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  1. 4 hours ago, spyguy said:

    he likes of Foxton are fcked.

    But at least they have some equity funding.

    Now imagine you are in some Southern town, tweedy old EA office - SheetGobbler and Son.

    Youve already laid off everyone but the semireired recptionist.

    Youve not drawn a salary for months.

    You pension is invested in a SIPP whose main asset is the work office building.

    You bought 3 to 4 IO BTL. The last lot of EEers have handed i ntheir notice and 2 places are empty. Youve dropped the rent by 200/m but thats below the monthly mortgage cost.


    Yup. How about you're an ex-Foxtons dude, possibly with quite a few shares from your days there...


    Then you set up BornYesterday Estate Agents in DFL-on-Wey, a famous sleepy Surrey town full of ex Barnes and Putney lawyers and other effluent.....


    Followed by some good old hubristic extra local branches, swallowing up a couple of SheetGobbler and Sons operations along the way - whilst doing a couple of major (guess what?!) housing developments on the side.


    Hey - what could possibly go wrong? Diversification? That's for sissies who dun got Business Degrees and sh!t man. We're the Hubris Boys, who make P118 look positively sensible.


    I think I may also die from a popcorn overdose, before this is all over. But no doubt his every-smarmy Missus will keep looking down her nose at everyone around her until the very last. I wonder if The Herald will report the bankruptcy hearing?!



  2. Quote

    From the 118 post-rationalisation department...

    "If permission had been granted around £600,000 would have been needed...... hat would have been a mammoth task and diverted attention and resource away from lobbying and looking for solutions..."

    And from an in-thread advert from the same page...


    Well, I suppose that's one solution. Not the most immediate one that sprang to my mind, but the way the book and consulting phone call sales are going I guess there's some tough head-scratching and brainstorming going on over there...



  3. Isn't that the truth. I didn't even want to ask some friends, because I knew which way they'd vote. Knowing someone voted against all of your morals is definitely a conversation killer.


    Facebook "Friends" list being cleaned ruthlessly right now. There are people you tolerate, because your kids go to school with their kids, and it's a smart move to "play nice..."

    Then you get patronised by some c***, who comes out with sh!te like "I hope you can sleep well tonight, in the storm. Jesus did, so I will also try to..."

    At which point I'm afraid I just think " **** off and die, [email protected] I now realise why I thought you were a total c*ck all these years. Now our kids have left school, I have no reason to spend even one further second in your weird and judgemental sphere of influence..."

    Refreshing really. Independence Day has come a bit early for me, no matter what the referendum outcome :D

  4. Not at all. Brexiters I've come across have been mainly roaring Tory types, not a lot of debate other than strongly held judgements. The Bremainers have been a lot quieter: more puzzled and curious what and why people are voting for Brexit.

    You are, surely, having a complete and utter fecking giraffe, aren't you?

    What I posted earlier, from that gobby Remain tool, has been absolutely typical of the sh!te coming out from their camp.

    RACIST....XENOPHOBE...KNUCKLE-DRAGGING...F**KTARD - I've not heard anything like that - not even once - from the Leave side who are apparently supposed to be the neanderthals..

  5. Some hogwash from FB (now unfriended):

    And some more. I'm almost speechless - I assumed it was a wind up at first, but this Remainiac's follow-up responses were completely aligned with the original..

    First post;

    Well time to be diplomatic.

    To anyone voting leave, you're a ******ing idiot who hasn't thought through the consequences.

    First thing you'll achieve is instigate the break up of the United Kingdom as Scotland get a 2nd referendum.

    Then a ******ing recession.

    You're not an expert of economics and you're not an expert of constitutional law.

    So listen to a couple and make a ******ing logical decision.

    Jesus H. Christ.

    One follow-up, after some reasoned debate...

    Mine isn't, like I say neither of us are experts on economics or constitutional law.

    So I've listened to experts and taken their advice.

    Thr question is:


    And finally...

    It does. If you can't make a logical decision almost by definition you are a idiot.

    '******ing' only stresses my frustration.

    Like the man says... Jesus H Christ... :blink:

  6. I put a post up - stating that for me the EU is undemocratic, and the only way to change it is vote leave.

    I don't want to ram it down people's throats. But I do want to declare my position.

    I am the only one who has come out leave, but I know for a fact there are other leavers in my circle - they are however keeping quiet.


    More abuse and patronising bilge overnight.

    Made the heretical mistake of posting the "Four Lies" story, and pointing out that the "totally impartial" Scouse academic was a totally biased paid stooge, and got absolutely fecking mullered by the South East Leftie brigade. Accused of all sorts, and no doubt its going to take a lot of sorting out afterwards - with the ones I can be arsed to sort it out with.

