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  1. No, there are just far more vaccinated people than refuseniks. This was predicted months ago.
  2. You do understand why the doubled jabbed are getting it in greater numbers?
  3. Macron was trying to promote the french vaccine, till they didn’t have one,. Then he started moaning about AZ being restricted. If I were in charge of AZ I would have told him to take a run and jump and given them nothing. He was playing politics and lost. Also, the chances of a blood clot are the same as when you take a paracetamol, I don’t see folk getting all worked up about blood clots with paracetamol, but there you go….
  4. Oh yeah…..sorry about that, fixed here…same picture
  5. You have to wonder why, its almost looking like the vaccine….works?
  6. I made the mistake of taking him off ignore. Now he posts a series of screenies showing cumulative vaccine rollout and cumulative deaths and somehow implying that they are related. correlation!=causality and in this case both rising is what you would expect. People don’t suddenly become not dead or not vaccinated. He is back on ignore
  7. Nice, I’m sure your coworkers thanked you for infecting them!
  8. If we use Israel as a case study, boosters will be needed in a few months. #DrJohnCampbell
  9. /cheer its something the unwashed deniers forget about. Along with MRNA “altering” your DNA….which its doesn’t
  10. We should introduce a “I don’t want it” tin foil hat brigade badge. Then refuse oxygen to them. This dumb ass tinfoil hattery needs to **** off. Yes, ithe vaccine has a risk. ALL do. Do you take aspirin? Same clot chance Yes, your chances of dying of COVID are higher than taking the vaccine Yes, you are stupid
  11. And the chances of a serious illness are…. answers on a postcard
  12. If you are vaccinated you might still catch it. The chances that you will develop a serious form of the disease is significantly reduced. Much to @Arpeggioannoyance. He would rather many people died.
  13. At the same time, the mechanism does not preclude someone disproving a theory. As you rightly point out, this would involve a Nobel prize.
  14. If we had to constantly reprove previous theory we would be still trying to achieve orbit. I notice how he does not hold his own material up to the same impossibly high bar.
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