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  1. My 2p...I doubt rates will be cut, they don’t need to be for a start plus which it limits options further down the road. Way to early to start taking those kind of actions 5 weeks down the road. Next target for cable is 1.38. Around this kinda price is good, not too low, not too high. Plus which, a rate cut has possibly been already priced in with 150 pip moves to the upside intraday last week and a now sinking dollar. Reckon it’s a hold as ever. Also BOJ on hold may have bolstered this some... Perhaps... But yeah, he’s fuqin useless.
  2. As soon as the $ starts to drop ( on it’s way already as fed likely to cut) £ will become go to cash...reckon it’ll bounce 1000 pips ish pretty quick. But 1.30 remains key. Then again everything might blow up and we all die. But reckon £ will rock n roll. maybe.... but I’m on that side....just the knife catch could be tricky....
  3. Reckon the US will throw the book at them, and tell everyone that’s what they’re gonna do. If it were a US company/bank....different story but it’s from over the pond so could get very messy.....I hope. (maybe)
  4. Probably ....comes down to basic psychology (obvs) ....I worked in a garden centre for years in the late 90’s....retail is detail right?....in my case...would get a memo from HO saying to reduce X...but as I was in charge of the department and didn’t like losing revenue, I gave X some tlc for an hour and put the price up 20% ....all sold within days...it’s expensive...must be good kinda approach...worked every time. So yeah I’d hazard a guess that’s exactly what EA’s do! (but opposite...of course....)
  5. Consensus for Halifax HPI tomorrow morning has been adjusted from 0.1% to -0.4% MoM... Reckon it’ll be a miss either way.
  6. Well I think we’re on the edge of something historic so yep....an even bigger epic mess.
  7. 1st post after lurking on here for perhaps a year....and, i’d agree wholeheartedly. It’s gonna be an epic mess.
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