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  1. Sorry - I just tried to look back through all the podcasts on the LBC website, on the days I was driving to the location I was visiting on that day, and can't find it. Shame really, because he made an even bigger "Jeremy Hunt" of himself than usual, on that occasion... Mind you, they weren't going to put THAT out there for posterity - the only things you'll find on that pr***s page are "O'Brien owns Granny from Thurrock" and "Brexit caller comes on - O'Brien's perfect response..." and guff like that. But I was fascinated, whilst on the LBC website, to see a) the amount of real bile towards him on his own comments page, and (sadly) b) the extent to which he seems to be (and is boasting about) getting rich from being a total w***er and on-air troll... P.S. Love your edit Maffo. I had to go and Google "Baizuo" and now have a new word in my vocabulary, and a very apt one at that for O'Dicksplash.
  2. Well it's certainly muddled / panicky sort of thinking. If you were a motivated seller, you'd hope that - just maybe - a balanced and half-professional EA would provide better advice of the "how not to look like you're so deep in the s*** that you might almost give it away" variety... BUT - a whole load of EA vermin are up to their necks in BTL. They thought "pwoperdee" was a one-way bet, and were too hubristic (or just plain ignorant) to recognise they needed to run any sort of balanced, risk-mitigating portfolio like a normal person... Real-life example? Farnham's most obnoxious EA (and boy, is THAT a field with some heavy competition!!) held on to his family home while doing another "development"; expanded his nasty little sales and letting (Oops!) business into three or four other local locations - with a commercial mortgage on each of the new satellite offices; and according to school-gate legend is also up to his eyeballs in other BTL investments (and there's usually some validity to school-gate legend - even if it's only because someone's Missus has been gobbing off about how superior they are to everyone else...) Well done mate.... a nicely diversified portfolio there - I mean you've got residential property (OO and BTL)....commercial property....and several EA offices dependent on the, err, property market making you a living. Genius, I tells ye!! Would it not be knicker-wettingly amusing if, in this case in this thread, the apparently muddled thinking was because the scummy LL, and the scummy EA, were in fact one and the same person?! I honestly think my Schadenfreudometer would explode, if it turned out that was the case. I wonder if there's any easy way to find out, without blowing three quid on a Land Registry search?
  3. ROFLMAO... 3-4 weeks back, a caller came on and had the temerity to suggest he thought Brexit would be good, and was already benefitting him and his wife on the following basis... He was in the building trade (IIRC - or something closely related) and his wages had actually gone up noticeably, as a lot of EE's in his local area had gone home since the referendum... O'HalfBrain is in there like a rat up a drainpipe to ridicule him, citing some report that said it wasn't happening. "Err, it's actually happening here...." saith the caller, and gave numbers. Again, "NO NO NO NO NO...." from O'HalfBrain... "it's JUST NOT...." (starts talking over the guy as usual...) "S***..." you can hear him thinking... "I'm in trouble here...one of my darned "Researchers" has let through a Brexiteer who doesn't sound like gravel-voiced-Granny-Ethel-from-Dartford, or some other token "Brexit Thicky" that I can openly patronise..." Then the caller starts talking about his wife's sitiuation. She's a pharmacist, and has found exactly the same thing - lots of job competition in her field seems to have left the UK as well, and therefore her wages have gone up... "NOOO NOOO NOOO..." O'HalfBrain wails. AKA "That doesn't fit my simplistic Sixth Form debating society narrative, so it must be wrong..." Followed by (out loud now) "Obviously you're a typical Brexit racist, and so is your wife...." and the usual talking-over-someone-who-disagrees-with-me BS. "Err, actually she's Indian mate - not sure where you get the idea of racism from..." saith the caller. This is all going in the wrong direction for the intellectually lazy ex-Minor Public Schoolboy Leftie, so obviously the guy is silenced, O'HalfBrain prattles on a bit more about how he's right, and presumably the guy was part of the plot to murder Jo Cox or some boll***s, and then we go to the news.. Anyway, back after the news and the adverts, and O'HalfBrain has clearly got someone to do some Googling. What are we treated to, as his laser-like "dissection" of the previous caller's "obvious lies?" "See, I knew he was lying, and here's why. I've just source TWO reports (ooh, clever you - you got TWO Researchers on it, did you?") and here they are, proving that things aren't as good in the Pharma sector as he said... The first was someone from the head of some Pharmaceutical industry body, (therefore nothing to do with "being a Pharmacist!!") who had trotted out something about some of their members moving manufacturing abroad after Brexit. A decent soundbite I guess - although GSK (one of the biggest Big Pharma companies in the world) have announced they've already re-registered their entire product range to be compliant and exportable post-Brexit, so it's no big deal. But worse for O'HalfBrain, it was completely irrelevant to the argument in