    But what the hell. If I've persuaded just a couple of "Undecideds" to vote "Out," then then it was worth it. FFS, Some people have put their whole careers and reputations on the line, to campaign for what they believe is the right vote, and stand up for free speech. A couple of school teachers and public sector drones having a hissy fit isn't really a showstopper!!

    HID to all, and hang in there. At least it's not SJD anymore... (clue - the Patron Saint of the Three Pound Carwash... :) )


  7. Being called a "vile racist" by a Remain supporter is a badge you can wear with pride.

    Too bloody right.

    But please can someone let me know how I get rid of the constant popups from that total grinning wkaner at the head of these pages?

    I've lost count of the number of times I've reported them as "repetitive" "irrelevant" "the dribblings of some complete CTNU" (OK, that wasn't an option - just in my dreams...) but they STILL keep popping up.

  8. I have broken the seal on Facebook. Deliberately said nothing, liked nothing up until now but just had a moment of realisation - this is too important to let Remain dominate the social media feeds with their puppy loving propaganda. Attracted quite a few Remainers with my "Vote Leave" status already. Let them come, I am personally going to mark my ballot tomorrow with pride, right up until the last hour I'll believe in this country. Tomorrow is the last hour approaching. Remainers have already lost faith.

    Keep the faith Billy

    It's really tough on Facebook, because everyone knows who you are so it's not as easy as gobbing off on HPC!!

    On the other hand, your real mates will appreciate you might see things differently, and value yoru opinion. The ones that don't are cntsu. I've found it a neat opportunity to clear out my friends list to people who aren't as bigoted as Gordon Brown - and I don't miss the others one jot.

    Stay strong bud. It's nearly over.


  9. Cheers.

    Spot on and done.

    Awaiting the abuse from my chattering class / public sector troughing drone / right on leftie contacts even as I type.

    But in fairness, this referendum has been a handy chance to cull my "friends" list down, and get rid of a variety of ctnus that I can't remember why I connected with them in the first place!!!

  10. Apologies if this has been posted (scrolled through about ten pages but couldn't find it):

    Markus Kerber, head of the BDI (Germany’s answer to the CBI), is calling on his country to not risk damaging trade with punitive post-Brexit tariffs.

    “Imposing trade barriers, imposing protectionist measures between our two countries – or between the two political centres, the European Union on the one hand and the UK on the other – would be a very, very foolish thing in the 21st century. The BDI would urge politicians on both sides to come up with a trade regime that enables us to uphold and maintain the levels of trade we have”

    Do you have a link for that please? I'd love to share it on my Facebook page...



  11. I am 'out' on Facebook, because it seems to be very pro EU with my contacts, and I want to show that there is nothing to be ashamed about by voting BREXIT.

    Taking to very close friends, they have whispered rather gently to me 'BREXIT'. When I say me too - we have then been able to have a dialogue.

    People seem to be fearful of admitting they are for BREXIT, and I can understand why. Hoping the undecideds and quiet ones will rule the day.

    Me too. OUT on Facebook.

    I have the misfortune to be a Northerner by birth, brought up of working to middle class stock, who now lives in Surrey and has a half decent job. But with several kids who I don't seeing have any future here; a bit of an anarchist who wants to see disruptive change to the current appalling status quo; a desire for true democracy; and now a total distrust of the career politicians, troughing public sector / lecturer / academic sh!te etc.

    And being a Northerner, I don't have any fear of the chattering classes labelling me a racist / xenophobe, because the people who really know me, know otherwise.

    But boy, am I getting myself a new asshole ripped every day by the sneering "intelligentsia...."

    However, I'm not going to give up. Latest post shared the breaking news about the new Turkey negotiations for next week, and now just waiting for another wave of abuse.

    I hate Southerners. Especially Metropolitan London and Surrey types. Right bunch of ctuns, frankly :)


  12. Interesting and thanks.

    Was listening on radio so couldn't see body language. But as you say, faithfully trotting out the standard lines - and made himself sound a right smarmy ***** when he was arguing / talking over the guy who called in about Canada. Found a minor flaw in the guys premise (95% vs 100% tarrif free) and segment all his time being "clever" about that, rather than addressing the actual issue.

    Great to hear Facebook picked it up.


    Listened to him then Chukka uppa.

