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  1. There seems to be some real bile on this thread, directed at individuals who dare to challenge "the narrative..." Not healthy debate - just insults, denigration and slagging off. Quite similar to the original "Brexit" thread, in its heyday (if that's the right word...) No doubt I'll come under imminent fire again from the usual suspect/s, trying to put words in my mouth / diverting the conversation / insulting my intelligence and my very being... So be it. I'm a Behaviouralist by profession -and can see straight through this sh**. It's straight out of the BS (ironically, standing in this one instance for "Behavioural Science!") playbook, and I'm not going to be cowed and silenced by it. I wonder where its come from, and what's behind it. Any thoughts folks? https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/edward-snowden-revelations-gchq-using-online-viruses-and-honey-traps-discredit-targets-9117683.html https://theintercept.com/2014/02/24/jtrig-manipulation/ https://theintercept.com/document/2014/02/24/art-deception-training-new-generation-online-covert-operations/
  2. Again - that's not what I said. There ARE diverse opinions, but they are immediately set upon by individuals who seem very unhappy at people not agreeing with them 100%, and therefore denigrate and insult them. "head. bang. table..." being one of the milder ones, alongside all the "denialist cranks" nonsense. The denigration and level of insults is a concern, and is EXACTLY the same sort of "Negative / Immediate / Certain" consequence management technique, straight out of the behavioural science textbooks, and vigorously employed by the paid trolls on all of Sunak's social media posts, with the specific purpose of crushing any debate or dissent. There's a reason our taxes are being paid to The Clerkenwell Brothers to try and manage Sunak's online brand - and it's not for our own good, or the good of democracy. On a side note, I see you commented earlier that you're a "new member" (or similar words) I note you joined in 2015, but didn't start posting until April 2020 - at which point you were immediately attracted to this thread, like a moth to a flame. I can't be bothered doing a detailed percentage analysis of your 28 page posting history, but any casual observer will spot immediately that by far the greatest number of your posts have been on this one thread; followed by "coronavirus-related" threads, and then finally the "Brexit - what next?" thread. Sure, there's a few in there on other issues (to throw up some chaff maybe?) but it does seem that you're somewhat obsessed with this subject. Maybe that's why you're disappointed that I don't share your fervour and 60 posts / month passion?
  3. In amongst the rest of the aggressive hyperbole in your post, which I think serves simply to prove my original point, this is just too good NOT to highlight and just leave out there for posterity.... QED. I rest my case. No further questions, M'Lud. P.S. The reasons I don't post too much on this thread is a) because I don't especially like being insulted, so I comment only when I feel compelled to, and b) because (IIRC) and I had a bit of a fallout with some faux French bloke on the Brexit thread 12-18 months ago, and with @Bruce Banner , and I'm still on the naughty step with everything moderated. Sometimes it's too much hassle to post something, and have it pop up much later when the topic has moved on... As a matter of historical record, but I feel OK putting this out there as I'm big enough to admit when I mess up; Bruce and I had a right old dingdong at the time as we disagreed pretty passionately on something - and I know I overstepped the mark (sorry Bruce, across the months!) Interestingly it turns out he was 100% correct about Johnson, and I now see I fell for the BS... Wish I'd seen it earlier, as BoJo has turned out to be a disaster for the UK for generations to come, and I see now what Bruce had clearly seen upfront. But hey, that's history for you - I wonder where we'll all end up after this little nightmare?!
  4. I'm not trying to oversimplify anything. And I haven't said anyone is "enjoy(ing) keeping 70 million people locked down..." What I HAVE said elsewhere, and I stand by it 100%, is that some people (i.e. the Tory government, their crony mates, and in some Minister's cases their own immediate families) are very much enjoying the opportunity to enrich themselves on a once-in-a-generation basis, and they aren't going to let that go anytime soon. There's no suggestion of psychosis - it's simple corruption and profiteering, and there's nothing unusual about that as far as this "government" is concerned. Along with that, I'm simply reflecting on how this forum has morphed from (largely) a vibrant, campaigning and passionately rebellious place, to one where it seems hellbent on toeing the line of the mainstream narrative. It's almost like it's been infiltrated by certain groups, vigorously seeking to quash any discussion. (P.S. I forgot to add "denialist crank" to the last line of my previous post. Must do better and stay aligned with the latest insult zeitgeist!) From the Behavourial Nudge Unit, to JTRIG, through the 77th Brigade, to The Clerkenwell Brothers - Ā£tens of millions have been spent trying to suppress any suggestion that there might be something bigger in play than a virus, and that the lockdown response has been - and still is - wildly disproportionate. And no doubt for even saying that, I'll now be subjected to another volley of abuse, because that's how Behavioural Nudging / Consequence Application works. Nothing oversimplifying there - it's actually pretty complicated, but you seem to have tried to divert what I feel is a reasonable question, and a reasonable thesis, by diversion (above) and no doubt in few more minutes through insults and denigration. This thread feels like it's starting to become another echo-chamber - but this time it's a pro-establishment, pro-narrative one and it feels like this place is losing it's campaigning / anarchic edge. All a bit of a shame really. This used to be a much more interesting place where ideas were bounced about and debate was rampant - since the Brexit thread, there seems to have been a deterioration.
