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  1. Either my brains ******ed or I've got that deja vu shit; I'm sure you (or someone else) posted this exact same post a few weeks ago.
  2. Yeah it was me I needed a dump. Are you comin down the pub to watch the match Dave? No I can't mate I've got to mow the roof.
  3. Get a 30k IO mortgage and buy up 10 of these puppies. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-635...pa_n=4&tr_t=buy
  4. They might take 120k, with 10k deposit that leaves 110k over 25 years at 5% repayment, £625 smackers a month for 25 years and it could be all yours. I feel physically sick. OK close the forums - nuf said.
  5. http://www.krbs.co.uk/mortgages/resident/s...d/25yrfix75.htm Do they know something?
  6. Possibly. I own a website and forums about business improvement and food safety. Both worthy causes, but not that worthy that I would willingly shepherd my hard won members to a brand new site. I'm a businesman first and servant to the greater good second - how else am I going to afford a bloody house. The philosophy may be totally different here, but the value of the new site needs to be clearly defined first I'd say. And I think that's what's happening at the moment.
  7. Yes but they have to (and deserve to) pay the bills for maintatining this resource.
  8. Have you thought maybe HPC don't want to promote competition. Worthy cause or not if I owned this site I'd have to think long and hard...
  9. He may have done originally, but I heard it the other day. I think it might have been the defence sec. when he was being interviewed on radio4 about the pullin gout of 800 troops from Iraq. Yes it was. Anyway back to the crash in Manchester. The incessant morning dew teases, the afternoon sun tantalizes - until the flower can resist no longer unfurling into a magnificently fragranced rose.
  10. Exceptional stories Frugalista - story two is remarkably true for me, but with a different much happier ending. In the New Year the housing market in our area (like most areas) staged a brief rally. I nearly left all my rules, principles and brains behind chasing a house up with a cheeky offer, low/fair offer, very fair offer. But the guy was holding out for the asking price; he’s still holding out 6 weeks later. Probably expecting another offer from us – he won’t get one, and if the EA come back to me at some stage saying he’s had a change of heart; I’ll tell them so have I. I’ll buy at the cheeky offer or no deal! It is so damn easy to get sucked in, but it won’t happen again.
  11. He ho he. No need; they're doing it all by themselves. hahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahah LOLhahahahhahahahahahahahahahhohihohiho! You're on.
  12. Right that's it. After several weeks of dithering I now know for certain the crash (not sure how big) is underway in North and North East Manchester - the area I'm interested in. I haven't got complicated statistics, fancy charts or a masters degree in finance, but I don't need them. All the signs are there. A glut of overpriced properties that are not selling (even when reduced); loads of adverts in the local papers for "stop repossesion now", bridging loans, debt remortages and repo auctions. The end of the beginning or the beginning of the end (who said that) is finally here. I'll leave all the economics (IR's, inflation etc.) to the experts and rely on my eyes; there was a limp wristed 'dead cat bounce' for a couple of weeks after Christmas, but that's gone; there may be another, but I'm not worried - it's just a matter of time. Thanks god I STR'd late last year. Now I can sit back, watch the interest grow knowing the long warm summer night's will soon be upon us. Let the havoc begin... Anyone for a Castella?
  13. BTW for those that don't want advertisements, graphics or even colour: HPC text only version
  14. Your avatar sat on the logo would be a nice touch.
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