    I liked the way Farage left the public to make their own minds up, a lot of passion came through as it should from someone who has worked so hard for so long for Thursday

    I had the chance to watch Chukka, he was busy trotting out the usual lines but was also head down and completely lacked conviction which was picked up on the facebook feed by others

  13. Great post.

    Thanks. It gave me zero pleasure to write it, after 20 years of helll at the hands of mentally ill relatives. But it needed to be said.

    Experiencing what I unfortunately have, I will be utterly unsurprised if it turns out the killer was allowed to drop through the cracks in the system. And I will be utterly disgusted if Cameron and Osborne - who are ultimately accountable for a big part of that systemic failure - abuse the death of this poor lady to serve their own political ends and save their own miserable skins.

    And lest I be mistaken for the ******* lovechild of RK and Yvette Cooper, I say that as a lifelong - but absolutely NEVER again - tory voter. (Remove the 2 from my handle and you will see I'm not new, and have been here since 2007. I lost my job, and my login details with my email access, hence I've had to sign up again )


  14. The more I am googling this so called "nutter" the more I starting to understand that the mental health service could well of let him down. ....

    Hard to see it this way at the moment, but he could well of been a victim himself. This has nothing to do with Brexit

    Regrettably, I have extensive experience of just how inept the NHS is in dealing with even quite extreme mental illness. Section them, pump them full of anti-depressants and anti-psychotics, and then pop them back on the streets where they stop taking their meds and go psycho again. Seen it time and time again over the last 20 years.

    It's highly likely he'll turn out to be a "victim" of failures in NHS mental health provision*/**. Just like millions of young people are now at risk of being victims of the spinning of his senseless act, to support TPTB's agenda in the referendum.

    Like I said upthread. What a mess...

    *Just to be clear, I am in no way being an apologist for his utterly disgusting act, which has deprived a young family of a wife and mother.

    **Unfortunately, in my personal experience, NHS mental health provision is crippled by being run off their feet, underfunded and overstretched - simply because they have too many people to treat with the funds available.

    • On top of that, they are hamstrung by human rights legislation which (for example) means that 1) they have to allow patients under section 24hr access to a free phone - to harrass their friends and family unfettered - and 2) in many cases they are obliged to deal with interfering lawyers, determined to get them released far too early through tribunal, funded by legal aid and on the basis that ongoing non-voluntary sectioning is an infringement of their Yooman Rights.

    If ever there were two decent reasons for a Brexit, encapsulated within the one act that the Remain camp are trying so hard to hijack, you have them right there above.

    The irony, the irony....

  15. Disgusting!!

    I had to look at that closer, I thought that must be a spoof headline, is it by the way?

    If that is real then yet again I have seen a new low from the Bremain


    The real thing I'm afraid. I never buy papers these days (why read one editor's warped view, when the web is there for decent balance,) but I needed petrol - and there was this pile of obscene excrement sat right there in the newspaper stand.

    Got a bit of hassle from the dude behind the till, for getting my phone out and taking the pic on the forecourt. But it's 100% bona fide - I did a triple take myself, as I couldn't believe it hadn't already been posted over here.

    All day, on LBC and elsewhere, there's been patronising twaddle peddled about "is this what happens when we allow these people* a voice, and then water and nurture their vile racist views in the name of free speech...? No wonder people with mental health issues get pushed over the edge and commit hate crimes like this..." (*deliberately ignoring the current indications that this was one lone wolf, with a history of mental health problems.) I also note that the poor woman's husband's "we must fight the hate that killed her" meme has been repeated, endlessly, through the media all day...

    Thus they are deliberately peddling a lie on behalf of Remain - with no possible comeback or debate as campaigning is suspended.

    All the time repeatedly saying sh!t like "we're not stating, as a fact, that this was politically motivated and as a result of her campaigning for Remain... We're not saying that, obviously...."

    Except of course you just did just say that James O'Brien, several times. And you've just made that connection quite deliberately to spread a lie, before the truth is known, and having been heard that lie can never be unheard. And no amount of subsequent correction will undo the subliminal connection that you just so disingenuously made for hundreds of thousands of listeners.

    Along with politicians, the luvvie media patsies are right up there on the list of people who disgust be even more, today, than they did yesterday.

    What a mess....

  16. What the actual F**k?!

    Is this even legal?

    No wonder Dave and Gidiot want to suspend official campaigning.

    Who needs to get their hands dirty with making political capital out of a tragedy, when they can rely on their lackeys in the MSM to lie, cheat and mislead on their behalf? Conveniently with no platform for anyone to counter those lies, having killed off the only mechanism for that "out of respect...."

    Politics in this country actually disgusts me even more, today, than it did yesterday. :blink:

    Capture 2.JPG


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