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  1. Indeed my friend, indeed. A curious tale for sure.
  2. Or a £648,000 clear post-tax profit (£30,857 per annum in PHREE MUNNY) Any onomatopoeic shrieks of pain would surely still be reserved for the MUG PUNTERS who didn't BORROW UP TO THEIR LIMIT to gain a FOOT ON THE HOUSING LADDER... Struggling to see how that would make it unaffordable for someone to move? Am I missing something obvious? The person in question hadn't MEW'd/remortgaged to buy "stuff" etc?
  3. You could find a reasonable similar brand new car on PCP/Contract hire for sub-250 I'm sure. I can see the benefits of doing this, even though I own one car which is a 1990 vw golf. The benefit if my golf, apart from its road presence as a modern classic, is its cheapness to maintain, and for a 1.8 petrol engine built nearly 30 years ago will return good mpg, 30 urban and 45 to even 50 mpg on the highway if you absolutely do not touch the accelerator any more than absolutely necessary lol Edit: Sorry, realised £250 was the all-inc, minus fuel price monthly. Okay, so you'd need to shoot at £
  4. Good post, sums up how I think about food banks perfectly. More on topic, I do think there has been a slow but steady shift in sentiment regards the UK housing crises. I say plural because the actual price of buying one is not the only crisis in "UK housing".
  5. Yeah... "on average", only 6% saved. The untold story here is the huge majority unable, or unwilling in a few cases, to save ANYTHING.
  6. Yup, and some are even hypocritical enough to support the 6,000 landowners who own 70% of the land with their voting and still complain about house prices/rents. You'll find loads of them on a thread on this very board.
  7. Well, you'll be glad to note that the gentrification of Edinburgh has pushed many of its "undesirables" - which, although including the jobless and feckless, also includes hard working people in normal jobs - out to East, West, Midlothian and Fife, even Falkirk and the Borders. Then those areas experience HPI to the moon and the "natives" there whose families have lived there for generations, get pushed to ???? I don't actually know where. Maybe the cheap North of England places such as Newcastle/Sunderland etc? I dunno. Probably the streets though. I think what's worth noting is that huge
  8. Simply not possible to move all those who don't from the region's capitol - Scarcity of housing everywhere else ensures that. Unless you advocate putting them on the streets.
  9. There is now roughly 50% foreign habitation in Edinburgh.
  10. Never, ever, underestimate the lengths that debt pushing c***s will go to in order to retain control. NB: Due to the sloooooow nar-rat-ion, if you change settings to 1.25x speed, the documentary is still perfectly watchable, but considerably shorter.
  11. I may be mistaken, but is there not a LA cap on HB nowadays? Here (Edinburgh-ish) it's not enough to rent a 1 bedroom flat for a single person. A single person gets just about enough to rent a room.
  12. Wasn't enough uncertainty to stop 650,000 travellers (150k British) spending money travelling though. I'm glad I've given you good ideas. Kick the can as far down the road as you possibly can.
  13. Do Remainers know what they voted for? PS - 2nd comment on the YT vid ?️ "I'm a(n) EU migrant and I would have voted for brexit, any country needs to select the migrants it needs. What nobody talks about when they talk migration is the housing market, Bristol, a leftard leaning multicultural hub has rents and house prices going through the roof, and this is due to migration It's hard to buy a house getting more expensive by the year to rent one" https://youtu.be/6Tnr9cxfJjI
  14. Food shortages.... "There will be a shortage of Cheddar in Carfour, but no shortage of Brie in Tesco"
  15. Can only speak for myself, but not interested in the Royal Family and voted Yes at the Scottish indy ref. I've voted Labour until 2010 when I voted Lib Dum (once was enough), SNP until 2015, then did not vote GE '17. Voted Leave then Brexit Party at the EU elections. Interesting you mention the Remainer House of Lords. A bit rude biting the hand that feeds you, is it not? PS just read the Who Will Collapse First thread. Hope you didn't get stung by TC mate.
  16. Quoted post was regards Postings Shopping Centre in Kirkcaldy, Scotland auctioned with £1 reserve (sold c£310k).... I live about 20 miles away from there and know a few people from the area. Strangely, the beginning of the end was Tesco pulling out. It started off when Tesco threatened Scots that they'd close stores if they voted Yes in the 2014 referendum. Scotland voted No OfC, but Kirkcaldy was a massive Yes result town. The town itself is isolated from the central population mass somewhat and has a high degree of social deprivation. Yes voters boycotted Tesco, they moved out anyway.
  17. Ofc, I meant 'public', not 'private' here, just noticed my mistake. You got it though and yeah, since 1972 (!) our public infrastructure/institutions have been first run down and then privatised. Unfortunately for BDS Britain, the straight re-nationalisation of privatised companies/services is prohibited within EU law.
  18. I like the gist of what you say above @Gush but I'd never want to see a situation where meritocracy is dead. I share your vision in so far as BASIC shelter should be a given (ie council housing if you need it) but I do believe that aspiration, hard work and sacrifice should enable those of a higher achievement level to buy a better standard than that which LAs could provide. Certainly, I agree with socialising BASIC needs but would like to see WANTS commercialised/capitalised. Same goes for food etc. Fine, be a lazy bum and get free food, but not the best. Strive at work to get your steak,
  19. Sky and the Beeb are mind control tools. Luckily, more people than ever before are tuning out and being the press themselves.
  20. This is a carbon copy of the argument put forth by pro-Indy Scots in the aftermath of the "No" vote in 2014. Both arguments are, of course, unsubstantiated nonsense, that presume all sorts of unprovables.
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