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  1. As for reasons, a few: Headhunted for a really interesting job, more senior position, massive pay rise No pay rises for 3 years at old job Old company attitude towards furlough Boredom
  2. Sounds about right, I recently resigned for a new position. Several of my colleagues have also gone. Makes for about 18% of my dept inside 3 months.
  3. I wasnt trolling or detrailing the thread you fuktard, I just answered a question YOU ASKED. Fukin halfwit.
  4. Thanks for the heads up, ill see if I can find a better way of doing it, although im damned if I know how without giving the address.
  5. Edited, please reply in kind. Guess I was more angry than I thought. Being called a liar and a troll when genuinely answering someones question kinda does that to a person. On reflection I think he just wants his own little sad echo chamber and cant fathom that someone might actually just want to get on with their life.
  6. On second thoughts, I hate being called a liar. Ill post a copy of the completion in a couple of weeks when it happens. You can check the sale price on the land registry when it updates. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/85829710#/
  7. Jeez, why did you even ask the question. Do I need to post my financial plan, a birth certificate and a copy of the contract to prove my position. Nope, I don't and I wont - Enjoy your own personal little echo chamber dickhead. EDIT: Think you need to change your "blocked trolls" number to something like "blocked people that gave me an answer I didn't like" or "Blocked people that are hurting my little echo chamber" Further, its not my duty to put my life on hold for the ideal of a HPC. I've waited as long as I can. If you don't like my decision, tough shit.
  8. Just in case you forgot what I was replying to.
  9. Dude you asked a question and I provided a genuine answer. Do I think house prices are ridiculous? Of course I do! Do I think they need to fall? Yes! Do I think the buying process is insane? Yes! I never ever want to go through it again, its not fit for purpose and almost looks like someone deliberately came up with the shittiest method possible just to piss everyone off!
  10. Why? My position is perfectly rational in my situation. Why on earth would I gamble with my ability to retire in the manner I want to? Can you guarantee me that house prices are going to meaningfully fall in the next year?
  11. That is my other major concern! If I push the button now, the plan works. Even accounting for a 5 year recession. Yes house prices could well fall by a meaningful amount, but what if they don't?
  12. Yep. If I were 5 years younger I would not be doing it. Given I am not far off 47 though...
  13. I'm already a year over my ideal latest date, solid job, 275k mortgage. To overpay the mortgage at the rate I wish and to hold my retirement date, its kinda now or never. Yes we "could" wait but that in effect adds another 6-9 months. If the market falls it falls. Im not buying this as an investment, its a home and it means I dont have to pay rent when I retire in 13 years.
  14. So we have 173 million people so far that have had a vaccine of one description or another. Nobody has ever claimed that vaccines are totally risk free. How many have died now? A few directly attributable to anaphylaxis? Is one in a million too risky for you? Do you even know how many direct deaths there have been, as opposed to uncorrelated ones? "Man run over by bus 3 weeks after Covid vaccination"! You are not a vaccine researcher, you probably know less about vaccines than a vaccine developers dog. You are not a special snowflake that has stumbled across previously unknown
  15. Doubt it, schools will be first. He'll probably announce a review of non essential retailers for a few weeks after that, then hospitality a few weeks after that review. Although I wouldn't be surprised if its longer. I cant see them being in a hurry to unlock when another lockdown would end them.
  16. I don't know, I don't make vaccines. Neither do you. Ill trust those better qualified to create vaccines over the lunatic websites you seem to love to frequent. You know, those ones that you cited previously that said that an mRNA vaccine turned you into GMO. Having worked with NHS staff delivering the vaccine over the weekend, I have no doubt about their motivation and dedication to the wellbeing of others. I cannot say the same for you.
  17. I think it was because its a specialist unit that looks after ortho cases (ortho team @ the spire). The surgery date was the earliest I could have (feb 16th) and the diagnosis took place in the week before xmas. I think that time delay was down to the surgeons available slots though, he is quite popular and looks after a lot of sporting professionals.
  18. Quite, its why I feel lucky to have private healthcare. I had a private GP appointment through my phone on a Tuesday, referred to the spire same day, had a consultation with a specialist on the Friday, an MRI on the Saturday with a follow up with the specialist on the Monday. We set the surgery date on that Monday. Frankly I was stunned by how brilliant and fast the care was.
  19. No, given the closed nature of the road system I think the balance of once a year is probably sufficient.
  20. Being prepared to the satisfaction of those that might have to rescue you is taking responsibility for your own actions
  21. Its the me me me brigade that complain about this sort of thing. I want to ride my motorcycle without a lid, its my life after all. What about the poor sod who has to pick your brains up off the highway? Its a simple lack of thought about how your own actions might affect others who are charged with cleaning up the aftermath, providing aid or putting themselves in harms way to save their ungrateful asses. Personal responsibility is part of being a member of a functioning society. Our society as a whole agrees to try and save your life when you come off your motorcyc
  22. I dont think they could ever say that lockdown will never happen again. As much as i'd like them to. Despite the deaths, the world got away with this one lightly and lessons really do need to be learned in advance of the next one.
  23. Its fantastic news, just shows what can be accomplished when the government isn't involved with organising something!
  24. What about the unnecessary additional risk to the coastguard personnel? I guess its ok for the unprepared yachtsman to sign their waver too.
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