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  1. Cheapest isn't always cheaper in the long run, you have to consider the full lifecycle cost. There are many other factors to consider than initial price alone.
  2. We still have plenty of skills, knowledge and people who will be willing to do 'menial' as you term it, shop work again. For some, hard graft and it providing for their families via it is what gives them a sense of pride. How about banging on some import tariffs for those places we import from who ignore them, whilst complying with them hamstrings our own industry. We don't need to match wages and cost per item with the far east, there are many reasons why, if the comparable cost can be reduced, the flexibility and control of the supply chain being in your own back yard provides many cost adva
  3. Well globalisation means this will happen regardless. Outside of the EU at least creates the opportunity to reduce this and gain more of the manufacturing pie for ourselves, making us relatively richer as a nation. Any which way, transition doesn't happen over night and that is what remainers seem to believe. They don't appear to look beyond the end of their noses.
  4. If that is what it costs to leave then so be it. So what? You often have to pay a heavy price to obtain freedom. If that is what it costs to leave then so be it. So what? You often have to pay a heavy price to obtain freedom. Oh come on ffs Let's try and improve the wages and living standards of everywhere else and all will be fine. What's going to happen to this country in the meantime whilst we wait the 20- 30 years for that to happen ? £18B
  5. Is this so they can increase profits via taxpayer subsidies to the workforce?
  6. Inside Job is a fantastic watch, I've got in on DVD. However, I can't face watching it again, nor have I for a long time. Just reminds me of how powerless we are to do ****** all and that those at the top will continue to do what the ****** they want and be allowed to do so. I've also been reading Faisal Islam's "Default Line" which I'm also finding an excellent read, but is beginning to imbue similar feelings.
  7. Hopefully the EU will impose strict tariffs. This will then create investment opportunities in the UK beyond BTL to manufacture these products and create actual wealth, thus beginning the rebalancing of our economy and provide better employment prospects beyond minium wage, zero hour slavery.
  8. I guess it is the van equivalent of 'build your own home' rather than purchase an existing one which doesn't tick all your boxes? If I was doing what he was, I'd rather pay more and have my van spec'd just how I wanted it.
  9. I feel this deserved a bit more acknowledgement
  10. Sorry, since working in manufacturing since the late 90's all I've seen is the industry diminish via off shoring and out scourcing and what's left get working pay and conditions decimated by cheap labour. I really couldn't just vote for more of the same.
  11. Because it hasn't. James Goldsmith spelled it all out back in 1994 and was ignored. Due to working in international supply chains since graduating in 1999, the penny dropped for me in about 2003. The decline of Western living standards (bar the few), will just continue. Don't you just love a happy Monday :-)
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