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  1. I'd say the owners of money/creators of debt laugh harder and have always done.
  2. It's both... It is the transfer of ongoing earnings from young to old* and also the destruction of wealth as the spending power is transferred to the owners* from the renters, therefore destroying the renting individual/family's net worth (wealth) and affecting their local/macroeconomy. It's also the transfer of wealth to the owners of money, who love to destroy it ✊
  3. It's brexit. The only ones fretting over hard or soft are just scared of getting it up 'em. Even the language chosen to report this infers doom don't ya think? Unchecked population expansion without equitable infrastructure improvement is only a good thing if you're the sort who thinks increasing rents and house prices are good things. Discuss.
  4. fluteroop

    Aberdeen, Aspc Stats

    This guy is a real life thewig
  5. Lol my point is we shouldn't dismiss information just because of the source. even a broken clock is right twice a day. Not sure a broken record ever plays correctly.
  6. I dunno... Sounds like how loads of my colleagues over the years speak.
  7. Jon called me a russian so I posted in EE/Russian style. Translation: The UK government don't actually know how many EU nationals are here. Therefore all figures are guesswork and cannot be taken as gospel. I live 10 miles from a major city, it's a small town with a busy high street. It's getting rare to hear english being spoken in the street by passers-by.
  8. fluteroop

    Time to sell

    Haha that's what I thought too. Maybe it includes relists and wipes their previous time on market though
  9. No, you're frequently incorect, like I said earlier. I dont, but google translate thinks it's: Ukraine is called aww and !!
  10. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/theresa-may-warned-brexit-strategy-risks-handing-jeremy-corbyn-keys-downing-street-064615458.html?guccounter=1 Same story I posted earlier different source. Different angle, one which might make it through jonb2's reality filter.
  11. You know... I've got to give you credit for your persistence and frankly obsessive presence on this thread. You are frequently incorrect though. You're incorrect whenever you mention hatred. You let yourself down when you blame tories. You fail to see that the entire establishment is 100% wanting remain. I'll continue to marvel at your perpetual butthurt. I'll continue to overstand whilst you filter the world around you until it fits your narrow vision. Картофельная Голова
  12. UK gov he does know not how much eu people is already here. Cannot trust numbers. The street I live is busy high street of small suburban town Every 2nd person you pass is conversed in unknown tongue. Anecdote

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