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  1. Well that says a lot about you doesn't it. I'll just re-share this <<Single mothers are a failure because very few of them are able to raise kids on their own, no matter how much money you give them. This is why no society before the modern West has ever tried it; at least, not for long, because it sends the society on a fast-track to collapse. Kids need someone to teach them how to live, and fathers will do that, while mothers mostly won't. So the boys commit petty crimes, the mother supports them, and they go on to commit more and worse crimes because they don't get punished. The girls have no-one to tell them not to spread their legs for the first 'bad boy' who comes along, and soon they're knocked-up and a single mother themselves.>> It's the biggest load of mysoginist cr@p I've read on here, and over the years there's been plenty of competition. I can't do enough eye rolls at the total boys club this site it. I came here 8 years ago after I'd just bought in London and panicked. Not that I had to it turns out but who knew back then. I stayed because some of the threads were interesting and I agreed with the general sentiment. But it's probably time I archieved this site. I sold my London house for a 80% profit last summer and now live mortgage free in Aus. Good times. And as I don't actively want to go back to the UK and BS like this post aren't called out, I'm done.
  2. Ffs. What have I just read. Yep, definitely a reason you'll need a sex bot and it's not because it's your choice 🙄 They'll evolve too and end up leaving twatters. Fingers crossed.
  3. Agree. I moved to the UK with a backpack which was fine, and headed home a few good years later with a large move cube. We did get rid of a lot of stuff before shipping and I'm pretty brutal with regular clear outs. We said we needed a good tv, internet, laptop and cheaper housing in Aus and surprisingly we've ticked all the boxes. Unlike most houses in Aus we haven't bought a McMansion so hoping to keep the crap to a minimum for our next move.
  4. Also agree. It makes no sense for us to blame the EU for our idiocy but there you go. I know that's not what you actually meant but unless you'd like to elboraote on why *you* felt it didn't make sense I can only assume you struggle to read?
  5. Agreed. Brexit is utter madness, voted for by the majority in the UK but somehow it's the EUs fault. The world is judging the UK, and it's not complimentary.
  6. Of course the UK leaving the EU changes everything for the EMA. Will be interested to see the outcome of this.
  7. They paid £500k for a one-bedder *not* in London? I don't think you can even label that stupidity....
  8. I keep telling everyone how expensive *everything* is here and coming from London after 10 years that shocked me. They were saying that unemployment is low, IR are low, the house prices dropping is unheard of with those factors. My dear old dad said it's because everyone here is hocked up to their eyeballs. He's a builder and said at Christmas 'the big ones coming very soon' He encouraged us to buy the house we did as he thinks it will be carnage too and advice was hunker down somewhere cheap, that you aren't going to get chucked out of.
  9. I work with someone who can't shift their 3 bed townhouse on the wrong side of the city and they actually said they wouldn't give it away when I suggested lowering the price 🤷‍♂️ We've just purchased a family members house for a hefty discount an hour out of the city as we decided renting would be too disruptive with a the selling off that's probably going to start happening. I'm staggered by the amount of people here who have rental portfolios. I'm just looking for stability for the family. Bonus is we'll be mortgage free too.
  10. I think it's started but there will be still lots out there who were prepared to stretch themselves ridiculously who'll think the decline is a dip and will jump in, keeping the illusion going a little longer. Just had to give my head a big wobble as we nearly bought in the Aus market that is teetering like the UK. We have until Monday 5 pm with the cooling off period, emails and phone calls were started today to withdraw. I personally think we're in for a financial readjustment worldwide and me and the other half agreed today to see what 6 months down the line looks like.
  11. We were going to buy in the Aus market and have decided to hold off and rent. The area we are looking at is booming, it is a commuter town into a big city that is going mental because it's been ^under appreciated^ until recently 🙄
  12. What a bizarre BS thing to claim, have you actually got any evidence to back this up 🙄 And Australia's population is 24 million.
  13. Are you planning on returning to the UK? If so I think you're going to need a lot of luck... We sold and completed last month. The market is definitely shakey in London. But having said that, enjoy your travels!
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