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  1. Eldest son is looking for digs with student friends at college in London. They think they've found somewhere half decent, and now the landlord wants a guarantor for each of the tenants...  All good so far - I'm happy to put myself down so he has somewhere to live, and I don't mind making sure he's OK. But here comes the interesting bit.


    Letting agent uses some "outside" agency to "vet" guarantors; they are not willing to do any sort of proper credit referencing process - instead they are insisting on either my last tax return, or a full 12 months of personal bank statements.


    Is this normal? I've rented myself plenty in the past, and been a guarantor for others in a similar situation, but I have NEVER come across anything this intrusive before. Who the f*** do these low-lifes think they are - or is this the "new normal...?"

    • Apart from the total invasion of privacy, neither a tax return nor any amount of bank statements tells them if I can - or will - cover my lad's rent in the event of default. All smacks a bit of them having one off the wrist at the power they think they have, or sneaking through someone's daily finances "just because they can..."

    Thoughts welcomed. Thanks in advance.

    B 2



  2. On 03/05/2021 at 09:34, Octavian said:

    I agree, I think he has severe self-esteem issues which lead to a desire to attack other people. It's really tedious to see his posts pop up as they are so negative and get in the way of the otherwise decent discussion on this forum.

    Totally agree. I put him on Ignore months ago, as it's clear that he has serious issues of a classic "I'm Not OK / You're Not OK" fashion. Without his psychotic rantings this forum is a much better place to browse, find useful and informative opinions, and contribute from time to time.

    I can see he's howling at the moon about something on a regular basis, but all I get to see is the below... Absolute heaven!!




  3. 19 hours ago, longgone said:

    Not surprising got nothing out of covid not £1.

    I removed myself from the organ donation register though last month.

    They can get phucked.


    This x 1,000,000

    Zero cooperation, on anything, ever again from me for any government body from here on. They can indeed phuck right off to the ends of the earth, and if they ever come back I'll tell them to phuck right off all over again.

  4. 22 hours ago, satsuma said:

    Personal experience of this is that as a self employed small business the impact of covid on mental health was significant.  I got through financially in the end but it was hard.  The worst part is that employees got furlough and larger businesses with premises got massive grants.  In between there was nothing despite being VAT registered and paying tens of thousands in VAT.  The mental impact of being hit was bad and the impact of being singled out for no help was the kicker.  The Tory spivs are full of excuses about why this happened (too hard to organise ******** excuses).  The fact that 3million others are in the same boat is a tidal wave of mental health issues.  Media does not give a hoot as it’s not the usual news story fodder and of course they never tackle any big issues. 

    In exactly the same position here - and I feel for you as a fellow #Excluded. There have been at least 19 suicides that are known, among this group of small business owners thrown to the wolves by "the party of business" while that c*** Sunak weighs out £billlions to his crony mates. AND to his own disgusting billioanaire family.



    but I reckon it's the Tory and mainstream media view that the poor and unemployed have brought it upon themselves.

    Nope - this is sloblock. The troughernment know EXACTLY who they have very deliberately targetted -in a totally concerted campaign of economic genocide against small businesses and the entrepreneurial class, while the Big Boys (their mates and family - just check out Infosys' results for last year vs taking £millions in furlough - and guess who's Father in Law the Chairman and founder is?!) get fatter and fatter.

    Quite the contrary for "the poor and unemployed" - they've been relatively well looked after, compared with small business owners who have been forced to stop trading, and seen their income drop by 100% with zero support.

    Lifetime Tory voter, for my sins. Never, ever again for these c**ts, and I will fight to my dying day to see Johnson, Sunak, Hancock - and my own MP Jeremy Rhyming Slang - hounded out of office, polite society, and anywhere else they feel safe after they are voted out.

  5. 5 hours ago, markyh said:

    Bloody right, no need to vaccinate kids or the under 30's at all. Over 2 weeks now since my 1st AZ shot and i'm still going, but i have already told the wife, there is 100% no way i will agreed to our kids (both school age, one a teen, one under 10) having any of the current vaccines. 

    They want to vaccinate kids, spend 5 years developing a proper vaccine the old fashioned way, with lots and lots of testing and data, neither of my kids will even be in their 20's in 5 years time. 