  5. Aah - the great HPC contradiction.... "On HPC" (The last ten years....") The Gubbermint has screwed over the housing market and our generation TPTB and media are corrupt and should be hung Anyone who disagrees is a BTL Landlord or EA, and must be silenced / shot "Also on HPC" (The last year...) Of course we trust the nice Government - they are our fwiend! TPTB and media are playing with a straight bat - thank god they have our best interests at heart Anyone who disagrees is an alt-Right, Trumpian, flat-earth Anti-vaxxer and must be silenced / shot Discuss..... B2
  6. LOL. Bang on cue. Does anyone REALLY still believe this is just about a virus (or ever was,) and that the government is REALLY keen to "ease lockdown as soon as possible...?" Serious question.
  7. Because there ARE no transparent thresholds, and it looks remarkably like Johnson and Co. are making it up as they go along; if they had set "thresholds" previously, around the metrics sitting behind the original (insulting) three part mantra "Stay at Home / Protect the NHS / Save Lives" then we would already be seeing a relaxation of this catastrophic lockdown. To your second point "the metrics are clearly pointing..." in any common sense way, yes of course they are. BUT - due to the lack of said "thresholds" and "metrics" it seems very much like Bojo and his fellow troughers just change them at will, to keep this going as long as possible and maximise the once-in-a-generation enrichment opportunities for their crony mates (and families - if you add Sunak into the equation..)
  8. This... Oh, and by millions of 'Karens' on furlough, who got lucky in Sunak's helicopter cash lottery and fancy another 6 months off on "near-full pay - travel expenses = stonks" Police enforce it on the streets. The 'Karens' enforce it on social media. See the document created for the March 2020 Sage meeting by the "Behavioural Nudge Unit" - it's all documented there in the section on "coercion..." I'm with @Bruce Banner - this is NOT good news...
  9. Are you 100% sure about that N-I-P? The data being reported ad nauseam on the media tallies with the "Deaths within 28 days of a positive PCR test..." on the government website, at c. 117K The number of "Deaths with Covid mentioned on the death certificate" is a totally different number. "Deaths withing 28 days of a PCR test, AND with Covid on the death certificate" isn't a number anywhere on the government's own stats page, as far as I can tell. https://coronavirus.data.gov.uk/details/deaths B2
  10. To be fair, if what you describe is the situation we find ourselves in, half way through the year, then the so-called "conspiracy theorists" will have a strong case to say they were right all along, and it would be hard to argue against that. That's going to be a tough call for all the Karens hiding behind the sofa, the "lockdown hardliners" who think the economy should be tanked "because, you know......the virus" and all the people on furlough thinking they're going to walk straight back into their old job, on full pay, because they trusted "St Rishi" to do the right thing... The cognitive dissonance, if that really ends up being the case and those people realise they might have been "had," is going to precipitate a mental health catastrophe that will make the current crisis of depression and suicides look like a couple of old dears having a moan on a park bench..... It's up the the government to prove them wrong now. Over to you Boris, Ballsack and Handcock...
