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  1. I meant this one. If we are going to leave then we will need a new one.
  2. The WA is dead. Dead as a can of spam.
  3. Chunketh

    Official tenant fee ban 1jun 19

  4. Er no it wasn't. The AV system ref was though. Sorry about that.
  5. With a 200/400 split NOTHING is off the table. Someone just needs to tell her that she has been told to **** off, no if's no but's, just **** off.
  6. My favorite bar reopened and I've broken my dry January New year's. You got a kind of pass in deference to an awesome tune 😁
  7. 2+2=5 . A great song by Radiohead, I would suggest you "pay attention" to. You're welcome (it's a great song)
  8. It's an interesting read and shows clearly and without question that the referendum question was deeply flawed in the way it was posted.
  9. Wonder if they read this one as well... https://webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk/20160814044848/https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/504661/Alternatives_to_membership_possible_models_for_the_UK_outside_the_EU_Accessible.pdf
  10. I think you would need something like 7 conservative MP's (or DUP) to cross the floor to make it happen and that is assuming everybody else that will vote supports it (SF/Speaker excluded). Is my math right there?
  11. I really can't see them getting the numbers for a VONC. As interesting as that might be.
  12. What would be the issue with the election taking place with UK MEP's, if they vacated the building post Brexit? Sitting numbers? Pensions? Seating arrangements? Focus group makeup? Internal voting alliances? Internal appointments? Genuine question.
  13. This really is my biggest gripe with Brexit. You just know that some Tories are salivating over the idea of getting rich from dismantling the NHS.
  14. You are not wrong with Labour playing politics though. I am sick of hearing about the "6 tests".

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