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  1. Some of you ought to look into your inability to admit when you make a mistake. Its character building, you'll grow as a person. Its not too late for you either Byron! Give it a go ! Party thread? this is a 'momentary diversion on the road to the grave' ! Cheered me right up that did. You went all dark at the end there didnt you. Consider the feelings of people like Byron, looking death in the face. Aint no party like a HPC party !
  2. If you did do as simon says and actually read the posts you'd notice I instigate nothing. My apparent crime, as someone who hasnt got any buy to let property, was to describe an investment in opposition to buy to let using the word 'portfolio' in a way unfamiliar with those born before 1960 (who apparently haven't learnt anything since). This, quite obviously, has been seized upon as an incorrect description for a buy to let investor to use when talking about houses. Because, yknow, Im not a buy to let investor, my point was against buy to let, and I wasn't talking about houses. 'Weirdos'
  3. Unable to admit when you're wrong despite your advancing years. Still have a lot to learn, old dog.
  4. I made no mention of portfolio in the context of owning houses. I said 'tech stock portfolio' indicating it has performed better than housing in response to a claim by a poster that buy to let offers 'returns to beat all other investments'. What a strange thing to get hung up on. Heres a definition returned by google "a range of investments held by a person or organization." I didnt make the comment 30 or 40 years ago. Weirdos.
  5. Not even their kids, how long will they have to wait? These days losing your parents when you're well into your 60s is the norm, that seems set to only climb. Not a bad thing in itself of course, but if their offspring have to wait for them to die before they can have any security of tenure they'll be in their autumn years, not a great time to be starting a family, the thing for which security of tenure matters most. They also have to put up with their ignorant preaching until they die as well, double whammy.
  6. Obviously the second. A glut of new rentals on the market might be a good time to negotiate a reduction in rent or move to a cheaper equivalent property…. need to be careful who you choose to rent from, the newbies will have no clue as to their responsibilities.
  7. Bit off topic now but just to end, if the choice was york or reading Id choose york but thats a nice place ruined by the loutish people from the surrounding areas; you never get away from that up there. But I wouldn't commute by train into the middle of london anyway, since we're talking about the value of lifestyle.
  8. London and the satellite towns aren't worth what they cost, but if you've got some money you'll have a pleasant time. But as for value for money as per this thread, that area is out. But for me so is the north, its cheap but too much of a compromise on everything else. My opinion, I've experienced both. The south outside of london and londons satellite towns is better but more expensive than the north. Overall for me the better value for money is there, which still has a minimum spend Im not happy with. Id rather rent someplace where Im happy than buy where I'll be miserable.
  9. What makes me laugh is their mocking of people like those in this thread. You can see it on the money saving expert forum, such hatred and mocking of people who rent. I suppose its part of their way of coping… do they know they've only one life?
  10. Isn't that the problem? Theres plenty of places in the north that I couldnt contemplate settling down in, in fact I don't know of one that passes muster. I suppose I open myself up now to accusations of snobbery but I merely am being honest about my experiences. Theres plenty of hollowed out areas on the north that haven't recovered from their loss of industry, theres a lot of benefit claimants on the fiddle, entire towns of it! As the KLF said, its grim up north. Its not just the pervading sense of hopelessness from those left behind when their more qualified friends went down to london,
  11. A government designed the rules under which any arrangement can operate legally. Thats how its legal. I do not accept your definition.
  12. So is there one rule for him and another one for us?
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