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  1. Hi Quite often on my Facebook feed, I have advertisements from the Move Channel, offering the chance to invest in co-working spaces from as little as £20k, and offering yields of 8% upwards. Whilst sounding very promising, there’s a ring of ‘too good to be true’ about it. At the moment I am looking to invest about £70k in property of some kind, and at the moment my first choice would be an apartment in Berlin. My intention is for long-term (10 years) capital gain; any net rental income would be seen as a bonus. Does anyone have any opinions or experiences regarding investing in
  2. Hi I am seriously considering investing in a property in a city in Europe where there is a year-round demand for visitor accommodation, and also where there appears to be scope for capital appreciation. I intend my maximum outlay to be no more than £60,000. My intention is to let the property out as short-term visitor accommodation, and the ultimate objective being long-term capital appreciation. I would put management of the property in the hands of a local management company who would be responsible for furnishing and maintaining the property; collecting payment; and handling reservations.
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