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  1. I'm confused. I thought sitting back and letting others do the work was the whole point of being a landlord?
  2. In the Commons debate on s.21 Karen Buck MP read out the comment from the guy on P118 who said he liked to serve notice in mid-November to screw up his tenants' Christmas. And it's well-known that HMRC like to lurk online to try to identify the latest tax wheezes or individual evaders. But they still won't give a monkey's toss about her poll.
  3. I don't think she's thought it through. If she shows a swing to Labour, the proper conclusion is to adopt a more tenant-friendly position* because nobody's voting for Corbyn because of his landlord-friendliness. If she shows a swing to the Tories, they'll assume they've got it right already. The correct approach from us, IMHO, is to take the pee. *Which is more or less what they've done. It's no coincidence that they've swung behind the tenant fees ban, and the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Bill since the 2017 election. Tenants started voting Labour in larger numbers, and arithmetically they'll always outnumber landlords.
  4. The amusing thing is that she genuinely thinks that politicians are going to be impressed by her crappy poll. Politicians are impressed by a series of opinion polls of statistically-representative samples of the population, conducted to British Polling Council standards. Not by asking your mates and anyone who happens to be passing to vote hundreds of times. The other amusing thing, of course, is that she thinks that, even if this poll had any significance at all, any politician would take the message that they should be more pro-landlord. The idea that people are switching to Corbyn because of his landlord-friendliness is deranged: they'd all think they had to be more like him to tempt people back.
  5. Yeah, likewise. Unfortunately I've got several dozen of my closest friends round at the moment and we'd all like to say how we voted Tory in 2017 but we're now voting Labour, thus creating a large Tory > Labour swing as a result of Labour's pro-tenant agenda.
  6. It's a shame when these things are badly programmed. Apparently. pressing F5 on some of them after voting, then confirming form resubmission, causes your vote to be cast again. Or so the rumour goes, I wouldn't know *innocent face*
  7. I'm no expert but my understanding is that a fine ought to be set at a level where you can't just put your hand in your pocket for it. It needs to hurt.
  8. She'll be there, accompanied by her husband and their massive sense of entitlement. And they won't be sending her to prison (assuming she complies with the order to supply her accounts in full). You get time to pay. But it does mean she'll probably spend Christmas with prison hanging over her.
  9. It seems very odd to me. I can see a District Judge making a report to the DPP if he feels strongly enough, but actually ordering an arrest to take place in the courtroom? Surely not.
  10. I would believe pretty much anything of that toad Hoogstraten, but I'm not sure it really fits; there's no claimant in the name of Martin, it's not at Leeds County Court, it's not about a tenancy deposit, and there's no arrest.
  11. This seems very odd if true. An arrest ordered in court? Can anyone find any further info?
  12. Hmmm, one and a half million quid or nine years trying not to drop the soap in the showers. You'd have to have a heart of stone not to laugh.
  13. Unless I am much mistaken this is a Banning Order Offence so she may end up being banned if she doesn't address her offending behaviour...
  14. He'll have lost most of the listeners' sympathy the moment he refused to answer the question about how many members he had. All he could say was that one day he got fifty new members, and then they came back to say the NLA had 40,000 members. He just sounds like a knob.
  15. Exactamundo. Shelter advise tenants that if they vacate the property before the bailiffs arrive, they risk being found to be voluntarily homeless and the LHA will not rehome them. It would be wrong and irresponsible for them to give any other advice. Imagine if Shelter were to tell someone to leave early, and they became homeless as a result.
  16. Strong entry for the "Most Wrong Things In One Paragraph" competition on this demented thread.
  17. He's blocked me. But quite a lot of his followers are either rubberneckers just wanting to watch the trainwreck, or members of Shelter staff.
  18. Right lads and lasses, two can play at the boycott game, who's up for a boycott of Hillary's blinds for running this bizarre tenants from hell competition?
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