    This +1000

  6. On 09/04/2021 at 13:15, Riedquat said:

    The AZ vaccine    Covid19   fear is paranoia, pure and simple, from people who aren't mentally capable of getting their heads around the numbers involved and wet themselves at the mention of the word "risk."


    Driven by a flawless campaign of nudging, misinformation and abuse of behavioural science by Johnson, Hancock et al. supported by the MSM.


    If you think, for one moment, that the governbankment has been "incompetent" in any way in this crisis, give your head a wobble and return to the back of the class, where you came from.

    They have played an absolute blinder. For all the wrong reasons as far as 99% of the UK population is concerned.

  7. You can f*** right off, you spoiled silver-spoon GS shill. You are the most utterly unqualified and incompetent "Chancellor" we've ever had - and with Broon in the frame, that's quite some accolade.


    You actively discriminated against me, as one of 700,000 Limited Company directors who cannot possibly "furlough" ourselves without killing our businesses. But I've survived, and will survive going forward...


    I've furloughed three staff, with my own tax money...But I won't be taking them back on; I've pivoted my business and their jobs no longer exist (but thanks for putting the "redundancy conversation" off a few more months.)


    And I will survive long-term, despite your best efforts to kill me off.


    But will you "Mr Sunak" - when the country wakes up to the fact they were bribed with their own money, to make you look good on your disgustingly self-masturbatory social media feeds? I think not.


    And when your Bankster mates wake up to the fact that you've cost them BILLIONS - through crashing the real economy for your vain political ambitions.... I believe there are a fair few grassy knolls in and around Kirby Sigston.


    I genuinely don't fancy your chances, you ****. And I won't mourn you for a millisecond.

  8. 2 hours ago, Bruce Banner said:

    One of my favourite quotes, I make no apologies for repeating it here...



    I made the mistake of quoting that on Facebook in June 2020....  Got an immediate ban for 48 hours, and all sorts of Death and Valhalla warnings that I would be silenced for good if I "transgressed" again.


    Censorship is alive and well - and as someone said earlier the government propaganda department (including JTRGI and 77th Brigade) have played a blinder.

    They have totally convinced all the Karens (male and female alike) that they are indeed under attack, and anyone "not obeying the rules" / questioning the probity of mass vaccination etc has - literally in a lot of cases - killed your granny.


    Worrying times.

  9. 22 hours ago, satsuma said:

    Crazy, crazy, voodoo freakonomics  



    The guy is the worst thing to happen to this country, politically and economically, for decades (and that's a pretty high bar to get over already...)


    Sadly 90% of the population think he's the Messiah, because he's bribed them to stay in and drink Stella for a whole year, with their own tax cash.


    And lots of people are touting him for the next PM.


    We are well and truly f***ed, unless someone finds a handy grassy knoll somewhere in a London park....

  10. 32 minutes ago, Bruce Banner said:

    It looks like we may be able to go to France earlier than I thought, albeit with a negative Covid test, if the UK government lets us out that is. 

    Covid-19 pandemic: France eases travel for UK and six other countries - BBC News

    Excellent news @Bruce Banner and thanks for sharing a ray of light.


    See you over there soon - I'll be sailing as soon as restrictions are lifted; how will you be getting there?!

  11. 1 hour ago, Riedquat said:


    When it comes to the  long -term  Covid vaccine effects   we're just left with the catch-all "but there is a risk", always something that people making arguments in the name of safety fall back on. It gets given far too much weight these days and is a card that always gets played because nothing is ever completely certain, but it needs much more than that to not be straying into the realms of paranoia.

    Edited for  you, and now played back in the opposite direction...


    This is what we've been hearing for a while, since the (original virus) cases and (associated) deaths started to fall...

    • "What about (long)Covid...?"
    • "What about <insert variant name> Covid mutation...?"


    No hard evidence that either is a substantial issue or threat, but the same "whataboutism" that is now being dissed in terms of 'vaccine hesitancy,' is apparently OK when it comes to anything that can drag this out even longer (whilst the Tories and their cronies gorge on their once-in-a-generation enrichment opportunity...)


    A bit like "we'll be driven by data, not dates" from the corrupt lying chubby lad - until of course the data tells him something he doesn't want - at which point it doesn't work the other way round, and he's very much going to be driven by his initial dates, and b*gger the data...


    What weird times we live in. And even weirder that so many former cynics on this forum are 100% convinced that the Tories, the Establishment, and the 1% TOTALLY have only their best interests at heart - despite incontrovertible evidence to the contrary going back over decades!!!

