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  1. It is all over the place after this one tragic murder CAMPAIGN SUSPENDED, just read it again on the BBC website.

    Well I do not know about you guys, but I am now off to work, I am looking out of the window and everyone one else is off to work as well. I have gone to work when there has been mass shootings, bombings and various other tragedies, it is what we do, it is what we are told to do, just carry and do not let them win.

    And yet politicians do something completely different from the rest of us.

    That was my thought all last night.

    It's tragic, and as a husband and father I can't comprehend how I'd deal with a similar situation myself. Something is clearly wrong.

    Then I wondered about my various mates who are police, firefighters, paramedics, and other people who are also put at daily risk in their dealings with the public. Who are also "just doing their duty..." and who all too frequently have colleagues murdered in the line of that duty by deranged members of the public.

    That makes about ten minutes on the news, then it's forgotten about as BGT is on the telly, or the MSM has another narrative for us to follow.

    I can't honestly see any way that the referendum campaigning would have been suspended if a copper, ambulance driver, or firefighter had been killed. But somehow the Westminster Bubble and those in it feel they are different - maybe that's a part of a wider issue?

    Strange and disturbing times. On a human level my thoughts and sympathies are with her husband and poor kids... That this was a total tragedy, and a disaster for democracy whichever "side" you're on.


  2. David:

    Well that says it all! Please be more successful at your business and then

    you can be free to write about others! Goodbye.


    Maybe you could ask him, in return, if he is / was the Director of a company called Lightmagic.biz Ltd, which was clearly so successful it was dissolved in March 2016 after less than 2 years of clearly stellar performance. And then tell him to get back in his hubristic little box...


    What a pompous ****!!!!

  3. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-39514572.html

    ATTENTION INVESTORS A fantastic portfolio of 30 properties consisting of 27 Houses, just 2 apartments/flats and 1 office/commercial building. With a fantastic diverse portfolio of residential properties (just 1 commercial property) from 1 bed to 4 bed producing an annual income of £188,700.00.



    Let's assume they've put the best pics on the ad. Seem reasonable?

    If picture 4 is one of the most marketable in the portfolio, it doesn't say much for the rest. Looks like a right sh!thole moneypit; but then with those kind of yields you couldn't reasonably expect and self-respecting slumlord to spend a load of cash doing stuff like - you know - maintaining the outside.

    Remember folks - these are the savvy entrepreneurs / social benefactors who are creating all that work in the local economy for builders, decorators, Jewsons etc etc...

    Or as Bos Reck would put it... "My ar$e...."


  4. Have had a personal reply.

    Mrs Royce apparently 'does not have family members who are heavily involved in Buy to Let, nor does she have a "clear financial interest" in the subject matter... The programme's editor were fully aware that Rachel's (former) sister-in-law happens to be a landlord.'

    Mrs Royce apparently 'does not have family members who are heavily involved in Buy to Let,

    Well that isn't what her sister in law stated in open forum. And it even contradicts their OWN last statement in the quoted text.

    The programme's editor were fully aware that Rachel's (former) sister-in-law happens to be a landlord.

    1) Again, that seems to contradict their own opening quoted statement.

    2) If lobbying hard to get your sister in law ("ex" or not,) to produce a sob-story-laden "documentary" on TV - heavily biased to your thinking - isn't "heavily involved in Buy to Let" then I'd love to know what IS

    3) If they knew all along, then why wasn't that fact stated in the programme, and why didn't they try doubly hard to present a balanced view?

    I call bull**** (not on you RnR!) If this is the best "critical thinking" our national propaganda broadcaster can come up with, after several days to think about it, then that doesn't say much about a Media Studies degree, does it?!

    @RnR - what did the rest of the "reply" say, and what are the next steps to escalate this above the Islington Metropolitan Elite first-line production team? I assume that process is laid out clearly - they can't imagine for one minute this kind of whitewash will go unchallenged?


  5. From "Trendo"...

    Reply to the comment left by “Jon Pipllman” at “17/02/2016 – 15:19“:

    Harry , Harry Potter …where are you ?….will this help your hpc quest ? 600 more properties denied to young families to buy and bring up their brood …….14% rent increases in last 12 mths and more planned, Harry my confidence in you is shaken, you had all the graphs and charts and one of you has even written a book on how not to buy property , you keep saying rent s CANT go up, ……whilst they have , are and will continue to do so, right in front of your very eyes, i am following your advice and mantras “leverage” is the problem – thanks for that – rents up to reduce my leverage down, there is a new leverage problem that you need to address now – the leverage of TENANT TAX direct to HMRC via LLin the form of not just leveraged LL survival move, but the unencumbered LL as well, an now the big institutions are are going to take rents where it is going to get really silly. It may be time for howarts to begin to object and direct their attention in a similar direction to individual LL , hey we are all really nice people, we knew it was going to take time for people to get their head around this and see what it actually going on, hopefully you are getting a clearer picture now and wll join us in our fight to save the PRS and keep rents at a reasonable level and save a better personal service delivered by individual LL rather than faceless greedy corporate institutions

    Honestly. WTF?

    They want us to believe they are business people and entrepreneurs, but they can't string a single coherent sentence together. What hope a decent business plan, with assumptions / risks / mitigation strategies etc..? (Soz, I forgot we were talking about Generation InsideTrack...)

    What they do fart onto the page is some stream-of-consciousness drivel, that makes no sense at all. But no doubt "Ros" will be along, any minute, to contratulate this dribblemerchant on his "excellent letter" or some such sh!te.

    Enough is enough. Gut these munters once and for all, and be done with it. Sales of Evoques will tumble for a short while, but TBH they're sh!t cars anyway, and nothing more than a symbol of tasteless greed and hubris - so nobody else will miss them. Except for the trophy wives of soon-to-be-bankrupt shysters - but I give not one jot for them either.


  6. "Hit the nail on the head with a brilliant letter covering the ludicrously of this Ill out thought policy

    The longer this goes on the note they will realise they are taking on the wrong industry as we are hard working intelligent people who will not take this lying down..."

    FFS. The longer the letter, the more they dribble over it. Even though everything they write is meaningless, deluded, self-pitying drivel.

    My emphasis added. Epic ROFLMAO..... especially as the poster is soooo intelligent they can't even proofread three lines properly.

    GO and HMRC must be sh!tting themselves in the face of such adversaries...

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