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  1. Wow - I was not that far off was I in 2007 - thanks for that. Apparentlly "I have also been placed on the Moderation queue" not sure why..... I'm not a BTL or a troll, go look at the rest of my posts. Nope, just an bear that's now a OO. Don't assume that most people are in it to make money or keep you off the housing ladder. I don't know many in it for the profit - most of us don't care about profit or loss. The majority of people, just want a home or a bigger home. Personally, at this stage in my life, I'd be very happy if national HPC and my house was worth £1 tomorrow, because then I could buy that farm I want for £2 - who care's about a 50K debt to a mortgage company in this senario?
  2. There's certainly a big job ahead - but I doubt it's all over for UK PLC. Complex systems have a habit of self correcting despite attempts to steer them (believe me I know, as steering them is my job). I don't think that means an HPC sadly, as that's the focus of every politician's/banker's attention, but some emergant property will cause an affordability correction in the system over time. So I have faith.
  3. Actually, to most that I knew it wasn't clear at all - I thought there was a bubble, so did a lot of posters on here, but I certainly doubted if I was right as things just kept on going up. *Most people* (the one's in the big wide world outside HPC) didn't even think about it, they just got on with the cashing in, putting the bins out and feeding the cat for the next 3 years. Nope, I certainly didn't expect it. I thought at the time that houses would continue falling and I'd lose money - but money wasn't what it was about - I just wanted to own a home for my family that I could afford. I locked into a 5 year fix that would protect me if inflation started, but in hindsight it has been expensive at 4%. That's the thing about hindsight - you never seem to have it until after the event However, if I had my time again I'd do exactly the same thing - every decision I made was made honestly, with forethought and based on my personal situation. That's the measure for life. Bottom line: don't try and game the market if you're in it for a home, rather than profit.
  4. @TMT - Man! Didn't know you still were around mate - proper oldschool reunion! Thought you did and before me too?!
  5. Hi guys, It's been years since I last posted but thought my experience might help someone: When I joined HPC (not this forum but the one that preceded it) I was a renter at the start of my professional career. I had to rent because of money, work and location. In fact when I joined this "new" look HPC in 2004 I was saving to get married, not for a house which I really thought was beyond me. Time moved on and this forum kept me going as I had kids, saved and waited for the right home at the right price to crop up. In 2010 things finally all came together and I bought a the large family home that I had been waiting for at the right price. In thought again about this forum the other day when some neighbour was gleefully telling me how much his house was now valued at and seemed surprised I was not as happy about it as him. You see I now worry about my kids affording property not myself, strange how life moves on! So I guess that's really the message if I have any "Life moves on" This forum is great for keeping you going while you save for a home (if that's want you want), but be careful of being brainwashed - life moves on out there in the real world. When should you buy a home? Well, you will get your own home if that's your goal, but do not wait for the fanfaire of a national HPC, it's all about individual local oppertunities, so keep your eyes open and save in the meantime as they happen all the time. You won't get the first, but you will get a home - it took me 4 years of searching, so keep going. So do I believe there will be an HPC? Well I hope so, but sadly no, we got as close as we could in 2009-12 and the powers that be made it perfectly clear that UK PLC could not afford one by moving heaven and hell to prevent a huge dip. The most confusing thing? Why OO's still believe rising prices are a good thing. OK, for downsizers it has benefits, but for everyone else it sucks. Trying to explain this is like banging your head against a brick wall! Oh and for anyone about to press the flame button - seriously, really? Remember, I was you 10+ years ago - will your future self agree with what you write now in 10 years time...or will you be a different person? Think before you flame - life moves on, and you're part of it whether you want to be or not.
  6. ......are sadly stuffed and need to wait a few years. It doesn't make it right, but life never claimed to be fair.
  7. Don't be - I wasted a lot of emotion on HO mates - if I'd just stopped and thought I'd have realised that was equally barking as buying an overpriced tiny house. I chose to rent because of my job and circumstances. So HPs rose, why would I care it didn't change my position any? Right? No I worried about HPs and felt jealous of my mates with houses. I made my choices, my mates made theirs - the difference is I don't worry about meeting the mortgage or having to move if I have another few rug-rats. That's not to say their choices were wrong, they were just different. Of course that's all easy to say when you're an HO and not caught in the thick of it - but my advice: Be wary of dropping into HP obsession, do what's right for you right now and get on with enjoying life. If you want to buy, the right house will turn up at the right time and at the right price - but you have to be looking not obsessing and waiting for a HPC to run its course.