  12. 5 hours ago, debtlessmanc said:


    sorry, i did not realise i had wandered into a bunch or paranoid conspiracy theorists, i will keep out.


    LOL. Conspiracy theorists?


    FFS - It's all over their OWN bloody websites. 77th Brigade and JTRIG are so bloody c***sure of themselves they don't even have the courtesy to try and hide themselves!!!!  Please DYOR research, before you slag off other people who a) know how to use Google and b) can read...

  13. 8 hours ago, Dr Doom said:

    I wonder if 77th brigade is active on here

    Of course it is. And JTRIG.


    I mentioned this a week or so ago, before ducking out for the sake of my sanity, and was set upon furiously by "Chesspiece Boy" and his mates - all of whom vitriolically called me all the c***s under the sun.


    Notably, though, they didn't respond to A SINGLE ONE of my comments about the government's concerted bullying and harrassment of its own citizens and taxpayers, through online domestic terrorism and thought control. They deride and insult everything else, but are suspiciously silent on that one matter, for reasons that I think any forum member with a few brain cells will be able to infer in a hearbeat.


    Having done said ducking out of this thread, they've stopped insulting me - presumably hoping their state-sponsored activities will get buried in the 1555 and growing pages.


    So here we go again. 5................4..................3.................2..................1..............


    AND GO!!!!

  14. 18 hours ago, captainb said:

    Don't be silly. 

    I think it should be all given to people who have spent the last decade paying themselves via dividends rather than salary to avoid tax. 

    As they paid a lower rate of taxation for decades and avoided paying national insurance if you belive the press and labour its an outrage that they haven't been treated the same as those who have paid PAYE in full .. Even though the salary they choose to pay themselves is covered 

    Expect the "excluded" to feature heavily in the budget 

    I normally like your posts elsewhere; balanced, considered and generally reasonably well-informed.


    And then you come out with total ignorant claptrap like this. Do you have ANY idea of the financial mechanics of running a limited company, and what the REAL differences are in terms of taxation / take home income are for a company director?


    No, I thought not. Please do your research, and find some facts, before flailing around like this or you make yourself look very silly. Either that, or it leads to a suspicion that a former lover / partner / spouse might have left you for a "company director," you're still hurting, and your emotions are overcoming your normal logic!!

  15. 53 minutes ago, MattW said:

    At least they're freehold houses and not leasehold flats so I'll give some credit where it's due.

    Absolutely this.

    And you can pop the laundry in the washine machine, then go for a s**t in the "lounge" while the pasta is cooking....before you go and eat a stand-up tea in the "no place for a table" dining room.

    Job's a good'un. I'm in - where do I sign up for asking price +10% so I don't lose out? 🤣

    I bet the "developer," who thought they couldn't lose on this, is going to lose a whole more than their Depression White Evoque!! Heart bleeds....

  16. 2 minutes ago, TheCountOfNowhere said:

    Jeese, we're all losing the plot.

    Indeed. Seen a lot on HPC in the last few years, but I've never actually been offered outside by someone who is clearly getting very stressed.

    Neat post and good video though - thanks for the gentle defusing moment; I'm leaving the discussion for deffo now, as strangely enough I care enough about other peoples' health (both physical and emotional) not to want to inadvertently exacerbate what sadly looks like a developing crisis.

  17. 15 minutes ago, Brave New World said:


    Oh I thought you were the one taking leave of this thread. 

    Sorry who was the one that was talking about a smack in the face and talking to someone face to face? A good example of your style of posts. Offer still stands.



    And, naturally, you didn't even answer my question. Classic diversion trick - and not even very subtle.


    For the record, my original observation was about a general style of posting, and about people using language that would likely get them in trouble on the street. I made no reference - either direct or indirect - to you personally (or in fact to anyone else,) but you have now made two direct and explicit threats of violence to me, personally, in two consecutive posts.


    I think that gives everyone else a pretty good sense of your own style of posts, and where your head is. Do you wash your own brown shirts, or do you have someone else do that for you? (It's a rhetorical question; I'm not actually interested in your answer, which will no doubt come with more threats.)


    I'm glad we're only "meeting" online. I have a strong sense that we wouldn't enjoy each other's company that much.


    Adios for now. Maybe see you somewhere else when it's all calmed down a bit. Maybe we can even shoot the breeze about houses sometime? I'd like that....



