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  1. That’s a strong argument. And after 40+ years of living the dream; we rejected it.
  2. Have you thought about standing for elected office yourself. It’s easier to change things from within.
  3. The alternative being Gordon - Boom & Bust - Brown? No thanks. FWIW I voted LD in 2010
  4. I objected to the desecration of war memorials and vandalism of statues by anarchists. But as I said at the time, I support the general thrust of the anti racism campaign.
  5. So what - it doesn’t mean that I understand it any more than you do! Explain to me what Global Britain means - and I will happily say whether or not I agree with it.
  6. I’d rather our Nation was building Renewable energy technology than collateralised debt obligations. This could be good news.
  7. Which I’m delighted by. Lets onshore, reduce the length of our supply chains, jobs for British workers, and better for the planet.
  8. That’s it; if you are unhappy; and have the ability to change things to make you less unhappy; then do something about it.
  9. If you are going to drink whiskey then American ‘Bourbon’ is what you need to look out for. The best Brandy comes from Greece.
  10. I was in the Naughie Step but the mods have been kind and let me impart my wisdom to you all once again. No, no important votes coming up. Stay focused on Dominic Cummings and Statues.
  11. Generation snowflake might have a melt I grant you, but I have a bit more faith in people. I can do a fair amount, being an engineer, and not afraid to look stuff up and have a crack at it. Chemotherapy isn’t pleasant; and some find it tougher than others; but if it doesn’t kill you it cures you. This country needs it.
  12. Personally no. And certainly not without asking citizens if it’s what. they want.
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