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  1. Completely agree. We bought a bigger house in mid 2017 and paid 2.5k less than what the house sold for in 2004. The house we sold went for 25k more than we bought it for in 2008. That was after we spent 25k improving it....
  2. Well my wife and I have finally capitulated and bought a house. We’ve bought it for the same price it sold for in 2004. I’ve just ticked over to 40, our current house is becoming too small and I basically don’t want to wait any longer. It’s big enough to see me till retirement and has a granny annexe to move elderly relatives into. However whilst we have paid the sale price in 2004 I still feel it’s overvalued. We viewed loads of houses near us (NE) and almost anything over 300k is people over 65 downsizing who need megabucks to move to a bungalow which the younger generation cannot afford to pay. There are some absolute kite flying maniacs about but it’s being lovely asking them what they’ve done since they bought it, one owner said new carpets and painted, this apparently added 25k in a year. The whole market is fooked.
  3. Clean the cache on the phone. On iPhone go settings > safari > clean data... it was doing the same here, guess the site was hacked and then quickly fixed.
  4. Absolutely. I find that no one wants to make a decision and that all projects get postponed. If a decision hasn't been made by November end then it'll be well into the new year before we get the green light to go ahead. It's like a productivity black hole that runs from end of November til start of February. I now take 2 weeks off every xmas (I'm now part of the problem!) as its pointless being present...
  5. Asking prices are increasing. Selling prices are a different matter! I'm not so negative about all the current news, the long term trajectory of property prices is down. I'll just have to retire earlier if it doesn't come down in a time frame that suits me. We wanted to move abroad but for a few reasons that's now off the table. We fit neatly into our current house but something bigger would be nice. No way am I going to financially cripple our family unit to get it though... I'm still absolutely convinced that we'll see a crash.
  6. I've found the opposite. As long as you back things up with evidence you're treated equally. If you rock on up with opinion your expected to defend it and if you can't you're treated as you should be. Its a refreshing corner of the Internet. I don't pretend to understand all the economic theory that's shown but that's my failing. If I want to argue against it upto me to rise up not for the forum to come down. Also, there are definitely more trolls and I've been reading this site since 2008.
  7. Same happened to me recently. I had a 2k overdraft for over 10 years and it was reduced to £400 a couple of months ago.
  8. That Darlo house is nuts. However they paid 374k in 2007 and as we all know there's been massive infrastructure improvements / job creation / a gold mine discovered which means its now worth an additional 75k on top of that 2007 price...
  9. I fly this regularly. Its about 2 hours from home to Schippol - door to door so to speak. Half hour to airport, half hour to clear customs and 1 hour flight. Looked at the Netherlands as a place to move - bubbletastic there too.
  10. Well next door to me just sold for 5k over asking and a house I went to view 6 months ago went for just under asking. Prices still bonkers but very little else shifting. Looking at transactions for last year in my area they're down to a third of 2016. I'm still not seeing big drops, I wish it would hurry up and tank.
  11. This seems to be the narrative for a few people now posting on here. Like there's going to be a next leg up to the boom. People have become divorced from intrinsic worth and when rates rise it's going to be a blood bath.
  12. I saw this and didn't understand how it qualified as 'news'. Smacks of state / VI propaganda. To anyone with half a brain (immediately ruling out all Daily Mail subscribers) it's obviously nonsense.
  13. Like spy guy said it hasn't completed but if it does then yes. The house originally was up for sale for 2 years at 135k and they bought it for asking 8 months ago. I couldn't believe they did it but hey ho... Apparently 2 relocating Londoners love the place and have paid 162.5k for it. Probably pocket change for what you'd get in London. However a 2 minute RM search would show you could get a 3 bed detached for the same money so it all seems 'fishy' to me. I'm harbouring a suspicion it'll be rented out...
  14. Absolutely agree, bad choice of words on my part. I think they've finally realised that it might not be happening. I've explained to my mother a cash sale shouldn't take 2 months... i know your a northern lad so you'll appreciate 162.5k for a 2 bed semi doesn't represent good value in County Durham (ex) pit village
  15. I keep having this conversation with my wife regards people she knows buying houses currently. I've came to the conclusion these people pay absolutely no attention to the news or take 5 minutes to think about what they're doing. Loads of stuff near me coming up for big money and being reduced month on month. Still lots shifting at the bottom end 100k to 150k, nowt of much consequence shifting above that. A relative of mine bought a house for 135k 8 months ago and has just managed to sell for 162.5k to some Londoners for cash, haven't exchanged yet though so they may be getting spooked!
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