  18. 5 minutes ago, Brave New World said:

    To the second highlighted point....Seeing as tho many of these keyboard warriors spreading lies and misinformation, as seen here, have made my wife's work become far more testing to the point where her own health and life are on the table I'm perfectly fine with fronting up in reality, if you fancy a trip to Oxfordshire I will talk the same to your face chum. The cost of lies, of painting the NHS themselves as being part of the problem is utterly shameful. But in you odd logic I'm in the wrong for finding this view contemptable. 


    To your first highlighted point. You've rather outed yourself there. Arpeggio posts being your level. Do run along now.

    LOL. Big hard man...


    I'm not going to respond to the growing extinction burst in detail, but I'm fascinated to know how or where I said what I've bolded above.

    I think whatever is going on in  your life and your head, fella, you might want to take a break from this thread for a while as well, because it's not playing well for you at the moment.

    "Do run along now..." Patronising pr*** - you've won me over with that one, and no mistake!!!

  19. 1 hour ago, Bruce Banner said:

    Why are they idiots?

    Not just idiots Bruce, apparently...


    Something the village idiots (sup it up Bruce) on this thread and beyond were intellectually incapable of doing. Like a bunch of medieval pitch fork wankers.

    Sexually self-sufficient as well.

    As I mentioned over the weekend, I'm genuinely surprised at the level of abuse that is tolerated on HPC these days, against anyone who hasn't quaffed the Koolaid and doesn't follow "the narrative..." like a good serf.

    I forget exactly what is what that I posted on the Brexit thread (albeit I recall I was, once again, working away in a crappy Swedish hotel on yet another freezing cold Nordic night, so I was probably "over-refreshed" and I appreciate that I overstepped the line that night) BUT - it was never anything as polemical and vile as the stuff that's coming out from a small number of, IMHO, excessively authoritarian types on here....

    • Authoritarian types who scream and shout and accuse others of "lies, misrepresentation and harm" without seeming to understand that they are guilty of exactly the same in the opposite direction; the untruths, exaggerations, corruption and harm to peoples' mental health in lockdown are UTTERLY CATASTROPHIC, when compared with the actual deaths of people "with" (not OF) "Covid"
    • I don't understand why or how the Mods allow that level of abuse to continue, when others have been put on Full Moderation or just straight banned, for far less (IMHO) misdemeanours.
    • It's the sort of stuff that - if one of the keyboard warriors responsible came out with it in person, in real life - would result in a smack in the mouth, or worse.


    Seriously, what was once an interesting thread has degenerated to a point where (again, IMHO and I know others will disagree, as is their prerogative) it no longer adds value or enlightment.


    I'm out. See you other threads to discuss other issues around - you know - the price of housing and stuff!!


  20. 2 hours ago, hotblack42 said:

    Time to make the spread of anti vaccination propaganda or lies and incitement to anti vaccination a criminal offence under international law.

    It's medically & economically dangerous & collosal waste if time for those engaged in it and unnecessary work for the health authorities forced to counter it.

    If there is a downside it will emerge under long term academic scrutiny.

    A small number of people will be allergic to a given vaccine and a some will die.  That's true of many therapies.  Get over it.

    Wow. Just WOW!!!


    Gotta hand it to the gubbermint, JTRIG, 77th Brigade, and Sunak buying 90% of the population off with their own taxpayer money. They have played a BLINDER.


    Anyone who considered, for one moment, that HMG and the cream of the World's Civil Servants in Whitehall were incompetent - as opposed to superbly organised and ruthlessly effective - should look in the mirror in shame. 


    Welcome to Hell. Remember where you saw it first, because I certainly won't.

  21. 3 hours ago, Brave New World said:

    Thanks ever so for joining the thread late, missing all of the lies and misinformation posted on here from last spring onwards. 

    Those lies and bs from the cargo cultists you feel ever so sorry for and seek to blame people on here for reacting to....the type of crap that has personally impacted by wife's work as a nurse.....away from the threat to health as these bampots spread this stuff. Another pandemic of idiocy in our times.

    You are obviously pretty inept at your supposed profession if this is you take on the thousand plus pages here. And do please take that as affirming your first bullet point. 


    But yeah this is a covert honey trap treacle. 





