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  1. ^^ This. Honestly there is so much nonsense written on this thread that it's hard to know where to start. You can spot the people (like me) who run a legitimate business, which desperately needed a BBL to somehow scrape up the cashflow to stay alive, a mile off. Then there's all the wild speculation from a few bellends in the so-called "supercar" mags that think the fraud to put down fifty grand as a deposit on a supercar (that would then cripple the business / owner from a tax perspective) is rife, when it's probably a couple of wide boys who could easily get taken down in a hear
  2. Morning Bruce. I used to think you were a bit polemical about Johnson, and had a bit of a bee in your bonnet. Got me thrown off the Brexit thread I recall!! But now, I'm starting to think you were 100% correct. The latest whopper came this week in PMQs... Anyone familiar with the plight of the 3m "#ExcludedUK" will know that a lot of smaller business have had - literally - zero income and zero compensation since lockdown in March. They are going bust, and are going to take an estimated 10m jobs when they go down. Even the Treasury Select Committee - led by o
  3. This ^^ A close friend is an NHS specialist; 2000+ people a month are not receiving urgently-needed cancer treatment because of Covid-19. The same is repeated across many other specialities. My own son has been waiting for important kidney surgery for 6 months now; op was planned for the week after lockdown, and cancelled indefinitely. Phone call from hospital last week, he may now receive it sometime in the next 6 months - unless it becomes an acute, life-threatening emergency in which case it's a blue-light job. So he'll potentially have waited 9 extra months for surgery because o
  4. Please can you indicate how you come to that conclusion? I've looked at the graph at the link you provided - the rolling average is flat up to the current end-point, and the daily numbers after that are visibly lower. I'm unclear as to how that will take the rolling average up, when the subsequent numbers are down. An insight into what you mean by "close to going up for the first time since..." would be helpful. Especially for those who didn't click through - but have subsequently commented thus potentially perpetuating what might be an erroneous inference... Thanks. B2
  5. 100% not true in terms of getting a Bounce Back Loan. You're conflating two totally different things - Rateable Value Relief and Bounce Back Loans. They are completely separate, and BBL are available to any businesses that weren't already in trouble on 31 December 2019, and continue to trade but are impacted by C19. However, to the original point... the small print says BBL funds can't be used to buy property, and the new "draconian" powers Sunak is bringing in will have any misspent funds returned quicker than you can say "illiquid asset..." B2
  6. Obviously I wouldn't wish either of them any harm personally (although I and millions others have been sorely provoked by Sunak's smug negligence) But.... While they're self-isolating, maybe we can have a couple of people stand in who actually understand business, who can find a way to protect the 10m+ jobs that are going to disappear when currently-unsupported small Limited Companies go bust in Q3. Now that would be a real silver lining, for millions of people currently #Excluded from help. B2
  7. That is correct - Lenders don't take personal guarantees under £100K loan size. HMRC, on the other hand, will rip you a new backside and do something nasty to the resulting orifice, if you act outside your responsibilities as a Director. I do feel it's important some of the misinformation on this thread is put right - otherwise you'll all (and quite rightly) get high blood pressure thinking small company directors are milking it. Trust me, we're not. There are about 5.5million small Limited Companies in the UK, employing upwards of 11 million staff (mostly c
  8. I've made some corrections to some of the common misconceptions above, about what Limited Liability really means. You're not alone though - so many people have no clue how it works - even Therese Coffey (Work and Pensions Minister, for heaven's sake!!) managed to make a 100% inaccurate statement of how Small Limited Company Directors pay tax on dividends (deliberately ignoring the fact that 19% Corporation Tax has already been paid on the profit, before another 7% dividend tax goes on top.) If it makes you feel any better about the "scam," anyone doing what you suggest above w
  9. Ye Gods!!! I was born in a maternity home in Ulverston, when my parents lived in Barrow-in-Furness. That is insane. Don't be fooled; that is NOT the "Lake District" "proper." I am very fond of Barrow because it's where my family comes from; my Grandad was a plater in Vickers Shipyard (now BAE I believe) and at least in the older generations you couldn't meet nicer people. BUT, it's always been just the shipyard, a bogroll factory, and endless multi-generation benefits families, at the end of the longest cul-de-sac in the country (the A590) Lowick is just up the road, but th
  10. I'm a frequent visitor to PPrune*, and haven't seen that anywhere. Doesn't come up in any searches either ? There's a discussion over there about not being able to get Travel Insurance that covers losses due to Covid-19 (the Qantas thread) but I can't find anything that says that you can't get insurance if you've HAD C19. Extensive Google searching also brings up nothing along those lines, and I have tried to search your previous posts to find your original reference, but there are quite a lot of them! I'm sure you're right, of course, but please could you repost the link to clarify
  11. LOL and QED respectively. You really are a card!! Projecting, my ar$e. What I am actually doing is pointing out that you have chosen a data source that appears to support your narrative, but that due to your complete and obvious lack of any real expertise in the specific field of study, you appear incapable of discerning that as a data source it is utterly meaningless. And your final point is also nonsense - all it does is confirm my belief that the "Remain narrative" is all about clutching at straws, chatting uncorroborated sh!!te, and throwing increasingly manic insults at anyone w
  12. Sorry to rain on your parade, but all this shows is that you have found some random website that appears - at some intellectually masturbatory, but actually very superficial, level - to support your thesis. Ergo you're happy, and I can understand that. However, any dataset that suggests Germany "leads" the UK - in any way, shape, or form - in the field of Health and Safety, is just laughable. It's a well-know fact in the (my) HSE profession that Germany is one place you DON'T want to work, on the simple basis that any company that has enough safety officers on the payroll, and can
  13. LOL... I can't say I agree from an environmental perspective - but I like your style problem-solving-wise!!! B2
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