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  1. Thanks for the informative insight.. The graph puts it into perspective a lot better as well.. I'd put middle class as a 9 on the scale IMO, as goes the saying 'cant break out of the middle class'.. The biggest gap between bands would denote where middle class is from a financial perspective; irrespective of any kind of manor of conducting oneself.
  2. 240k… in BRAMLEY.. A newish build I’d expect to fetch that much there but an old decrepit end terrace.. Maybe I’ve not been paying attention to the market.
  3. What’s the crystal ball say on when boomers die off and transfer wealth via inheritance, the majority of families own houses but are cash and asset poor aside from that.. example being average non financially savvy boomer parents die with some savings and a house to 2 kids..? They own an asset but are far from my perspective of middle class.
  4. Loved the articulation in this post, agree with it all.. Except, I don’t think IRS will rise but if they did they can’t raise them significantly and even when they raised them a few years ago by was it .25% that was it and it had minimal effect
  5. Came across this: Seems as we've been saying on here regarding price rises in used cars/bikes normal people are starting to see the effects. Even talks of total money supply increases etc which is on the money (pun).. The inflation reaper cometh.
  6. Yeah I've found when buying milk because I live alone one big one lasts me two weeks so I usually just buy the ones with the longest dates on them, noticed now that the only expiry dates are in like 4-7 days! True Also true *that aren't 'curvy' Edit: Also cannot find fresh warm croissants anywhere 😢 always the stupid chocolate ones..
  7. You mean like how council tax is only allowed 5% increases.. What happens, 5% increase YOY
  8. Everyone on here gives this guy so much shit; take out the gold pushing and he's pretty spot on..
  9. 91% single, 27 Fun fact, if you have 0 Income but 1 mil in the bank CSA can’t clobber you lol so much for getting knocked up by a millionaire
  10. Been cutting my own hair for the past 6 years.. If we go with a tenner a week since I last got a hair cut £3120.. How’s that for inflation busting 😂.. Before anyone says it, has been described as ‘a work of art’ and shock when people find out. Had to time lapse it just to prove it once. But for real, yeah I’ve noticed inflation has been going up but I’m somewhat addicted to the protein granola from Aldi, some frugality special chicken and fried rice for dinner, couple protein shakes.. lol who says eating for aesthetics is expensive.. Multivits have gone up however.. cry.
  11. A 1k phone every two years is a luxury, a car is a luxury, ‘out out’ drinking every weekend is a luxury, designer everything, luxury. Etc. Yes they do have choices and most fail to prioritise. Stop defending shit choices. Let me say this again focusing of social justice issues isn’t going to get woke millennials a house plain and simple. Fit your own gas mask before assisting others.
  12. Let me get the popcorn, this will be great. You mean the underfunded contributions? Really…?
  13. Subjectively, that to me is a result of choice. EG what makes someone with experience and qualifications more suited for a role than someone with a few GCSEs and no experience; the system is broken! (Obviously that’s a generalising statement and the housing system is indeed broken but you get the point hehe) Agreed 😂 maybe that’s where the deposit came from
  14. I'd love to see it get trashed.. Maybe Britain might actually have an economy worth investing or spending into and a more wholesome culture.. Literally just sold up all UK equity yesterday.
  15. Sofoluwe's one-bedroom flat measures 417sq ft and cost £198,400 when she bought it in January, putting down a 15 per cent deposit and taking advantage of the stamp duty holiday. Lol what....? To be fair to her though this is what a lot of millennials can't grasp.. Half of them either in rented or actually living with parents and still cant save >200 a month.. I once asked someone does anyone at your work own their home who isn't partnered or >35.. If you have your expenses cut right down and you still want more money what do you do... The answer was I have no idea.. lol double what..
  16. Yes just what we need, another free lunch for the boomers.. Really? This won't magically make someone who doesn't PHYSICALLY need to due to an ailment downsize whatsoever.
  17. I feel triggered.. Does not on PCP and black make it any better lol?
  18. 1) Coalition kind of negated the manifestos.. It was a weak party that rolled over and played dead and pretty much signed their death warrant since.. LD was very favoured among my generation until then. I was the first year to get hit by the 9k. Furthermore, the disgusting attitude a lot of left leaning kids in schools had towards conservative voting teachers was so disrespectful and I remember feeling sorry for some of them at one point hearing the abuse they got... This is obviously passed down from their parents. That kind of attitude you experience as a kid really does taint Labour and has really contributed to the 'shy tories' of my gen now.. You can predict an election, the Brexit vote all these controversial things simply by reading the comments of various leaning newspapers.. Place your bet accordingly, free money and some fun..! (It's the only things I bet on) 2) What reason do they have to be bothered about house prices for? Most are mortgage free, some multiple properties.. It benefits them, I'm alright jack? Besides the point, house prices are on their agenda, HTB isa, HTB loans, 5% mortgages.. Etc.
  19. So I guess looking at your family situation.. That is how I describe to people how I’d like to be set up.. Family would be capable of never actually having to work when I die, however that goes totally against the rhetoric I take with regards to work ethic which is a cross road. Plus divorce as you say.. I don’t have the best track record and it always seems to revolve around people not having the same personal, financial or moral values.. We all exchange our time for money or money for time effectively, how does one risk half of their hard work, past life AND future taking into account compounding, for effectively a label. Unless someone sticks around for the hard work phase, what really is on offer is there other than a bit of companionship that I can get anywhere.. I’ve only met two out of a heck of a lot whom were similarly poised and one was already divorced. Kids, cool, marriage… Hmm. I’d rather a ******* child. Similar scenario in the sense of my parents do okay but I haven’t factored in anything to my calculations, anything is a bonus.. They could live until 100 by which point I’d be almost 70! Do you not think the reliance on yourself for retirement may hinder your kids prospects or effectively wasting a portion of their life under the pretence of it’ll be okay when Dad *ahem* goes away.. 😅
  20. To be fair offer accepted at 22, started investing after that and focused on salary increases, so in reality it’s frustrating to talk to people my age without coming across the wrong way. I’m somewhat confused about looking back on external factors.. Sounds like you mean I’ll be regretting my choices?
  21. I love this quote. However, millennial, 27.. Yorkshire, degree, house, saving and investing (ISA) for retirement or general lavish expenses and employer doubles any contribution. I don't believe the private pension access age will still be 58 since its pegged to 10 years sub state pension hence the ISA. Spreadsheet says I *could* (operative word) retire 'early'. My point being which again can't be vocalised except to like minded millennial and old croggers.. I'm sorry but stop feeling pity to this generation its really not necessary whatsoever. Our generation was brought up with a ridiculous sense of entitlement and lack of ethics which is what has contributed to this pathetic woe is me mentality. If we should be blaming the boomers and subsequent generations for something its the ones who road the coat tails of the easy gains and pensions and passed down this, it'll all be alright, just do whatever makes you happy (ie do fk all to better yourself) attitude to their offspring. I dont do what the majority of my generation do.. They complain but then consume heavily; everything. They make shit choices.. We all have choices. The lack of accountability within my generation be it personal, professional or proficiency in finance, they simply can't take they are in control of their life. It's always external factors contributing to their lack of drive, success or opportunity. The focus is on woefully insignificant social causes that really are symptoms of a variety of broken systems anyway. But seriously, I do really like that quote
  22. Stereotypes exist for a reason. So what’s your real world experience with the working class on a deeper personal interconnected level?
  23. I don’t think the ‘working class’ are all criminal..
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