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  1. This has to be the worst I've ever seen for sale - it's in someone's garden! £30,000 at auction - a shed being sold. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-41230911.html
  2. Sorry, don't know how to edit so rubbish entry - should say 'Mist' amongst other errors ....
  3. Half way down article Aberdeen Asset Management broach subject London residential prices based on pure Far Rast speculation and deposits they are happy to lose and exit ,if bet not looking a dead cert. could all dissipate before one's very eyes, like scotch most maybe? http://thinkingaloud.aberdeen-asset.co.uk/en/thinkingaloud/london-property-go-with-the-asian-flow
  4. To clarify: the house that says "sold prior to open day" has appeared as sold on the "24 hours" search listing. That particular one does have it stated as first listed as November. However, the google search says "removed by agent, no longer for sale" etc. So makes it odd to appear today. Clearly to create a sense of "rush" everyone's buying I mustn't miss out.
  5. I'm skeptical. As per my post earlier on the "Rightmove re-listing" thread - I've seen lots of properties come on in last 3 days and been even more surprised when they've come up as sold today. I was confused at the thought of a bunch of mad people rushing around snapping houses up. On closer inspection it's all fabrication they are all old properties which show as new on market for two days ago and then 24 hours later showing as "sold". One agent in Chelmsford put 18 properties on as sold today and changing their "first listed date to January 2016" when researched went on April 2015 etc
  6. Chelmsford is an area I search now and again with "new in last 24 hours" on Rightmove. Today lots showing as "added yesterday" and also "sold stc". I thought "Wow". Then remembered this thread and typed the agents' name into Google "Balch, Chelmsford". The original listing date shows up as April, July and September 2015 for example not "7 January 2016" as currently showing. Nearly 20 properties by this one agent showing as first listed within last 24 hours and sold. Gives a very warped market impression I'd say. Have reported to Rightmove. Very misleading information and gives the i
  7. Yes it is funny. I've been over at the Telegraph for a few months stating the bleeding obvious and noticed that such sense is described as being a "crashist"; as if the only point of view is you want a cheap home, rather than you've looked at how crazy things are for everyone (except the over lev btl who is like a pig in shit). That is in fact how I found this site, not the other way round - as any of the btl believe. They don't believe people independently think and join dots and noticed the imbalance without someone else "brainwashing" them... People looking at the economy; mortgages, etc
  8. Don't know how to link. Found FT by searching : Vanessa Houlder FT Summer Budget scope of tax avoidance crackdown
  9. Something I haven't seen much mention of anywhere is the £2b GO believes will be paid during this Parliament by a crackdown on those who incorporate just to avoid tax. Clearly that's what the btl that have done this since July 2015 could be classed as doing. Would the onus be on btl to prove they are a genuine business after they pay the tax? Read about this in various places in July : FT and Guardian I can recall off top of my head.
  10. Hello very interesting reading and I'm very happy with the proposed changes ro date. I may have missed where this has been discussed previously, but regarding the Autumn Statement : GO says he intends that by 2020 UK will be a world leader in state of the art digital tax collection. GO said that every one and every company would have their individual own tax reference/account by 2020. Does he mean as a way of every individual in country documenting they have "nothing to declare" to nail those currently going under the radar claiming 'don't understand that mumbo-jumbo'; or, just an extensi
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