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  1. And the irony continues. Have you read the title you gave this thread? A barrel of positivity. On reflection do you now see how over the top this was?
  2. If working in a pub was a consideration before doing a PhD, it's a pretty good sign you shouldn't have done one. This is a weak narrative though. A single example isn't worth this much consideration. You can find a negative example in every walk of life.
  3. OK. That's obscure but appears correct. You also have habitation in other parts of the world which is a higher academic qual. But the bottom line is a PhD is relevant to education. You need to find something better to do rather than make spiteful and irrelevant comments about people's qualifications.
  4. There is no higher level of education in the uk. So in the context of being educated, it absolutely does.
  5. The total value of all assets has nothing to do with productive businesses and everything to do with money supply and distribution of wealth.
  6. So what? Is it relevant what shares did today to what they do over a year or over 5 years? 5 year yield on ftse 100 has been 5.3% 5 year yield s&p 500 10.1% https://www.fool.co.uk/investing/2019/09/09/the-ftse-100-returned-5-3-per-year-over-the-last-5-years-heres-how-im-aiming-for-higher-returns/ I understand shares may crash but frankly 3% one day or another is a complete irrelevance. Not even worth mentioning.
  7. Yes there are people who have kids and take the piss. We know that. But we also have a tragic birth rate so there are people not having children and expecting other people's children to pay for their state pension and NHS health care. It's only right that these people contribute to the cost of raising these children and enabling them to make a positive contribution to society. The cost to parents of raising children is colossal in terms of lost earnings if the parents are competent people. These are the people we want to see having more children. Doesn't seem fair that their children will be taxed enormously to pay for other oldies pensions.
  8. What are you talking about? Wage suppression due to immigration is accepted as an issue. Wage suppression due to no migration...?
  9. So you want the parents to bear the cost of raising the children but then when the children grow up you want to tax them to support the useless elderly population who never put the effort or money into having their own children. Not sure that works much better imo.
  10. Not sure what the advantage of a standard isa is over a share isa. Most dividends are over 3.6% and share prices appear as rigged as house prices as far as capital gains are concerned. This is not advice. Do your own research. Notable exceptions include Thomas Cook...
  11. Got to hedge. Buying a house guards against rises. The system is corrupt and we know it so we can't assume there will be a correction soon enough for us. 20 years is a big chuck of a lifetime. Nothing inconsistent between buying a house and wanting a fall. Moreover if you have a smaller house than you aspire to, drops are still beneficial to you financially.
  12. Is it innovative to restrict credit supply? Because housing prices will become sensible if and only if borrowing is brought back under control. Everything else is nonsense.
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