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  1. Interesting thread, well the first three and last 2 pages! :) Way too long for me to read while I have a tea break!

    I did notice that some of the predictions for armageddon have now expired, do they just roll over on a monthly basis from now on? :D

    To be fair, there is nothing wrong with preparing for the worst case scenario. I bought about a months worth of food from a survivalist company a good while back. It is freeze dried and lasts 25+ years. While I'm not sure if we'll see the collapse of western civilisation, you only have to look at the rains over the last week to see how society can fall to bits quite quickly. It soon picks itself up, but in the meantime it's nice to have some food, bottled water and the means to cook with that doesn't rely on gas or electric squirreled away!

  2. I have crossed 40 and I am worried I will age out and not get a mortgage if I wait more. On the other hand it seems non sense to feed utterly mad HPI.

    Should I continue paying my BTL LL's mortgage (via rent) or take the plunge. I may have paid half of my LL's mortgage in last 10 years' renting. My decision making muscle has gone stiff. Anyone in the same boat? What have you decided.

    There is a middle ground. Use your deposit to buy a knackered place at auction and live in itwhile you do it up. If the property is without a kitchen and bathroom like mine was, then you get reduced council tax while you renovate, just don't mention that you're dossing there. You get a cheap home, live rent free and when you finish the renovations you get a crash proof house.

  3. I'm new. I followed a link from another site to a self-build thread in here. I am not a self builder but I am renovating an old and knackered house that was all I could afford. I'm slowly renovating it as time and money allow. When I first got it, it was as bad a squat, but it's getting much better now that I have windows and a bit of insulation in the roof.

    I waited a while to buy because house prices were mad expensive. I stayed in rentals, couch surfed, shared houses while I got together a deposit. I finally found a place on an auction website. It had all the pipes, wiring, lead off the roof ripped out. Some tiles had fallen off the roof and some windows had been broken and then boarded up. I bought it for cash with my deposit and I pitched a tent in the living room and camped in the house while I did the emergency repairs.

    I'm still a mile away from having it complete but its dry and secure now at least.

  4. I went for a wamr roof option because the lower part of the roof forms the ceiling of the bedroom. I went for a multifoil product combined with a breather membrane over the top of the rafters with an air gap of 50mm then 50mm kingspan between the rafters and 100mm beneath the rafters. When it snows our house is the last one to lose the cover on the house, by quite a margin. It also made a difference to the sound quality in the bedrooms beneath the insulation. Much quieter!

    I'd only suggest going to the expense of a warm roof though if you are going to have an occupied space under it, otherwise a much cheaper option is just to install blanket insulation in the ceiling joists and above.

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