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  1. Yup people moan but do nothing. E.g. energy prices. To send a message to the energy suppliers that rises have gone too far we should all switch to one supplier. Leaving the others to panic and reduce prices. Simple idea but public is too apathetic
  2. I’m pinning all my hopes of HPC2017 on a rate rise next week
  3. How long you lasted so far? I did the same last August and have just offered on a do-er-upper I think is a worthwhile punt. I’ve spent over 15k on rent and the house I sold is back on the market for 20% more than I sold it for. I just can’t see an end to the madness
  4. Totally agree. I’m approaching 40 and decided I can’t wait any longer. I’ve amassed a decent nest egg and what little hope there was of a crash has all but gone with the latest Htb pump. All new builds in my area are snapped up off plan before show Home built. IMO it will take years for the London gains to fall out of system and even if interest rates hit 5% next month it would be years before there were forced sellers. had enough of paying £1k a month to mow another mans lawn
  5. "relatively near term" errr what does that mean then. Could he be any more vague?
  6. Bear get over yourself..... perhaps it might be time for you to take up a hobby and avoid forums for an extended period if you are so easily offended and/or upset by throw away comments made on chat forums
  7. Thanks again for your advice, very comprehensive and has cheered me up as the landlord has treated me with utter contempt. I never want to rent again. ill let you know how I get on. I won't be giving notice for another couple of weeks yet. have a great weekend and thanks again as you never know what to expect on this forum :-)
  8. Here's an example of a landlord apparently in distress. Offers invited, not seen that. This screams desperation to me. Morgan Way, Ketley, TF1 http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-61904137.html
  9. Yup not everyone on forums are argumentative arrogant currents! A lot of people on here have been very helpful. Only today I got some great advice about a dispute with my landlord. have a great weekend all
  10. Excuse my previous comment... hadn't read this prior I my response. Good luck with the recovery and your son is lucky to have parents that care.
  11. Ok fair point. We all all equal and I love you all xx
  12. If making an observation that Asians do love a btl venture is racist and I've offended I apologise. Geez, next you'll be saying I can't say all Scots are drunks! chill the deck out people
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