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  1. Fergus has made an application to the Divisional Court in an attempt to get onto the ballot paper. I have therefore reported him to the Returning Officer for making a false declaration in his nomination: https://theviewfromthecreek.wordpress.com/2016/04/12/fergus-wilson-my-complaint-to-the-returning-officer-2/
  2. They have got it in for him because it sells newspapers.
  3. For some strange reason the contact page is missing from Fergus's website now, and all reference to his campaign manager have been deleted. Can't think why. However, he's just deleted all the links to the contact page, and entering the url still takes you straight there... http://www.ferguswilson.net/contact.html
  4. In what I can't help feeling will not be my last blogpost on this subject, I have blogged on why his appeal is a non-starter: https://theviewfromthecreek.wordpress.com/2016/04/07/can-fergus-wilson-stand-after-all/. TLDR: he's f-----d. The Political Editor of our local rag (who is usually right about these things) says that Fergus posted rather than hand-delivered his nomination papers, and used the wrong polling numbers. Either of those would have been fatal to his nomination. If his application for JR is based on the fact that the Returning Officer didn't give him the opportunity to correct the errors, he needs to look at the Court of Appeal judgment I link to, where it was held that it wasn't grounds for countermanding an election, even when the Returning Officer had promised that he would do so.
  5. Fergus has been informing us in his ads over the past months that only he has the skills, experience, and all that stuff to be PCC. In fact he is so highly-skilled that he has made a mess of his nomination papers and they have been rejected by the Returning Officer: http://www.kentparo.org.uk/PDF/Statemenet-of-Persons-Nominated-5-May-2016.pdf I am going to have to change my underwear now due to having wet myself laughing.
  6. Clearly there is an implied warranty in a tenancy that the landlord is legally entitled to enter into the agreement. A tenant is entitled to recover damages from the landlord for a breach of the agreement, the quantum of which would be whatever is necessary to put the tenant into the position he would have been in had the breach not occurred. It is the quantum of damages that is the problem rather than the basis of the claim. The tenant's losses do not flow from the landlord's breach, but from the landlord's legal use of s.21 to determine the tenancy*. Lawyers would say there is a break in the chain of causation. A claim against the landlord therefore runs the risk of being struck out as being "not worth the candle" unless you can find losses that flow directly from the breach of planning control. Incidentally, it ought not to be difficult to recover damages from a landlord. First, he owns a socking great asset that is really difficult to hide. A charging order and, if necessary an order for sale, would be straightforward to obtain - assuming the landlord does in fact own the property (so it's not a bad idea to have a look at the Land Registry for any property you are thinking of renting). Alternatively a third party debt order could be obtained so that the landlord's new tenants would be ordered to pay part or all of their rent to the judgment creditor. If necessary the landlord can be ordered to attend court to be examined as to his means to pay. I accept, of course, that it is not always that easy - another good argument in favour of compulsory registration of landlords. *I assume that the tenancy was lawfully ended. If not then damages may flow from that breach rather than the planning matter.
  7. Neither Fergus nor his new friend seem troubled by self-doubt, and they both appear to think that cash is the only measure of someone's worth as an individual. The idea that Fergus as a politician might be subject to public scrutiny, or that he might like to come across as being less smug, doesn't appear to have occurred to them. In a past life I ran a few election campaigns myself (don't hate me) and I can assure you that this is the most hilarious campaign I've ever come across. Anyway, nominations close at 4pm Thursday. Watch this space.
  8. Signs that you may be going insane: Talking to oneself A feeling that one is being persecuted, by the Chancellor of the Exchequer and others Sending long open letters related to (2), whether in green ink or otherwise Standing in front of the mirror telling one that one loves oneself Borrowing shedloads of cash and being astounded to find that the taxpayer is reluctant to help one pay it back.
  9. I hope he's not in for a shock, because I hope he's never in a position to do any of the things he says he wants to do. Unfortunately the average elector will assume that, because he's promising to do those things, they're within his power to do. The Government has been very poor at explaining exactly what PCCs are for.
  10. I don't know about being elected, but I certainly want him to stand. I've spent f-----g ages crafting this complaint to the Returning Officer...
  11. As it happens he can't be prevented from standing: it isn't one of the things that an objection can me made about when he submits his nomination papers. If he insists on standing then yes, he could be elected. His disqualification is only an issue later: either by being prosecuted for making a false declaration that he is not disqualified, or by being turfed out of office by the courts after being elected.
  12. Devotees of the corpulent bounder may be interested in my latest blogpost, in which I add copryight violations to the Charge Sheet: https://theviewfromthecreek.wordpress.com/2016/03/29/oh-fergus-wilson-what-have-you-done
  13. Be fair, it is a good thing that they keep sending these BIG SHOUTY letters to the Chancellor. It must be saving the Treasury a fortune in toilet paper.
  14. They're renting the venue. They have paid a month's rent in advance, 1 1/2 months deposit, been credit referenced, paid a tenancy agreement fee, a referencing fee, a referencing administration fee, a tenancy agreement administration fee, an administration fee administration fee, an inventory fee, an inventory administration fee, and some other fees on top. Once they leave the venue they will lose the deposit because someone will have stuck something up with blutack.
  15. Blimey, that is unexpected. Perhaps he could let us know if there is any news on the religious affiliations of the Pope.
  16. I think this is an excellent idea. I shall now borrow more money than I can ever possibly hope to repay, in order to corner the market in underpants. Once I have driven up the price of pants, there will follow a period in which I will look down on people who can no longer afford to buy their own pants from a position of effortless superiority. These people will obviously have to rent their pants from me due to some moral failing or stupidity on their part. There will also be opportunities for Knicker Agents to charge my victims customers huge entirely appropriate administration fees for renting underwear to them. Naturally any attempt to interfere with my business model and create a boxer-owning democracy will be met with howls of outrage, hopeless litigation and badly-worded letters to the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Or possibly the Thong Secretary.
  17. "We have received something from HMRC. We're not going to tell you what it is. We're not going to tell you what out reply is either. Can we have some more money, please?" Yep, I can see that working. What's the betting the venue they have booked will turn out to stink of wee and contain a lot of adverts for ladies of the night? FKWBJCPJ
  18. A Tory MP's mistress once described having sex with him as "like having a wardrobe fall on you with the key sticking out." I am desperately trying not to think of a similar analogy involving Fergus and Judith.
  19. They name a Gloucester Old Spot Pig after the winning work? That has got to be done.
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