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  1. Legit this... You’re all being far too melodramatic about this virus.. Can we just remember the deaths are down to existing health conditions and EVEN then deaths reported as testing+ in 28 days.. F’ing hell, seen some ridiculously smart people unable to think outside of a tv box. Going to leave milk and cookies out for Santa too? Expect vaccines yearly, love to see how many keep it up for a second or even third. JUST like I said at the start of lockdown, stop being dramatic. Look what’s happened now.. More people in shops, all the idiots who were militant are now dodging rules now for their benefit.. Typical ‘oh it’s okay if we go to xyz’, boozers can’t go drink etc less and less people caring.. So, either everyone’s ‘selfish’, which wouldn’t surprise me or it really IS NOT THAT BAD.
  2. You can add booze, drugs & everything on tick to that list.. Also equality mate.. women are just as guilty..
  3. I do love their Hoison duck wraps when I'm feeling bouje
  4. Spot on. I kind of feel like the lack of care from the government and pitiful handouts (1k for wet pubs for example) they actually want a restructure and to crush the current economy mostly retail and hospitality.. I’ll reserve my opinion because it will trigger a herd.
  5. Im voting M&S or John Lewis next in terms of 10,000+ jobs.. Who really buys anything from there other than the snotty middle class types who think they're too good for a bargain at Aldi.. Admittedly I buy work shirts from there but now I work in a dressing gown.
  6. Used to know someone who dealt with asylum and immigration.. The sheer amounts who are coached into passing all the tests for cash, houses etc are ridiculous.. People rocking in to interviews wearing designer & Rolexes sometimes.. A lot of their employees come in, learn the system then switch sides and ‘consult’ in order to get people in to the country.. Nothing they can do because they just tick boxes.. Cost of deportation.. 10-15k per person lol
  7. One thing not in the speech.. Switch from RPI to CPI for DB pensions & SLC. LOL... Brilliant.
  8. Nah.. The rhetoric of the beneficiary have nots will be: We f^ck the boomers, we don't get our inheritance.
  9. Yes. None of the above. They have other personal issues.. Unless they're sheltered snowflakes.. Disclaimer: Millenial
  10. The same applies to private sector.. My best raises have been from leaving. The problem is that these people have had ample opportunity to be comfortable with retirement but fall into the one more year.. Comfortable life etc category.
  11. Thanks for being reasonable. Im referring to an age but that’s probably a generational issue..
  12. Bit worse than human nature and unprofessionalism.. Pretty much completely against the morale of being a doctor.. You’re a doctor, you probably already know.. Look towards the sub 32s.. Not hard for someone educated to spot.
  13. I can tell you right now.. Nurses and doctors aren’t innocent, I know of countless NHS staff at all levels who broke lockdown rules.. Furthermore who’ve mentioned about what some of the doctors get up to in their spare time out of work.. They aren’t saints. I think pre employment checks that are actually thorough not just a box tick exercise should be thorough for ANY public sector employee. The only division who do this are the police.
  14. Smart and financially savvy are two separate things.. I know people earning 6 figures in a variety of roles who haven't the slightest clue about investing and wonder why they can't retire. Going to work and not knowing about finances is like watching comedy and not understanding the jokes.. Comical really.
  15. Can tell you right now it does not.. It builds an attitude to others poor life choices.. If someone makes incorrect choices that's nobody else's fault but their own. Similarly the most 'liberal' and 'empathetic' are those who have had stuff handed to them.. My parents still both do well even after the whole family having to endure hardship, would I be better off had this not happened? Yes. But I would have nowhere near the same mentality of money or work to make money. This maintains good life choices and work ethic whereas those who have stuff handed to them ie 'spoiled' are quite still believing in negative elements of spirituality such as karma whereas you do well and are a people pleaser etc you deserve good jobs and will get what you want.. Then get into the world get reality checked and regress. Unless you're elite and spoiled you're waiting for mum and dad to kick it to make up for your poorly taught work ethic and lack of backbone because of being 'spoiled'. The world isn't nice. Adjust. I predict Frugal although has parents who did well was taught and built upon the grounds of work ethic and although may have received help, was taught the foundations and principles behind it.. Not just I ask mummy and daddy and I get what I want. Similarly if your parents are late 50s and not retired. Choices. Would I happily accept an IHT at 100% to my detriment.. Yeah, as long as everyone else does. You'll see who's trying and who's coasting.
  16. I totally understand the rhetoric about younger generations splashing money on cars, holidays, Gucci etc to feel value in something.. It is to an extent true and is very difficult to find like minded people.. Most are about the 'sesh' though and this I can guarantee, even people from well off families.. In reality, this has continued into 30s for a fair proportion and then by that time unless you're on 50k+ and have a stringent saving mentality.. Pick 2; marriage, kids, house or retirement. Not bashing boomers as I can understand what they see.. But they've encouraged it as well.. Your kids.
  17. To put it as a one liner to mr/mrs/ms/alien/(still in work?) boomer: “So basically inflation eroded the value of your debt, increased your earnings, homes value AND your pension”
  18. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/business-55011477 Millions of public sector workers face pay freeze “It outlined that in the "interest of fairness we must exercise restraint in future public sector pay awards, ensuring that across this year and the spending review period, public sector pay levels retain parity with the private sector". “In September the Office for National Statistics calculated that public sector workers on average earned 7% more than private sector workers last year This should be interesting..
  19. Haha.. Never thought about that one but I'm definitely going to be using that next time a generational argument comes up!
  20. Bloated box ticking public sector please..? Oh wait Cummings is gone.. No chance.
  21. Couldn't agree more but they've got the reasoning totally wrong.. Hopefully mummy and daddy kick the bucket before 70.. When I have kids they're getting a net worth figure + inflation each year before they get anything 🤣.. The amount of parents I see in 'decent' jobs saying oh my kids are free to do what makes them happy not what makes them money... Erm, what... My parents do fine, but without work ethic what the hell is your child.. An entitled do-gooder? Just how my parents never took money off of me when I went home the third year of uni due to relationship breakdown.. I would never (key) EXPECT them to sort me out. I was gone within a year. Happy childhood but being told 'no' a lot and seeing them prioritise really gives you the work ethic and stimulates your mind to adapt to rely on how YOU can solve a problem not how mummy and daddy can.. The amount of entitled and babied idiots out there 26+ still living with their parents (IN THE NORTH) is astounding. Your parents are your last resort ASSUMING they can help you. Grow up and make your own way.. Disclaimer: If southern, none of the above applies..
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