthy diesels that asphixiate me with noxious Nox while I cycle to work!
  22. Averaging out never works in practice, you keep using whole year average figures, peak demand is January/February, the battery technology used in cars does not perform well at temperatures at and below zero i.e. lower range for car and more frequent charging. Spend some time looking at a site like gridwatch over the winter to see how the grid performs. Trickle charging at home won't happen for 20 million cars especially if you live in for example a terrace house, flat or somewhere with communal parking. The only quick additional generating capacity will be fossil fuel powered and probably gas. Nuclear will not happen in this timeframe as historically every single N station built since the 1960s has overrun in both cost and construction times, figures of 3x over budget are not uncommon and good old EDF have not got a single EPR up and running yet. Currently; not a single EPR reactor operates anywhere in the world. In Flamanville, the first concrete was poured in 2007. Since then costs have more than tripled to €10.5bn, while the project is six years behind schedule. (Guardian article 2016) The first two, in Finland and France, are both facing costly construction delays (to at least 2018). Construction commenced on two Chinese units in 2009 and 2010.[1] The Chinese units were to start operation in 2014 and 2015,[2] but are now expected to come online in 2017 and 2018.[3] Two units at Hinkley Point in the United Kingdom received final approval in September 2016 and are expected to be completed by 2025.[4] EDF has acknowledged severe difficulties in building the EPR design. In September 2015 EDF stated that the design of a "New Model" EPR was being worked on, which will be easier and cheaper to build.[5] (Wikipedia) Unfortunately the French have huge ammounts of form in engineering circles for making promises to customers they cannot meet especially in the Nuclear sector. Unless fantastic progress is made in the storage of electrical power to enable more to be made of wind and solar then electric dreams will be shattered by lack of supply at the right time. In spring and summer we might just get away with it but in the dark days of winter we won't and the time and money required to sort it is not there. Electric vehicles have a place but hybrid and small I.C. engines will be more the norm presumably with a plug-in option that would cover sub 40 mile urban journeys in a full charge. I have rubbed my woolly testicles for you and given my 10pence worth, come back in 10 years and let me know if I was wrong.
  23. I always thought that the leadership of the EU was doing a splendid job of that already.
  24. All well and good Kurt, but carefully choosing your statistics doesn't cover that tuesday evening in january when everyone wants to charge their cars, heat, light and cook in their houses whilst outside sits legions of electric vehicles that have stuggled in heavy traffic and have cold discharged batteries that are not running at peak efficiency.
  25. Care to elaborate, Putin is just another head of state like Trump and the bloke who runs China.
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