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  1. That’s a strong argument. And after 40+ years of living the dream; we rejected it.
  2. Have you thought about standing for elected office yourself. It’s easier to change things from within.
  3. The alternative being Gordon - Boom & Bust - Brown? No thanks. FWIW I voted LD in 2010
  4. I objected to the desecration of war memorials and vandalism of statues by anarchists. But as I said at the time, I support the general thrust of the anti racism campaign.
  5. So what - it doesn’t mean that I understand it any more than you do! Explain to me what Global Britain means - and I will happily say whether or not I agree with it.
  6. I’d rather our Nation was building Renewable energy technology than collateralised debt obligations. This could be good news.
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