    LOL. I've been following the thread all along; I've seen plenty on both sides. I just haven't bothered to get too embroiled in the poo-flinging, toy-throwing and general insults, until such point as I personally felt I wanted to comment.


    You have no idea how competent I am professionally, but thank you anyway for a) trying, unsuccesfully, to divert the conversation away from the point I made on JTRIG (anyone who reads the third link - the GCHQ training content - will spot the "Discredit" tactic immediately, in a neat little QED moment,) and b) implicitly 100% confirming the rest of my point through the polemical and unpleasant nature of your response.

    As does someone else, in a similar vein, to another poster who also dares have a different opinion.


    I wasn't addressing you.

    Please, f**k right off and never come back.

    What is it about you folks that mean you can't have a civil conversation and argue the actual points, rather than trying to quell discussion and "dissent" by increasingly vile attacks?

    Again, it's all very obvious and straight from the playbook;

    • Is it possible that more and more people, across the whole of social media, are cottoning on to what's happening and you're having to respond with a classic "extinction burst?"
    • (Again, it's straight from the BS playbook - despite your flailing attempt to diss me, I'm actually very good at what I do.)


    Tata for now. I'm not going to spend the rest of the day arguing with you, as I have other things to do which are far more enjoyable than being abused and insulted by a total stranger.



  22. 2 hours ago, Mikhail Liebenstein said:

    Some here don't wish to be let out.

    The Government can perhaps provide them a basic welfare cheque, and some budding entrepreneur can set up a COVID Radio/TV channel with broadcasts maintaining there is still a pandemic and urging caution. For a little variety they might introduce new alert systems and variants every now and then.


    Maybe we'll get ourselves an up to date, Covid-generation Hiroo Onoda as well?!

  23. 14 hours ago, nightowl said:

    Aha, let me have a guess about the poster who has done this yet again😆   I believe the unofficial name for this behavior is the "straw man fallacy" behavior mindset, but I'm sure the psychologists have a more scientific name for it and it probably crosses over with other conditions....so to answer your question, it probably is "yes" given its so well recognised.

    There seems to be some real bile on this thread, directed at individuals who dare to challenge "the narrative..." Not healthy debate - just insults, denigration and slagging off.

    Quite similar to the original "Brexit" thread, in its heyday (if that's the right word...)

    • No doubt I'll come under imminent fire again from the usual suspect/s, trying to put words in my mouth / diverting the conversation / insulting my intelligence and my very being...
    • So be it. I'm a Behaviouralist by profession -and can see straight through this sh**. It's straight out of the BS (ironically, standing in this one instance for "Behavioural Science!") playbook, and I'm not going to be cowed and silenced by it.

    I wonder where its come from, and what's behind it. Any thoughts folks?




  24. 35 minutes ago, Megadebt said:

     was just questioning the apparent contradiction as to why you have rarely posted on this thread, but also unhappy that the opinions here are not diverse enough for you.   head. bang. table.

     Also noted that we all have BS filters, so tolerating (sincere individuals) cranks to post actually shows what others are thinking and talking about: that human factor. 


    Again - that's not what I said. There ARE diverse opinions, but they are immediately set upon by individuals who seem very unhappy at people not agreeing with them 100%, and therefore denigrate and insult them. "head. bang. table..." being one of the milder ones, alongside all the "denialist cranks" nonsense.


    The denigration and level of insults is a concern, and is EXACTLY the same sort of "Negative / Immediate / Certain" consequence management technique, straight out of the behavioural science textbooks, and vigorously employed by the paid trolls on all of Sunak's social media posts, with the specific purpose of crushing any debate or dissent.

    • There's a reason our taxes are being paid to The Clerkenwell Brothers to try and manage Sunak's online brand - and it's not for our own good, or the good of democracy.


    On a side note, I see you commented earlier that you're a "new member" (or similar words)

    I note you joined in 2015, but didn't start posting until April 2020 - at which point you were immediately attracted to this thread, like a moth to a flame. I can't be bothered doing a detailed percentage analysis of your 28 page posting history, but any casual observer will spot immediately that by far the greatest number of your posts have been on this one thread; followed by "coronavirus-related" threads, and then finally the "Brexit - what next?" thread.

    Sure, there's a few in there on other issues (to throw up some chaff maybe?) but it does seem that you're somewhat obsessed with this subject. Maybe that's why you're disappointed that I don't share your fervour and 60 posts / month passion?


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