  11. Thanks. I do my best šŸ¤£ Indeed, that's what I find extraordinary about all this - that it's all happening in plain sight, and nobody is being held accountable. I don't for one second think this is about 6ft lizards, 5G, or Bill Gates being the devil reincarnate. I think it's far simpler than that: we have a government with almost limitless "emergency" powers at the moment; a bunch of greedy and not-very-talented govt ministers, appointed for their obedience not their talent and apparently gaining something of a taste for their moment of omniscient power; a compliant opposition who are (with the notable exception of some values-driven politicians like Jamie Stone and Caroline Lucas) probably just as corrupt as HMG; And trust me, as a former lifelong Tory voter, you have no idea how surprised I am that I just typed that!! and we have cronies taking lucrative contracts from ministers who know that - in a couple of years - some very tasty non-Exec and consulting appointments lie in wait, filling their troughs even further. Sadly, we also have a lot of "Karens" - who have been bought off with their own taxpayer cash via furlough; get all their information from the BBC / Facebook and Mumsnet, and are therefore apparently fully supportive of the hardest lockdowns possible, for as long as possible; for me, that's why no-one is taking to the streets - 90% of the population haven't been affected financially - yet - and still seem to genuinely believe that this is about a virus that has to be "eradicated" and the only way to survive is to hide behind the sofa and wait for the "vaxseeen" (as the blithering PM insists on calling it Corruption, pure and simple. And no self-respecting, troughing, corrupt politician is going to want it to end any sooner than necessary. The UK economy, and the mental health of millions of people, will be f***ed beyond belief; but they'll go back to their mansions in N Yorkshire and elsewhere, made for life off the back of a couple of years of abusing UK taxpayers and voters. Unless they are held to account, by a far-reaching and fearless judicial enquiry - led by some judges with real backbone, who don't like hillwalking much. Then we might see some justice - and some long stretches behind bars for some of these deliberate crimes. We can but hope.
  12. Just checking before I answer in more detail... So you definitely believe that government ministers, their families, and their crony chums, are NOT enriching themselves hand over fist at the expense of the general population? Likewise, Sunak's billionaire Father-in-Law and wife have definitely NOT trousered Ā£millions through furloughing 10% of Infosys's UK staff, whilst have a 10%+ uplift in YOY revenues and profits? Ā£billions of taxpayers money have NOT been given in crony contracts to companies, run by friends of and donors to, the Tory party... The government's support of small businesses and the self-employed has been exemplary, ensuring sure they are front and centre of the post-Covid recovery - and definitely NOT bankrupted and then drowned out by big businesses like Amazon, Infosys and others? And you're therefore 100% certain that there's no incentive, at all, for them to find new and improved excuses to keep the country locked down while they plunder away in a once-in-a-lifetime enrichment frenzy? Asking for a friend, obviously šŸ¤£šŸ‘
  13. This is an interesting aspect of the online battle, and I've noticed it a few times... Interestingly enough, it seems to be a bit of a repeating pattern on my Microsoft News feed (which I really must turn off,) and in places on this thread too. It seems the way that it goes is that the media outfit (or HPC poster) disagrees with someone who feels they have a legitimate question they want to raise about an issue (the vaccines in this case...) Not content with just saying "no, the info on the vaccines is correct, and here's why" the journalist (or social media poster) takes it upon themselves to make the explicit extrapolation that anyone asking a question about the vaccine must - by definition - be a "QAnon / Alt-right / Bill-Gates-is-Beelzebub / 5G-fries-your-brains / Trumpian / flat earth nutter. " Thus seeking to discredit the original (possibly quite reasonable) question, by deliberately conflating it with other (in reality totally unrelated) issues which are - indeed - absolutely bonkers.... I recall one from Microsoft News a few months back, along the lines of "what happens if your Mum doesn't want the vaccine...." and then went on - within the first five lines - to expand to "so you're talking to your Mum on Zoom about the vaccine - and then you suddenly, for the first time, see the Flat Earth poster on her office wall...." Then it went on to her having a confederate flag on her desk, lifesize blow-up Donald Trump sex toy in the background, and a lizard costume hanging on the back of the door.... I kid you not. That's how it went... (I made up the bit in italics for mild comedic effect, obvs.) Did anyone else see that article, and / or has anyone else spotted this unfortunate tendency online? It certainly seems that someone is executing a full-court press to suppress dissent against HMG, for whatever reason, but it's a disturbing (and not particularly intellectually honest, IMHO) development.... Curious times. B2
  14. Sunak. "The Next Prime Minister..." crow the "Furlough Crowd" - sat round their BBQ in the garden, still quaffing beer 11 months later, living the high life and thinking he's some sort of Saviour / Genius. Utterly incompetent, banker-shill clown. Spaffed Ā£billions up the wall, trying to buy the next Top Job when BoJo inevitably gets the boot. Needs time in Strangeways, not No. 10. "The most dangerous man in the UK" and no mistake - by a country mile.
