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  1. I was going to buy a Porsche as well. So annoying! Which one of those would you pick?
  2. I suspect some of the figures being used also include services.
  3. Apparently tomorrow at 7am it will be 1,000 hours until brexit. tick tock
  4. No I’m not at all!! I advocate the time frame precedent in the GFA, so an in/out referendum in June 2023.
  5. I hadn’t thought about that but you are right.
  6. That would be; wrong, wrong, wrong, and wrong! I’m pro free choice and anti authoritarianism. viva Catalonia!
  7. Yes, very happy. That’s a choice for constituents in each country of the UK. I place the right to self determination very high.
  8. Although I have some sympathy for this as a strategy - agree an FTA then leave - this should have been the process from the start of it all. The trouble is now, proposing this now, is like a cup of cold sick. It is highly toxic to brexiteers as it will be seen as remainers wanting us to stay in the EU forever. So I do think now, that we need to rip off the plaster. We will conclude an FTA far quicker when we are out.
  9. Yeah I know what you want. But it’s disingenuous and undemocratic.
  10. Each one of these agreements smooths the road ahead and brings brexit that little but closer. #wecandothis
  11. Asking a straight in / out now (which is basically what you are advocating) is disingenuous. It’s bioligical for us to be nervy before a big event. Asking an ‘are you sure’ is inevitably going to be effected in such circumstances. Far better to ask much earlier, or after the event. I imagine a lengthy chat and form filling activity repeated just 1 minute before a sky dive would make many not go through with it. But ask them how was it afterwards and they will be buzzing.
  12. Great news 🇺🇸🇬🇧 My views haven’t changed. I’m happy to have a referendum which asks the public to choose the type of brexit ( with no remain option). I’m also happy to have a rejoin referendum in June 2023.

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