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  1. Stonehaven. We did think he'd paid a bit much for it to begin with but that was 'the norm' 2013/2014. Same is true for the William Mackie area where prices were up over 300k for a 4 bed detached and were going on the market at the start of this year for 245k and still not selling.
  2. Neighbour just taken down his for sale sign today. 3 bed semi bought about 5 years ago for 245k. Was on market for offers over 200k and just accepted 185k after being on market for 18 months and no real interest. Said he couldnt afford to take the risk of it going down any more so would rather take a 60k hit than a 80,90,100k drop. Has wiped out all his savings paying back what he owes.
  3. Just catching up with posts after the holidays. Interested to read the one about car sales being good. I know of two sales folk who were paid off in the last 6 weeks of the year due to lack of business, . One from the Vorspung Durch Technik chain and another from just down the Road near Halfords. So not all rosie on the vehicle front it would seem. Work wise its situation normal in the N.E. The only jobs I've heard about in the last month or so are to do with the Nigg harbour extension and these were for Environmental posts. Also heard not to expect too many construction type pos
  4. Interesting price for this house that came on this morning https://www.aspc.co.uk/search/property/350502/40-Michael-Tunstall-Place/Stonehaven/ has come on at £270,000. Very similar to the property along the road https://www.aspc.co.uk/search/property/343571/1-Michael-Tunstall-Place/Stonehaven/ Currently priced at £322,500 having already been reduced from around £330,000 Is this a seller either desperate to get rid because they are moving away or is it an E A being realistic if you want to get a sale Either way its a whopping £52 K difference for what is ultimatel
  5. This is exactly what i said in my post many months ago regarding Dundee. 40 years ago Timex pulled the plug overnight and its taken them 40 years to get back on track (ish). I see Aberdeen exactly the same way, one industry employing the majority of the city and surrounding areas has come to an abrupt halt and there is absolutely nothing to fall back onto.
  6. http://www.jobsinscotland.com/article/norwegian-firm-gets-2-300-applications-for-just-46-jobs/ Scary figures
  7. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2016/09/11/former-north-sea-oil-workers-are-finding-a-second-wind-in-renewa/ Interesting piece
  8. I found this very interesting seeing as how China was mentioned by shortbread a few posts ago http://uk.businessinsider.com/chinas-cnooc-largest-oil-operator-in-scotlands-north-sea-2016-8?r=US&IR=T
  9. Should that not read Aberdeen 'had' the fastest rising house prices. I was just reading the full article in the Dundee Courier and it's amazing how the Aberdeen Journals have picked out certain words or missed out words just to make it look like Aberdeen is still booming. Why let the truth get in the way of a good story eh !!
  10. I worked on a certain new gas plant recently on a small remote island. Out of the 40 or so guys in our office i was the only person paying the proper tax to the HMRC. Every other bloke there was on some kind of isle of man/Jersey umbrella scheme with some paying as little as 3% tax. No matter how many times you told them it was illegal and one day they would regret it they just laughed and used to show me the companybwebpage that stated it was 100% legal, HMRC approved etc etc etc. And this was just in our office, there were hundreds of guys on the same schemes and tax dodges. Fortunately
  11. And the reverse of the above. http://m.heraldscotland.com/news/14383552.Aberdeen_becomes_only_city_of_20_in_UK_to_see_an_annual_house_price_drop/
  12. "A more grounded population". I couldn't agree more. Dundonians couldn't care less what happens in Edinburgh, Glasgow or Aberdeen, they look after themselves and have their own voice (thinking back to the referendum) along with their own sense of humour. None of my family or extended family work in O&G, none of my friends work in O&G, despite being only 45 miles away i find this quite refreshing that many Dundonians haven't upped sticks and moved north to jump on the bandwagon so to speak. Maybe they all still think, as my dad used to tell me many years ago, "its too bloody cold
  13. I am originally from Dundee having being born there in the late 60's. Everyone in my family worked for Timex, my dad, mum, brother, sister and most of my auntie and uncles. Most families had a link to the latge Timex factories that were scattered around Dundee. For those who dont know it is/was probably the largest mass producer of wristwatches in the world. Then Sir Clive Sinclair got involved and Dundee started producing the worlds first 3D camera, the ZX 81, the ZX Spectrum and even parts for the Sinclair C5. Then one day in the mid to late seventies Timex pulled the plug (from a hazy me
  14. I can confirn CCC you are correct. I worked for a large subsea company for a couple of years via an agency in Aberdeen. My agreed day rate was paid in full and the agency billed the company seperately for my services
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