  15. There are some awful threads on here... but there are also other reasons I'm attracted back like a moth to a flame - and stuff like this is one of them!! Bravo Count
  16. Sadly a lot of the current trajectory suggests otherwise. When deaths dropped "the scientists" started scaring us with cases. Now cases are dropping, not only are they scaring us with deaths all over again, but Vallance last week came out with a new Covid Bogeyman - a "survey" that if extrapolated in a scary manner meant that the "dropping case numbers are nowhere near the real number..." And then we've got all the new variants; SA, Brazil, whatever new variant all the terrified Karen's find behind the sofa, when they're looking for the phone handset to grass their neighbours up to the Old Bill. I really, really want to be wrong. But I don't see lockdown ending this year, and all the Karen's currently on furlough, believing that "Fishy Rishi" is the new messiah, will be supporting it to the hilt and cheering it to the rafter because they think it's all real estate. The cognitive dissonance, when they find themselves right at the back of a 3000-long queue for a single, NMW delivery job for Amazon, and realising they were totally "had", is going to create a mental health crisis that will make the current pandemic of depression and suicides look like a couple of tramps having a moan on a park bench. We are only at the start, I fear
  17. By the time you add in (necessary) accountancy fees and (mandatory) Companies House red tape and fees, the difference is about 1-2% maximum. Obviously a huge tax dodging benefit for no holiday or sick pay, zero job security or legal protection, working 80-90 hours a week, and putting your house and sanity on the line <sarcasm> On the subject of Sunak, it's fascinating to see that he didn't declare his immediate family's (wife (richer than the Queen) and billionaire father in law) huge interests in Infosys (one of the world's biggest IT outsourcing companies, in case you didn't know) in the Member's register. He then set up the furlough scheme, from which Infosys (and his wife's other bingo money outfit) have trousered Ā£millions - despite having a bumper year vs 2019 (financials launched recently...) and there's no sign of that money being paid back. Finally, he's determined to push through IR35 legislation, AGAINST the advice of the TSC. Guess which IT outsourcing company will be one of the biggest beneficiaries, globally, of hoovering up all those available tasty government contracts, thus making them even wealthier than they already are.....? Oh, and did anyone mention Moderna? The company in which his <cough> "blind trust" <cough> millions from the GFC are heavily invested? Mandatory house arrest until everyone's vaccinated, anyone? Zero TFH conspiraloon theory here. All hard facts and publicly available. You almost couldn't make this level of corruption up - except Johnson and his cronies have pretty much made it the norm now, so folks just shrug and go "well, that's just what politicians do..." Even the MSM don't call it out anymore. Should be truly shocking, but somehow isn't...
  18. Because while feeding the foliage of those businesses with Furlough cash, Sunak has poured battery acid on the roots (the business owners) and up to 7.5m jobs in SME's are about to disappear. Blow with the wind; he wants everyone to work for his crony mates in Big Business - the plan has been clear since the leaked SAGE minutes back in March, and so far it's played out - step by step - pretty much by the book. Stay Big Corporate. Be a Drone. Create wealth for Tory mates. B**tards. B2
  19. No way in the current and post-corona world. Sunak has made it very clear that self-employment is a total no-go area from now on, by totally Excluding over half of the genuinely self-employed from any sort of compensation since March, while ruthlessly preventing us from trading and shovelling millions to his mates and family. Any time he and Johnson are asked the question in HoC, they either just lie about "unacceptable fraud" (yup guys - fraud is for your crony mates, we know, not the little people) or "Hands / Face / Space...blether...back to normal...bluster..wibble..." Don't touch self-employment with a barge-pole, until this corrupt lot are well back in the rear view mirror... B 2
  20. OMG - did it ever.... I did a "thick sandwich" degree (1982-87) and my placement was with IBM "somewhere near the Solent" (not saying where, exactly!) and it was utterly prevalent even back then. Two of my colleagues (both full time employees, and representative of the breed) freely admitted to going and sitting on the bog for an hour, reading the paper (might have been a euphemism for something - maybe they were "rubbing out" their incorrect answers on the crossword for part of the time šŸ¤£) because it was simply unacceptable to be "seen" to leave the office before 6pm. Even in a culture where we were all on flexitime, they were sh** scared to leave early - but never mind, we students were all off like a shot at 3pm on a Friday, if the weather was nice. In fact, I'd hazard a guess that IBM probably invented "presenteeism" (along with daft three-letter-acronyms such as the extraordinary "OAP" (Outside Awareness Panel - or f****ing "window" to anyone normal...) B2
