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  1. Forgetting the numerics for a moment, but how do you turn a battleship? As no fan of GO I still recognise that years of Blair and Brown's profligacy and the CDO etc implosion fairly drastic measures had to be taken. The national debt was already set to explode before the coalition took office and all borrowers (and those who should have bought instead of standing waiting for Armageddon) have benefitted from the longest/lowest petiod of interest rates ever The same low rates have enabled the ND to be serviced far more effectively thsn could have been expected, savers, ungortunately, have been d
  2. No, it isn't. As with many so called descrimination issues it depends how it is approached. A landlord can't ban "disabled" people outright but could view a property as unsuitable for someone in a wheel chair (due to legitimate concenrs as to damage) or requiring say a wet room. Unlike an employment situation there is a much more restricted requirment to make adjustments. So, "No kids" is as legimimate as "No Smoking".
  3. "by applying Clause 24 to limited companies as well as individuals"; not a chance. Actually it is one idea being floated but ONLY in respect of tacklng the problem of multi nationals using debt as a method of financing UK operations with the consequence of minmal CT arising in the UK. The idea is to dissalow deductability of interest where the interest is paid to OTHER than a third, arms length, party; doesn't seem unreasonable.
  4. "why is it phased in over 4 years" In 2010 the Treaury published "Investmet in UK Housing, The Private Rented Sector". In that paper the Treasury, you know, Osburne's department, lauded the role of the PRS/BTL in meeting the bulk of demand frrom new "household" formation (typically single person) since 06/07 ish and LAMENTED the shortage of credit and that shortage's potential negative impact; to introduce the volte face of C24 over less a term than a single five year fix would be a bit extreme would it not? If a pension salesman behaved like that they would be branded guilty of misselling,
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