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    "no Onward Chain"

    Rather unscientific I know, but I've just done a Rightmove search over a rectangular area of the M4 corridor from Ealing out towards Maidenhead, for all properties under £350k listed within the last 3 days. Of those, over half have a description including either the terms "no onward chain" or "investment opportunity" (or both). Landlords starting to dump, or am I just seeing what I want to see? I've been searching this approximate area for about 2 years, and I swear I've never seen this number of no-chain properties before.
  2. The entire area has gone crazy. If you head about a mile or so east from there, 2-bed flats on a development a couple of hundred metres downwind from a massive sewage farm regularly go for around £300k. It stinks on many levels.

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