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  1. ChewingGrass

    Jeremy Hunt "hoovers up" 7 new flats

    Because every muppet knows there is nothing safer than bricks'n'mortar, which tells you everything you need to know about the rest of the economy. In other words were fooked.
  2. ChewingGrass

    Brexit - Have you changed your mind?

    More than ever I want to leave and it is European Politics and their treatment of the Greeks, Eastern Europe and the Spanish attitude to Catalonia that is to blame for my ever hardening opinion.
  3. ChewingGrass

    "weird market" in mumsnet

    I read somewhere in the media this morning that Londoners were shipping out en-masse to cheaper rental areas in the commuter belt. The other classic statistic was that something like 46% of all the houses in Slough are rented. Now that explains a lot. https://www.shortlist.com/news/where-people-move-to-when-they-leave-london/329939
  4. ChewingGrass

    Tory voters dying off at a rate of 2% a year

    I have been on this planet long enoough to know that:- Tories are shysters Labour are patronising shysters LibDems are clueless shysters This leaves me voting for someone else on the list or strategically voting.
  5. Did you note the pictures that they use as well. The closeup of the aged couples clasped hands was particularly disingenuous. They are once again pushing how you should feel about a story. The BBC is basically emotionally and politically unhinged these days.
  6. ChewingGrass

    CPI 2.9%, RPI 3.7%

    How come a graduates NI is 2% on 55K, you lost me there?
  7. ChewingGrass

    General Election Prediction Poll

    I've had my 0.00000001th of the say in the result and will be going to bed about 11as usual as I've lost interest in it.
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  9. ChewingGrass

    Report reveals scale of food bank use in the UK  

    20 years ago you probably didn't need a degree to do the same job for less money!
  10. ChewingGrass

    Report reveals scale of food bank use in the UK  

    This is probably why, coupled with a bit of political manipulation / heart string pulling. Fully qualified nurses start on salaries of £21,692 rising to £28,180 on Band 5 of the NHS Agenda for Change Pay Rates. Salaries in London attract a high-cost area supplement. With experience, in positions such as nurse team leader on Band 6, salaries progress to £26,041 to £34,876. Roughly 50% over minimum wage on 40hr week.
  11. ChewingGrass

    Is Manchester dying?

    Having to reluctantly relocate into manchester with Mrs Chewy and the two lambs and have noticed that there appears to be a lot of iffy areas. I read somewhere that you can check whether or not (or how many!) sex offenders live within a certain postcode or radius but don't know how to go about this, can you do it on the net? I have also realised that the government also know where suspected terrorists are living and that the Manchester one also lived on the same street as a known bomb maker! Is there another register similar to the child sex-offenders one that can be checked? After all whats worse Jimmy Saville or someone with kilogrammes of explosives tucked in their underpants!
  12. ChewingGrass

    Homeless professionals ( well teachers )

    I have a spare double room ideal for one or two young female teachers, applicants must be single, not in a relationship and willing to ride stoker on my tandem at weekends.
  13. So in summary a PCH/PCP deal is a great way to drive a car you can't afford.
  14. Perhaps I went the wrong way into Morecambe as it definately looked quite a bit better than it did 10-15 years ago.
  15. Dont forget the initial rental payment (or whatever its called) on a Merc it is usually somewhere between 5 and 10K. Then there are potential charges at the end based on excess mileage and hown many dents and scratches it has. Pisses me off that they are allowed to advertise their wares and use the plug 'you can drive X for only Y per month'.

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