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  1. We found out the truth a few months ago. He was placed by a majority of over 7 million Americans. Quite a lot of that 7 million did'nt care for Biden much either, but just wanted to see the back of Donny the F**ktard.
  2. No, we really wont. I would compare him to being as likeable as a segment of distended rectum, that has been left in a warm cupboard for a week.
  3. Ah but that is a mere bump in the road. The unicorns are coming.
  4. I think I will be drawing my pension before any "benefits" come to fruition.
  5. In Brexit lovers opinion. If Brexit is a fantastic success, you might have a point. Lets see if that is the case, or if its just a bit meh and all the division he has helped stoke up was worth it eh.
  6. Ahhh Farrage. The man for the hard of thinking. I think I would rather boil my own scrotum and vote conservative ahead of even listening to that toad faced, Trump loving, bell end. Still, the chances of him ever holding a seat are almost zero. Didn't a guy dressed as a Dolphin beat him last time...is it 7 times he's run now?
  7. He was too busy fleecing his supporters. Saps that they are.
  8. What a delightfully toxic channel. Trumpy go bye bye. I might have to have a few beers to celebrate. 😆
  9. I think you just have to be happy with what you cashed out with, if you were happy at the time that is. Being jealous of a non-existent alternative version of ones self is a little self defeating. Although understandable, its a rabbit hole of what-ifs, all delightfully intertwined with other scenarios that you cant even think of, and in some of those you are already dead or in the gutter. Be happy
  10. I couldnt see how to get dicker working under unraid and didnt really fancy running it inside the VM I created. I might take another look at it though. Thanks I'll check it out that guide later. I got stuck at the make check stage, its failing on test 26/70 - make routing hints. It's probably a PATH missing but i'm blown if I can figure out what one.
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