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  1. Oh man, the Landlord Derangement Syndrome is strong here, isn't it? It's a site to help consumers save money dealing with businesses. Imagine having the planet-sized sense of entitlement you must have to think he shouldn't tell anyone about it because the poor landlords have suffered enough. And why the beggary flip do they think MSE should give advice to landlords? Don't they realise they're running businesses? Cheeses. 

  2. From Fungus's statement to PT:


    I am bringing a Private Prosecution against Mrs Austin as when I saw the footage in Court she was in conversation with her line manager and they decided I was doing nothing wrong but they would go back and get me! She did not know it was myself at that point.

    We need a support group for those of us who have been subjected to his legal threats. There's a lot of us out there.

  3. 18 hours ago, Si1 said:

    Ah, I see. I know that way the Nazis treated many Slavs was horrible, and also there's 'racial' violence and abuse between them and the Romanies to this day. It gets called racism but I agree it's hard to say whether it really is, is there a strict definition?

    From the Equality Act:



    (1)Race includes—



    (c)ethnic or national origins.


  4. Cheers guys, all contributions gratefully received, and will either be spent wisely :)

    Incidentally, Fergus chose the same day to publish an article on P118 complaining that he'd had debt collectors chasing him for money even though they wouldn't tell him why he was supposed to owe them money. Shocking and outrageous, I think you'll agree. He recommends keeping a careful record of all your time and expenses, and claiming them back at the litigant in person rate of £19 per hour.

    Sage advice, which I shall be sure to follow. 

  5. In went to a Polytechnic. For those of you who are too young to know what they were, they were pioneering technical and vocational institutions, but for those of us who did ordinary degrees they principally catered for those of us who were not quite bright enough for a proper University, and who were also not quite bright enough to realise this. 

    I studied Law, but eventually realised I was not quite bright enough when they showed me the door. It has suddenly become quite useful over the past few days, though. 

  6. 52 minutes ago, Dorkins said:

    The elephant in the room in that list of retail offers is that it doesn't contain the one thing private renters always tell pollsters they want: homeownership. I suspect that these improvements to private renting, nice as they are and as humane as it is to improve this form of tenure, will not actually help either of the main parties to pick up many votes because private renters will see them as putting lipstick on a pig.

    Not ignoring it; just being realistic about what is possible to put in a manifesto. You can say you want to expand home ownership; but that's meaningless unless you can come up with some retail policies that are going to make that happen. Yes, you can say that you want every renter to become a homeowner, but specifically what are you going to put in your manifesto?

    I suspect that these improvements to private renting will help the main parties to pick up votes because they address the real problems that renters face; there is some evidence that renters were more likely to vote Labour in 2017 because of the party's opposition to s.21. I've been evicted using s.21 as a revenge eviction, and protecting my family and millions like us from that kind of action cannot be described as putting lipstick on a pig by anyone with more than a passing relationship with the real world. S.21 hangs over renters like the Sword of Damocles. 

  7. They did do the calculation earlier: they calculated that renters fell largely into categories that were unlikely to vote. Too poor, too young. What has changed was that renters have included more people who are more likely to vote, and there is some evidence that Corbyn's better-than-expected showing in 2017 was at least partly down to renters.

    So far as a retail offer to renters is concerned, well take your pick: repeal s.21, lifetime tenancies, abolish fees, fitness for human habitation, statutory right to keep pets, whatever you like really. You will observe that the government has already legislated for some of these, which will come in handy for the targeted Facebook ads come the next election.

  8. 54 minutes ago, Bruce Banner said:

    It might not be that easy, the lenders could challenge the government in court. 

    They could, in the same way that s.24 was challenged: if they want to get laughed out of court. It is axiomatic in our system that the courts do not have the power to strike down an Act of Parliament. Even if they found it defective in some way, Parliament would merely remedy the defect.

    As my old Politics tutor used to say, political parties can be very effective in getting their policies through without winning elections: they just have to come up with policies that the others feel like stealing (Disraeli described Sir Robert Peel as having come across the Whigs bathing, and stolen all their clothes). Both parties seem to have realised that renters are a constituency worth courting and are reacting accordingly; so expect the Tories to come up with a counter-proposal in due course.

    The howls of self-entitled outrage that you can hear from landlords is due to their bewilderment at both parties having finally realised that there are more potential votes from renters than landlords.

  9. I can't lay claim to this level of technical expertise, but my reputation as the department's Excel expert rests solely on the fact that I have my back to the window and can safely google the answer without getting caught. If they ever make me change desks, I'm stuffed. 

    Similarly, many years ago a relative worked with a chap who, it was found, had literally done no work for years. His highly-technical job had been slowly abolished, bit by bit, over the years, until there was nothing left for him to do; and nobody noticed except him. It was only after he'd left and they recruited his replacement that they realised there was nothing for the new guy to do.

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