play, however he seemed to completely miss that in his smug rush "to be right" as he always has to be. The second was even more laughable... A report from a big operator of pharmacies (I forget which) saying they were having to reduce staffing in some of their branches, and close a few, "because there was such massive competition for staff, and they were struggling to recruit..." OK, so at least he got the correct sector, but apparently O'DerrBrain (despite having studied Economics and Politics at the LSE!!) didn't seem to understand the bit where they did Supply and Demand If there are more jobs chasing fewer people, guess what happens to wages dude?! Maybe you're caller might have been right - but obviously that couldn't be allowed to happen, could it?! But no....all of this "evidence" was trotted smugly and condescendingly out to prove he was right, and the caller was of course a thick, lied-to, didn't know what they were voting for Brexit Racist. "Methodical Dissection" my ar$e!!! The guy is so full of hubris that he's incapable of listening to anyone else who disagrees with him... and so intellectually feeble and slow-witted that he's incapable of debating an issue properly with an opponent. Any faintly articulate caller who doesn't come on and start with "Ooooh James, I love your show...I agree with everything you say....ooh and your book is the best thing since the Bible" gets ridiculed, talked-over and then ultimately faded out. And his Researchers usually seem to do a great job, ensuring that the only pro-Brexit callers who get through are either moronic Northern UKIP activists, or Cockney Grannies who come on and say stuff like "it woz better in the old days, you know before all them immigrants" so that O'Thickster has someone marginally below his own IQ level to bully. I'm honesty astonished that Global keep him on the books. I can only imagine that his listener figures are dwindling by the month - the handful of echo-chamber acolytes, who want to rub themselves off while talking to him like it's some sort of 0898 line, can't be a bottomless pit - surely soon the owners will realise he's not bringing in the advertising revenue any more and fire him. Can't wait for that day, when he's finally off air. KK. Rant over!! But I just can't stand people who claim to be right all the time, when they're clearly as thick as mince despite a really expensive (Ampleforth and the LSE) education.
  4. LOL. You've clearly not listened to James O'Brien recently, and have not yet been properly educated to know what the "REAL FACTS" are.... Didn't you know - every single one of the 17,000,000 who voted Leave is a de facto "racist..." was "lied to...by nasty liars, don't you know" and "too thick to know what they were voting for..." Anyone who thinks anything differently will just get talked over, patronised, condescended-to and generally sneered at. If that all fails, just start with the ad-homs... Sadly the echo-chambers that are O'Brien's drivel "show" on LBC, most of the output of the BBC ("Luther" excepted!) and 50+% of this ghastly thread, are peddling their propaganda at such full-throttle that I think some of them are starting to genuinely believe what they trot out!! B2
  5. Please can someone indicate at which point in the podcast this part starts? I regularly turn on O'Brien in the morning when I'm in the car, because I think it's important to know what people who I REALLY disagree with me are thinking. I'm open to being wrong, and to learning... But he is such a sneering, condescending, intellectually dishonest and sometimes downright plain thick-as-pig-sh!t "presenter," that I often find myself turning right back off again in less than ten minutes - before I scream myself hoarse, at the constant parading of his banal and poorly-informed opinions as "fact." With that in mind, I'd love to hear the right part of the podcast, but I'm not willing to pollute my ears with his utter bellendery to trawl through and find it!!! Thanks. B2
  6. I've almost stopped coming here as well (lost old email address, so had to sign up again with new username, but I've been around since 2010 as a (previously) active reader and poster...) Part of that is because of the ads, but a much bigger put-off has been the increasingly asinine, narcissistic and point-scoring exchanges on some of what used to be the best threads of all. Biggest case in point for me the "BTL Scum Regrouping" - the so-called "party thread," which used to be a daily draw for me - I'd pop in for no other reason than to check out the latest soap opera-esque goings-on of Busta, Ros, 'Nessa and the rest of the 118 / P/Tripes goons. That whole thread has recently been hijacked by two keyboard-warriors who just 'won't let it lie' (h/t Vic and Bob...) One who once wrote a half-decent e-book, but now seems to think s/he is the greatest academic brain of all time (my mental picture - an egocentric, pontificating junior teacher with no social life and too much time on their hands) and the other who appears to be the Zombie rebirth of the Venger-bot. Both popping away at each other endlessly, in increasingly long and tedious posts / cross-posts, making troll accusations etc, when TBH I can't see what they're even arguing about. When I sauntered over at some point yesterday afternoon (in guest mode) that particular thread was alive with the sound of hubris and teeth-gnashing, and there were three or four other threads with posts on the same day - the rest of the first page seemed like it was all threads with "last posts" going all the way back to the previous day. And Page Two was all at least a day old, going down to 2-3 days old at the foot. The only thread with real life in it was the "Brexit - What happens next" one, and I'm not planning to waste any of my life reading the sectarian drivel on that! (By way of a real-time update; at the time of typing this the last thread on Page One ("The Smoking Gun") was last posted to 23 hours ago - I honestly can't remember when the forum was as dead as that, at any time let alone on a Thursday afternoon...) Maybe the time for this to be a relevant and vibrant forum has passed. I used to be on here every day - usually badly to the detriment of my productivity - and it looks like I'm not the only one voting with my feet. Shame really. This used to be a place where I learned stuff and had fun. Now it seems to be a place for a small number of "troll-hunters" and pontificaters to wave bits of their anatomy about and try to look clever... Ads - yeah they're bad. But IMHO they're a sideshow compared with the real reasons I don't bother to come over much any more... B2
  7. Great tool and thanks. What happened to the "Add a Comment" function? I added a comment to a local property, which went live and then disappeared less than 48 hours later - and now I can't see the "Comments" function at all. Have I sinned somehow?! Did the EA get the hump and demand it was taken down, and now I'm disabled from adding / seeing comments, or is there some other explanation? Not really that arsed about the comments function in the long run, TBH, but am interested. In the meantime, thanks again - it's great to see some decent falls building up from the kite-flyers in GU10 :) B2
  8. Yup. How about you're an ex-Foxtons dude, possibly with quite a few shares from your days there... Then you set up BornYesterday Estate Agents in DFL-on-Wey, a famous sleepy Surrey town full of ex Barnes and Putney lawyers and other effluent..... Followed by some good old hubristic extra local branches, swallowing up a couple of SheetGobbler and Sons operations along the way - whilst doing a couple of major (guess what?!) housing developments on the side. Hey - what could possibly go wrong? Diversification? That's for sissies who dun got Business Degrees and sh!t man. We're the Hubris Boys, who make P118 look positively sensible. I think I may also die from a popcorn overdose, before this is all over. But no doubt his every-smarmy Missus will keep looking down her nose at everyone around her until the very last. I wonder if The Herald will report the bankruptcy hearing?! B
  9. I've heard that one before as well, and did consider it before posting!! Sadly, knowing my own rather dull surfing habits I know it's not the case - if it was, it would be more likely to show up a Screwfix or B&Q pop-up
  10. And from an in-thread advert from the same page... Well, I suppose that's one solution. Not the most immediate one that sprang to my mind, but the way the book and consulting phone call sales are going I guess there's some tough head-scratching and brainstorming going on over there... B2
  11. Yup. Me too... It's like I personally gunned down the "Patron Saint of the £3 CarWash"
  12. Yup. Facebook "Friends" list being cleaned ruthlessly right now. There are people you tolerate, because your kids go to school with their kids, and it's a smart move to "play nice..." Then you get patronised by some c***, who comes out with sh!te like "I hope you can sleep well tonight, in the storm. Jesus did, so I will also try to..." At which point I'm afraid I just think " **** off and die, sandal-wearing-tw@t.... I now realise why I thought you were a total c*ck all these years. Now our kids have left school, I have no reason to spend even one further second in your weird and judgemental sphere of influence..." Refreshing really. Independence Day has come a bit early for me, no matter what the referendum outcome
  13. You are, surely, having a complete and utter fecking giraffe, aren't you? What I posted earlier, from that gobby Remain tool, has been absolutely typical of the sh!te coming out from their camp. RACIST....XENOPHOBE...KNUCKLE-DRAGGING...F**KTARD - I've not heard anything like that - not even once - from the Leave side who are apparently supposed to be the neanderthals..
  14. Thankfully only a friend of a friend, so no need to hit the "ctnu" button!!
  15. And some more. I'm almost speechless - I assumed it was a wind up at first, but this Remainiac's follow-up responses were completely aligned with the original.. First post; Well time to be diplomatic. To anyone voting leave, you're a ******ing idiot who hasn't thought through the consequences. First thing you'll achieve is instigate the break up of the United Kingdom as Scotland get a 2nd referendum. Then a ******ing recession. You're not an expert of economics and you're not an expert of constitutional law. So listen to a couple and make a ******ing logical decision. Jesus H. Christ. One follow-up, after some reasoned debate... Mine isn't, like I say neither of us are experts on economics or constitutional law. So I've listened to experts and taken their advice. Thr question is: HOW IS YOUR OPINION MORE IMPORTANT THAN PEOPLE WHO HAVE SPENT THERE ADULT LIFE RESEARCHING THESE FIELDS? And finally... It does. If you can't make a logical decision almost by definition you are a idiot. '******ing' only stresses my frustration. Like the man says... Jesus H Christ...
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