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  1. Maybe they really are that stupid. Vice have got hold of the story, too. Larry's doing really well raising the reputation of landlords.
  2. Speaking of trolling, I particularly enjoyed this post on P118 calling for Shelter to be prosecuted for giving housing advice, which I can only assume to be a hilarious parody, given that nobody could be that stupid in real life. The bit where they say Shelter should be made to pay damages to a landlord if he's refused possession because he's broken the law himself is a work of pure genius.
  3. If there is anybody left who hasn't been banned from P118, you might like to reply to this conspiracy theory: By pointing out that the number is actually correct, and Companies House have added a leading zero:
  4. It's because Giles Peaker has blocked them, so they can no longer quote tweet him.
  5. Fergus is outraged that someone might threaten a lettings agent. For some reason he can't find the space in his post to mention his own conviction for assaulting a letting agent.
  6. Fungus has treated Property118 readers to his pearls of wisdom in a post that isn't exactly designed to endear him to the judge.
  7. Yeah, all the tweets have been deleted and he's not posted anything on that thread since yesterday. I bet all the 'members' who gave him a hundred quid and only got a few days of deranged tweeting in return are thrilled.
  8. Splendid post on the Nearly Legal blog. They've spent so many years telling everyone how rich they are, nobody's going to believe them if they say they can't afford an eyewatering fine. You'd have to have a heart of stone not to laugh.
  9. There are quite a few guarantee schemes out there, and run properly they can provide access to housing for people that can't manage it. Obviously there must be an element of moral hazard, but I'm not sure the evidence would support the suggestion that people just stop paying the rent because the guarantor will pick up the tab - apart from anything else, they'd go out of business quickly. I suppose things might be different if the guarantee were to be seen to be coming from a big organisation, particularly if people felt they'd been forced into it. It is absolutely nuts, though, because the £60m Larry keeps banging on about doesn't actually exist.
  10. Larry's hashtag game is... awkward. He still hasn't got the idea that if he doesn't @ people in they probably won't see his tweets.They get less and less coherent as the day goes on, make of that what you will.
  11. Objects is correct. All organisations have (or should have) an objects clause in their constitution setting out what the organisation is set up to do. Shelter's objects clause is in its Articles of Association because it's a company limited by guarantee. Top pedantry, though, I like your style *blows smoke from imaginary revolver*
  12. She denies liking it, and it's not in her likes. If she did it was presumably a momentary thing that you do sometimes when swiping through Twitter. To go from that to saying that she was in full agreement with his entire programme until she was intimidated out of it by Shelter suggests that he is (a) deranged and (b) going to get his bottom sued off at some point.
  13. What I find remarkable is that Larry thinks it's fine for him to call for Shelter to be outlawed and its assets seized, or for it to be made to spend its money solely in the way that he wants and not for the purposes it was meant for. You'd think that landlords would have more respect for private property and would generally be opposed to Stalinist expropriation, but it's a funny old world I suppose.
  14. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-to-rent/property-57801798.html Cripes.
  15. Yeah, I guess it's fair that I should be blacklisted by all landlords for being critical of a tiny organisation that even many of them don't like. Stay classy, guys.
  16. Yeah, I read that. I don't know why I'm supposed to be worried by a guy with a barely-literate twitter feed pretending to be important. I don't want people to be taken in by them, but apart from that I think they're hilarious. At the risk of blowing my own trumpet, their reaction suggests they're the ones who are worried.
  17. They don't give a monkey's about whether what they say about Shelter makes sense. They just want to find a stick to beat it with and this is what comes to hand. They don't think that people should have access to decent advice, even though often it would be in their own interests for that to be the case. On the plus side I see that they've put a link to my blog on Property118 and described me as an anti-landlord spin doctor. Thanks for the compliment and all the extra traffic guys, I'm touched.
  18. **Shameless self-promotion klaxon** Here is my blogpost on the National Landlords Alliance and why they are batshit.
  19. Yeah, but they've got a six point plan! Yes, that's right folks, their six point plan only has five points.
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