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  1. Another way of looking at it would be to measure your cash stack against the price of a house. if the price is coming down and buying a house with cash is your goal, why would you be particularly bothered?
  2. That much linkage says two things. you managed to crash an iPhone 13 pros Crome browser desperation. Seriously who the hell is going to pick through that deluge of crap?! Anecdotal pish for the most part. A copy paste from a tin foil hat site passed off as evidence.
  3. They have lanced a boil. The stage 4 cancerous growth still remains. I can’t say I find the current offering from Labour appealing or exciting though. If only the conservatives could keep their noses out of the trough, put up a decent leader and stop with the populist pandering of brain dead idiots they might be in with a shout.
  4. Every cloud has a silver lining…. oh wait!
  5. I was more referring to the prediction on interest rates. It’s gonna sting a few folk leveraged to the eyeballs but it’s nowhere near my stress test levels.
  6. Actually, you can. The existence of “news”papers, “social” media and political lobbying is evidence enough of that.
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