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  1. Doesn't work for me. I'm looking at buying a house in the west country, but as soon as I see SSTC I delete it from my shortlist as I assume no reasonable offer will be considered.
  2. Savills sell property, they make money on each sale. They love a HPI market and I bet they're hating the current stagnant market. Maybe they think they can earn more if LLs start a cascade of BTL sell-offs.
  3. I think it's worth going into this in some detail to explain the benefits of Bitcoin. It gives decentralisation partly because anyone can mine new Bitcoin (I'm thinking of doing so myself). None of us is going to start digging for gold. It gives decentralisation because no government agency (BoE, Federal Reserve, ECB, etc.) can shut it down - there are thousand of nodes around the world, mostly anonymous, so it's virtually untouchable. I believe further it is a 'mass liberating proposition' because I can send money to someone abroad and it never goes near a bank, and charges are low. Migr
  4. Do you have the private key? If so, you don't even need anything else but the address, you could recreate your wallet on a new device or online. Without the private key you're pretty well stuck.
  5. That's an interesting view. I'm guessing you've not driven a quality EV like a Tesla or a BMW i3? I've got an i3 and could never go back to a piston car, any more than I'd give up my smartphone for a landline.
  6. The Note is just a hybrid, albeit the engine isn't connected to the wheels. In terms of plugins, examples would be the BMW i3 REx (range extender - uses a BMW motorbike engine) or the Chevrolet Volt/Vauxhall Ampera which can be a series hybrid, parallel hybrid (engine and motor together) or conventional petrol car.
  7. Anyone else had a go at Bitcoin lending? I'm on Poloniex. As 1st August approached I got 3% for mine. I see this morning you can get 5%. 5% per day is really hard to ignore, but given the impending fork I've not succumbed, and put it in a hardware wallet instead.
  8. I don't think that's going to happen myself. Some houses without off road parking may get nearby charge points installed. The majority I suspect will have to go to rapid chargers to fill up (which would take about half an hour) or to a local supermarket or shopping centre to use a quick charger (which would take about 4 hours). The general approach will be to get a charge where you are for how long you are there, there's no benefit in filling up all at once as people do at a petrol station.
  9. That is the model we use - we currently provide 10000 miles of free home charging with each car, but once we can sort the finance we will provide all home charging included. Longer term we will also provide national network charging too. As you say, the mobile phone approach is what people seem to want.
  10. I don't see there being any contest between batteries and fuel cells for cars; batteries have already won, and most remaining fuel cell projects for cars are being wound down. For bigger vehicles, though, I can see fuel cells having a place - particularly for heavy haulage where you could have hydrogen at major distribution points. Hydrogen is never going to appear at all the existing petrol stations - they will either go over to charge points or shut down.
  11. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water: Brexit to Hit Aberdeen Worst as London Set for 2.6% Output Fall
  12. You have various options: 1) Councils are getting funded to install on-street charging where they get requested 2) Get a long range electric car like the ZOE and charge it up only when you need to (for some people once a week is enough) 3) Buy a PHEV Disclosure: I left the oil and gas industry to form an electric car startup. I'm very happy to answer any questions on electric cars and PHEVs. I have no interest in arguments about how electric cars are the end of world, batteries are mined by poor children in China, that EVs produce more pollution than a Hummer, or the
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