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  1. So yesterday’s protest was breaking the social distancing law; and also the covid19 temporary laws which make all mass gatherings illegal. Does that mean the police should have broken up the protest -and arrested the people involved?
  2. The point is that you choose to believe what you choose to believe. we have the opinions of Grey, North, and Redwood. A Europhile, A Euroskeptic, and a hard brexiteer. No one’s opinion is right or wrong; but we can all choose what we agree with. Personally I think we are somewhere between North and Redwood. The kind of space the likes of Galloway fills.
  3. I disagree; the public have far more responsibility for their own conduct than blaming the nanny state.
  4. https://order-order.com/2020/06/04/newsnights-fake-news-graph-punishes-honesty/
  5. No need to join the EU; an EFTA EEA arrangement would provide what you seek. Trouble is MPs rejected that. Overwhelmingly!
  6. What about the public - do they not also have a responsibility in all this. Remember Cheltenham races? Remember clapping on Westminster bridge? Heck look at the protests/anarchists in London yesterday - why were the social distancing rules ignored?
  7. Wow that is hands down the most biased and partisan piece of brexit analysis I have read in a long time; if ever! Oh yes of course; Prof Grey; who’s largely been funded by EU research grants. It makes sense now.
  8. I can see advantages to both a deal and no deal. Theresa was right; no deal is better then a bad deal. But a good deal is better than no deal.
  9. The EU is also after a with cherries deal - certainly when it comes to fish. Thanks for the link - and I’ll give it a read.
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