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  1. Good, pre pandemic new builds going round here were 25% LESS than post pandemic.. They even sold a few at that price too and the rest of the build they upped the price.
  2. City centre shopping car park where I am are also offering free parking this weekend.. Smells like desperation to me.. I get free parking anyway because I have underground access there, not paid for city centre parking in three years.. Still barely go.
  3. This looks like a prison or a ‘new’ high school building which also tends to resemble a prison
  4. This. Earn more, have more financial sense and have actual practical hobbies than half of these Russel Group Morons. Majority of them, their hobby is unhealthy alcoholism because the world isn’t what mummy, daddy and the career educators have sold them! Having an understanding of the way the world works and a ‘moderate’ education to degree level in actual applicable subject choice trumps a toffee nose attitude and a fantastic **institutional** education. No innovation in an innovate or fall short kind of world and that goes for life choices too, not just work related. They’ll be relying on mummy and daddy dying before they’ll catch up.. Besides, most of them do ridiculous subjects anyway. Lol.
  5. https://amp.theguardian.com/news/2021/apr/03/raise-my-taxes-now-the-millionaires-who-want-to-give-it-all-away 1) Mcgough & Stevenson. Very symbolic and a fantastic idea; this is what champagne socialism should look like..! 2) Kinda suits my 100% inheritance tax idea. (hate incoming from enraged coat tail riders)
  6. lol I’m a millennial and you are not wrong but that doesn’t mean you’re right.. I own my place and went through that period of frugal living whilst renting for a couple of years.. I get you’re mad at our generation of feckless idiots, like I am.. It’s annoying to say the least to see mummy and daddy kids get brought up with piss poor work ethic, stay based at home and live a life of Riley off the back of it.. Do they deserve a house? ^ That would be the case regardless... Lower prices will help you buy a bigger house if you do so desire, so I disagree.
  7. They can afford to rent. They’re enjoying the free ride in a nice home fully paid for. Human nature.
  8. Northern.. Still don’t get it. Was considering leaving a 1 star review on google for the piss take..
  9. Aside from businesses that rely on office workers.. I think its severely underestimating how much the plebs will go straight back to their die hard habitual spending.. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love for this new normal to stay, it’s kind of a peaceful life, but if you’ve got money in stocks, you’ve already backed a recovery anyway it’s going back to the norm one way or another minus a few pawns they managed to shift off the board (self employed / small businesses)
  10. Why does everyone seem to think furlough ending is going to cause a wave of unemployment.. It’s not. Anyone who was due to be made redundant who is on furlough will have already been..
  11. Lmao I didn’t read that properly thought it said month 😂 besides the point maintenance isn’t fixed forever all it takes is a slimy company.. re the indirect but very direct question, all of it, Ive been frugal since my school lunch money 😂 I lived like a monk for a few years.
  12. Already is.. See tinder profits.. I know women who pay as well it’s not just one sided 😂
  13. Thats my mortgage on a 4 bed detached.. Disclaimer: younger person.. Me no likey. Edit: lol didn’t see it said year. Lol so true.. These countries aren’t as diabolical as the MSM makes out.. When you look around at home and see the ohhh live your life do this, do that, go travel.. It’s boomer rhetoric being passed down because all they do is go on holidays so feel like they missed out earlier.. I’d rather emigrate than travel.
  14. I’m BAME (2nd gen British).. the difference being I understand where the sentiment you’re referring to comes from and can empathise with people who can’t express themselves in another way other than a black and white stance on immigration (pun intended). It’s a very complex scenario that can’t be summed up in forum discussions but it all falls down to another symptom rather than the cause; the very reason we’re on this site which is the affordability of a happy life. But the world was never fair for everyone, it’s just more well documented now. Bread and circuses keep it under wraps.
  15. Spot on. This is very brutal, but the truth hurts..
  16. Born in Manchester, moved just outside of London, bought a house in Leeds.. Sentiment is impoverishing.. Exactly.. Ditch London. It’s a cesspit anyway..
  17. Still don’t understand why anyone buys a flat. I blame Friends.
  18. Internet dating means you can filter easily without wasting your time.. Don’t think someone will fit? Next. It removes the aspect of wasting too much time, giving up and settling. Can tell you right now as a ‘somewhat youngster’, ‘the pull’ is over rated, unnecessary and also adds to the very culture which is part of the problem. You can’t understand the reasoning behind why someone does something that you don’t agree with unless you are highly empathetic.. But empathy is not an endless string and will manifest itself in the form of other problems.
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