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  1. No it doesnt. I didnt say no visa. I just said why would they make it more difficult than it needs to be. If they decide a visa is the best way forward for them, thats their business. My point was that making that choice to spite your potential customers is a pretty petty and myopic thing to do.
  2. This isn't going to go away, as much as they want it to. Guess there must be considerable dirt held by the martian.
  3. Depends how much you have. You can get 2% on 15k with an additional 900 pcm into regular savers at 2-2.5%
  4. Well it might be more difficult than it is now, but I cant see them going out of their way to make it crapper than it needs to be.
  5. That is not really in their best interests though is it. Why on earth would they deliberately make a british tourists life more difficult than it needs to be? They really dont want us paying for their hotel space, paying for food and (ample) drink, paying for tours etc?
  6. Yeah probably. Might be a time to visit there, but I think this year is a staycation.
  7. I've not been to Turkey, but I am pretty sure I will always prefer Portugal/France/Spain/Italy over it.
  8. I can well beleive it. I was more talking about changing passwords that "I dont know" through last pass. I dont change my master vault password because I have never used any component of it elsewhere and I struggle to remember it correctly on first attempt. you are quite right, if I routinely changed it, it would become predictable.
  9. People with kids that moan about my travel get met with short thrift. Normally GTFO.
  10. changing passwords is my biggest gap I think. I try and do a few a week, but invariably I forget. I am pretty confident that they cant be brute forced but its good hygiene nonetheless.
  11. Miles better. You can get a last pass app that feeds into the password auto fill on phones, on a desktop it just does it by default. You can get chrome to sync passwords across devices with a config change if you like. Bear in mind that within Lastpass, the passwords are stored server side, so there is an element of squeaky bottom there but they have some extremely robust protections in place that should mean its very difficult for a hacker to compromise the database. If you turned on sync for Chrome you would have the same potential exposure. The ultimate way to do this without using a Cloud Service Provider would be with your own password vault. I can give you some pointers on how to do this if you like, but I have yet to do it myself...its just so much damn hassle and you have to remember that if you are out and about and your internet connection fails to your server....yep...screwed.
  12. No shame in wanting to visit Vietnam. It's in my top 5 countries that I really want to visit. If you are talking carbon footprint, its a non-issue if you dont have kids.
  13. Swim under the shark....great way of thinking about it
  14. How is that actually possible? They have a contract to get you to your destination, if they renege on that they take you home or you bounce them into court. edit: Ahhh cancelling the return flight.
  15. I dont mind flying Ryanair. I go in, eyes open, knowing its going to be shit but its going to be cheap. He is a bit of a c**t though.
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