  8. Yeah, so am I now - that said "caring about something" and still "not worrying about it" aren't incompatible. I care about how my classic car looks and I don't want to damage it, but every time I drive it I don't worry about crashing it. What prompted me to come back and post was exactly that - I bought a renovated ex-MOD 1950's 4 bed from Annington. For over 18months I haven't cared about HPs, my addiction to HPC was gone. Anyway, there are 6 other houses in the community that have been gradually sold off by Annington as military peeps have left. One military couple bought back the house they were living in - they're nice guys and we were all pleased as it all seemed unfair (despite the fact that we were the peeps buying the homes!). They told me how much Annington had asked for it and the others that were up - it was 10% more than we paid for the same house (exactly) but we had a much larger plot. I had a mix of emotions, one of which was totally unexpected "Wow! My house is worth more than I paid for it". Barking! Basically the act of buying a house has now affected my logic functions - and if it affected me then it will probably affect others. QED what I thought of as selfish/mad/greedy HOs when I was an HPC bear, are not. They're just peeps like me/us at a different stage in life.
  9. That's the point mate - this is life - it isn't a betting game unless you're a BTL...are you?
  10. @brickwall "which estate agent you working for " None mate - go look at my bearish history using the forum search tool - there's 7 years of it! Just passing on some knowledge up to you if you want to flame it
  11. Hi guys, I don't know how many of the old posters are still on here - big hello those to peeps who remain. From 2004 until 2010 I used to post on here, before that I posted on the original site circa 2002 - 2004. Anyhoo, in 2010 I bought a house - my job had changed (and my slary with it), I'd got married and was about to have my second child. It was the right time for me, basically, but I really agonised over buying. So where am I 18 months on? Do I think about house prices? Nope. Do I worry about money? No. Bizarrely, even less than I did when renting. I am not saving for a house anymore, I have 2 years mortgage money put aside (not hard as virtually no mortgage), but that's it now. Do I worry about my job? No more than I did. So what has changed? I actually care how much money my house is worth, and I said I never would. That's embarrassing and I know it's an illusion, but it shows how HO's think. My home going up in value makes me happy, I'd be dissapointed if it fell in value - completely barking, as I bought EXPECTING HPs to fall, and I expect to move on to a bigger place so falling HPs in my situation would be good. So what am I trying to say? 1. If you have the cash to comfortably afford a 25% fall in value or 10% IRs, have found the right place, and you're at the right time in your life to buy - then screw the market and buy, don't hang on. A house is a home not an bank account. 2. if you are going to be stretched once you've bought then DO NOT BUY 3. We're all potential HOs and will all eventually think like them - it'll be our kids on this forum or another like it riding out the next bubble - it's all rather depressing! Anyhow - that's where I am now and it's been an interesting (and enjoyable) journey to get there. The best thing? I don't worry about HPs anymore - I just worry about getting my kids into the best primary school..........actually, that's no better really!
  12. As a security expert I have to say why would your average criminal bother cracking chip and pin - it has no real practical use for criminals there are easier methods: 1. Screw up the chip - forcing the clerk to swipe the card and ask for a signature 2. Point security camera at key pad in shop 3. Order stuff on the internet All (and more) are used extensively and the banks know it. First rule of pen testing is to go round an obstacle, if you can, rather than through it - hence the defence in depth mantra etc.. However, the result of the number 2 is the bank WILL claim you gave out your pin - so beware if this happens to you! Doesn't surprise me they tried to hush it up though - just the complete ineptitude at doing it.....
  13. You're right - not all inflation is good. My comment was a general one and I didn't buy because I thought general inflation was coming and would help - it'd just be nice if it did for me. That said, in my experience, whatever happens over the next 8-10yrs will be a complex mix of inflation/deflation, real HP falls and adjustment. The result will be that HPs will come back into line again - the trick in my case is to hedge myself so that I'm as likely as possible to survive the lot and hold onto the house. Whatever happens in the meantime price whys doesn't really matter, as long as when I want to sell I can. I've tried to do this as far as possible, but there's always risk attached. Edit: On an aside, in my sector (and bear in mind it's specialist, despite expecting dire years 2009/10/1 we're seeing wage inflation. Last year we held settlements at 1-2% in expectation, the result is that this year we're seeing loads of staff resignations to the extent that I now have a growing resourcing issue. Basically, if someone's good they're gone at the moment, and competitors are paying where we're not - it's very frustrating!
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