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  1. I’d say it was more to do with the CNS myself. We withdraw care for folk that are brain dead but still have a heartbeat. a foetus can have a detectable heartbeat from 5 1/2 weeks and can feel pain from around 12.
  2. Yes it’s horrifying. In some cases it’s sadly necessary, in many others…not so much.
  3. The rules should start with development stage. I’m uncomfortable with anything over 10 weeks, unless in extreme circumstances (rape, danger to the mother etc). Anything close to where it’s possible for the baby to survive outside the womb needs to be banned for all but extreme medical reasons. at the same time, it’s a woman’s body and it’s her right to choose. it’s a complex and distressing subject but needs enshrining as a legal right, with appropriate conditions that can be modified as medical advances occur. religious objections should be ignored. That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without it. A balance has to be struck, otherwise they will have young women bleeding out from back street abortions.
  4. I suppose Supreme Court selection should also be democratic as well. Fixed terms, put to the people.
  5. I see the point, but it’s a highly regressive step, given how stupid half that country is. The folks supporting this and dancing about in celebration are the same gaggle of ******wits that give zero ******s about a child once it’s actually born. Healthcare - ****** off Decent education- ****** off not getting shot in school - ****** off It’s seriously messed up.
  6. Ah ok, they still have plenty of rights. That makes it alright to take away control of their own uterus then. If only that were the only consequence. Lots more dead young women looming on the horizon from backstreet abortions. That’s ok as well, provided the god squad are happy. What a ******ed up place to live that country is.
  7. Nothing more democratic than telling a women she has no rights over her own body.
  8. They need to ban abortion to maintain the supply of kids to get shot in school.
  9. Oh I have no doubt of that. You have to be a bit daft to finance a car on pcp. I still think the population is being done a disservice while a decent financial education isn’t compulsory at school.
  10. On the later, possibly for the fixed rate period penalty (akin to overpaying too much I think).
  11. The tiny proportion of the population who believe that rental properties disappear in a puff of smoke when they are no longer rentals?
  12. I can cope with it at 20%. I wouldn’t be pretty but it’s doable. im also willing to bet the country would be on its knees LONG before then. One doesn’t necessarily lose all the equity, you take a haircut on it due to the fire sale nature of how the asset is disposed of, and under what market condition.
  13. Wouldn’t surprise me if I was out faster. It’s one of the many reasons I hold a years cash as an emergency fund, insure myself against loss of earnings and am hammering the mortgage overpayments. I get the anger, in my case it’s more of a frustration with people. If I was in my 20’s with the salary I was earning at that age, would I have bought a house under current conditions? Hell no! The risks would just be way too high and I would have had no means of mitigation. The levels of financial literacy in this country (and others) is staggeringly low. It doesn’t surprise me that folk make such poor choices when it comes to borrowing.
  14. That’s a specific set of people, not all. I know throwing everyone into the same basket for populist judgement is in vogue these days, but it’s really not helpful when it comes to understanding a situation. It’s also quite popular to tell people who disagree with you to “not be here”. You may as well just shout “I don’t want my opinions challenged, give me back my echo chamber” Both speak volumes
  15. So if you want to buy a house you should save the cash over a decade, or longer? meanwhile keep being a good hamster and pay your private landlord double the total interest that the loan will likely cost you over that saving period. all while having no security of tenure. that kind of free? No thanks.
  16. That’s the plan. I did go in eyes open. im in my late 40s. Security of tenure means a lot and more when it’s all paid for. If I have to retire a couple of years later than planned, so be it.
  17. Totally agree. I was planning on 8-10, that might turn into 10-12….15 at a push
  18. Lol ok. sorry if a few clued up people may burst your bubble but we do exist. keep hankering for debtors prisons, I’m sure the 18th century will welcome you back with open alms.
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