  21. ^^ This. Honestly there is so much nonsense written on this thread that it's hard to know where to start. You can spot the people (like me) who run a legitimate business, which desperately needed a BBL to somehow scrape up the cashflow to stay alive, a mile off. Then there's all the wild speculation from a few bellends in the so-called "supercar" mags that think the fraud to put down fifty grand as a deposit on a supercar (that would then cripple the business / owner from a tax perspective) is rife, when it's probably a couple of wide boys who could easily get taken down in a heartbeat by HMRC. And then half the posters on this thread, on what is supposed to be a site full of decent critical thinking, follow the dog whistle and bark totally up the wrong tree. What seems to be missing from this whole discussion is the ludicrous posturing by that idiot Sunak - and all his Tory MP mates who've been gloating on Twitter etc - that creating Ā£tens of billions of NEW DEBT, to previously-successful taxpaying and job-creating businesses in the SME sector, is somehow a SUCCESS!! Ā£Tens of billions of debt, that will cripple the recovery, bankrupt the SME's most likely to lead the recovery, and never get paid back. It's time the numpties in this country woke up and realised that "Dishy Rishi" is the TeaBoy Chancellor who should NEVER have been given this job. The YTS Kid who's barely found his way round Parliament in his first 5 years as a rookie MP, but who was put into High Office - way beyond his experience and talent - as a Cummins puppet and a banker shill. How come THAT is not the outrage being expressed on this thread?! That's the single most important fact that will b&gger this country coming out of this made-up crisis, and nobody seems to care one jot about it... Oh well. As you were - back to banging on about a non-issue, and demonising anyone who's bothered to have the balls and savvy to set up their own business in the last decade.... Have fun. And no doubt Mister Cr&ppyCrutch will be around in three minutes to offer up some quality trolling - which I can confirm in advance I will be ignoring!!! B2
  22. Morning Bruce. I used to think you were a bit polemical about Johnson, and had a bit of a bee in your bonnet. Got me thrown off the Brexit thread I recall!! But now, I'm starting to think you were 100% correct. The latest whopper came this week in PMQs... Anyone familiar with the plight of the 3m "#ExcludedUK" will know that a lot of smaller business have had - literally - zero income and zero compensation since lockdown in March. They are going bust, and are going to take an estimated 10m jobs when they go down. Even the Treasury Select Committee - led by one of his own backbenchers Mel Stride - unanimously reported back last week that the government was wrong in it's approach and needed to act urgently. That notwithstanding, the Blonde Buffoon boldly stated in PMQs on Wednesday (fully documented in Hansard no less) that they government has given "a Ā£25k grant to every business." Bold as brass, just like that. He's been challenged to retract the statement / apologise for misleading Parliament and the nation / just get on and make it happen, but nothing. Well, nothing - except he then repeated the straight untruth the following day in a BBC interview. The man - and his sidekick Fishy Rishi - are just unbelievable; in every sense of the word. After several months of disagreeing with you Bruce, and just putting him down as a not-very-bright buffoon, not really on top of his brief, I'm inclined to now join you on the side that says "this is now truly out of hand, and needs to stop..." Worrying times. B2
  23. This ^^ A close friend is an NHS specialist; 2000+ people a month are not receiving urgently-needed cancer treatment because of Covid-19. The same is repeated across many other specialities. My own son has been waiting for important kidney surgery for 6 months now; op was planned for the week after lockdown, and cancelled indefinitely. Phone call from hospital last week, he may now receive it sometime in the next 6 months - unless it becomes an acute, life-threatening emergency in which case it's a blue-light job. So he'll potentially have waited 9 extra months for surgery because of Covid-19, and hopefully won't become an emergency or (please god) a "Cov-ictim." So yes indeed, look at the excess deaths. They are FACT. Tens of thousands of excess deaths have occurred because of Covid-19, but without having been any close to HAVING it. They have died because of the lockdown and the paralysis of the NHS (especially in recent weeks, when numbers in hospital have plummeted) through BJ and his cabinet stooges scaring everyone witless through their ridiculous posturing, so much so that a large percentage of people are too scared to set foot outside the door for fear the CoveyMan gets them. This, IMHO, is the true tragedy of this crisis. Tens of thousands of needless deaths, WITHOUT C19, because of the wider paralysing effects of the government's reaction.
  24. Please can you indicate how you come to that conclusion? I've looked at the graph at the link you provided - the rolling average is flat up to the current end-point, and the daily numbers after that are visibly lower. I'm unclear as to how that will take the rolling average up, when the subsequent numbers are down. An insight into what you mean by "close to going up for the first time since..." would be helpful. Especially for those who didn't click through - but have subsequently commented thus potentially perpetuating what might be an erroneous inference... Thanks. B2
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