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  1. Top tip.. 6 letter/number surname on a plate for a few hundred quid.. Saves thousands and opts out of number plate snobbery plus even the new car folk are like 'ohhh you have a private plate!' (little do they know its cheap as chips if you manage to get one)
  2. I did.. For a used Land Rover lol.. I dont understand why people buy new cars like these when the used market is absolutely brilliant for bargains.. Had a non fault insurance write off and was sick of self repairing a BMW (same problems with every single bmw (pre2015), poor quality IMO) so I went for the least reliable brand ever!
  3. Thanks for the heads up .. I'll stick at around 8 then and start buying from holland and Barrett and see if lower works!
  4. I tend to take 12k IU a day.. I get very introverted during winter despite being one of those vocal souls.. I find it lifts my mood which is probably placebo but whatever helps. Amazon do high dose ones 4k 365 day tablets.. I only take them in winter.
  5. I sincerely hope that was off the top of your head because I will be using that
  6. Agreed with all of that although it could come from both sides.. Taxes in the form of CGT, IHT etc.. IE taking the middles assets, not off them, but neutering them, taking a portion and preventing intergenerational wealth. Far too many are climbing the ranks which although is contradictory to the 'since march Britain has lost 250k millionaires story', that's the point.. That graph is actually mental..!
  7. Jens referring to asset inflation so in reality.. Nah, doubt it; "inflation is low what do you want a pay rise for?"
  8. This ain't about the virus anymore.. This is literally money grabbing, trickle up economics whilst using typical distraction tactics.. Virus real? Yeah. But just look at asset prices.. Everything.. Ask yourself, would you keep it contained just enough to keep making easy money, especially when you're the one making the rules.. The poor already give their money through spending it gets funded by printing/borrowing money.. Trickles up. Keeps people off unemployment line so they don't step out of line. Guess who's going to be on the hook for this? Tax payers.. The middle.. The coincidentally 35+ who are usually the ones saying oh we should lockdown etc save people.. Tax is coming your way under the guise of paying for the virus unless you get your head out the sand lol.. Next line, vaccinations slow to roll out.. Extended.. Next line, vaccinations are only 60% effective so we need to get the second jab in.. Extended.. Then finally, vaccination doesn't work on new variant.
  9. Agreed.. I really really hate to sound like a conspiracy theorist but if anyone at all thinks this isn't monetary related now. You're a f'ing fool or too far left to be able to understand. Save the people... Init. Seriously.. Everyone with assets has made money.. EVERYONE. Everyone without has got poorer probs due to furlough or low paid job losses, self employed ruined, small businesses ruined.. It's so obvious by this point. Seriously if you're making easy money.. What do you do.. The same thing.
  10. Lol.. Basically boomers.. If you haven't made at least a million being born 50+ years ago there's something wrong with you; It doesn't mean you're clever. It's called riding a very easy wave given the way assets have grown..
  11. Death rate has been trending upwards since 2000 anyway..
  12. Are you guys actually being serious.. Its an intramuscular injection with poor NHS procedure.. Bang needle in hard and fast, whack the plunger like its an arcade game.. The pressure causes micro tears.. It's water based as well. This is normal..
  13. Rates will hit 0 before they go up.. Negative not an option.. Rampant inflation is a pipe dream.. Tell me where and how I'm wrong?
  14. Thats not what my Email and LinkedIn inbox says.. Exactly IT is an oversimplification.. Software and Platforms are a whole different ball game..
  15. And there we have it.. Come on petal.. The world isn’t sunshine and rainbows.. That’s why you’re here.
  16. Legit this... You’re all being far too melodramatic about this virus.. Can we just remember the deaths are down to existing health conditions and EVEN then deaths reported as testing+ in 28 days.. F’ing hell, seen some ridiculously smart people unable to think outside of a tv box. Going to leave milk and cookies out for Santa too? Expect vaccines yearly, love to see how many keep it up for a second or even third. JUST like I said at the start of lockdown, stop being dramatic. Look what’s happened now.. More people in shops, all the idiots who were militant are now dodging rules now for their benefit.. Typical ‘oh it’s okay if we go to xyz’, boozers can’t go drink etc less and less people caring.. So, either everyone’s ‘selfish’, which wouldn’t surprise me or it really IS NOT THAT BAD.
  17. You can add booze, drugs & everything on tick to that list.. Also equality mate.. women are just as guilty..
  18. I do love their Hoison duck wraps when I'm feeling bouje
  19. Spot on. I kind of feel like the lack of care from the government and pitiful handouts (1k for wet pubs for example) they actually want a restructure and to crush the current economy mostly retail and hospitality.. I’ll reserve my opinion because it will trigger a herd.
  20. Im voting M&S or John Lewis next in terms of 10,000+ jobs.. Who really buys anything from there other than the snotty middle class types who think they're too good for a bargain at Aldi.. Admittedly I buy work shirts from there but now I work in a dressing gown.
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